Now and Forever Episode 18 Rebecca discovers that the Cortes family is behind her attack and the death of her cousin

Now and Forever Episode 18

Now and Forever Episode 18 Rebecca discovers that the Cortes family is behind her attack and the death of her cousin

Hernan after seeing the investigation room confronted Rebecca and asked her whether she had planned everything to investigate Rodrigo’s death.

Rebecca admitted that every move she made, including befriending them was calculated. She told Hernan about the night that she went to Rodrigo’s wake but she was thrown out along with her cousin, Russel and her daughter.

She said she was later attacked by assassins. Hernan was shocked because he did not know about it. He told Rebecca that they would work together to find out what really happened to her and her daughter.

Rebecca told her Aunt about Hernan’s offer and her Aunt asked if she trusted Hernan. Rebecca said she would accept his help but would not easily trust him since he was still a Cortes.

Stella told Oliver that she had resigned from the company and they would work on their project independently. Oliver was worried about his salary but Stella asked him not to worry about it since she needed his help.

Oliver asked about Inno and Stella told him that he would stay in the company since his grandmother was grooming him to take over the company.

Inno was at Eva’s neighbourhood and he helped them fetch water. He wanted to fetch water for Eva but Dom said he would do it.

They decided to race to Eva’s place and whoever got there first would give their water barrels to Eva. Inno was first but he stumbled on a rock and fell so Dom got there before him.

Inno had a drink with Eva’s friends and later went to tell her that he was leaving. Eva asked him how he was doing and Inno said he had fun. He said that he would be back the next day because he was still waiting for her to say yes to his business proposal.

Before he left, some developers came to mark the sites they were going to demolish since the land now belonged to someone else. Abel went to speak to them and the representative said they had one week to vacate the property.

Inno interrupted and told him that he had to give them at least 45 days’ notice and another place to relocate. Abel and the rest thanked him for helping them out.

Rebecca’s investigator found Larry and they went to see him. Larry was the cousin to Joey, the man who shot Eva and Russel. He did not want to tell them anything but eventually opened up when Rebecca said she knew he was Joey’s cousin.

Larry told Rebecca that he received orders from the Cortes body guard to kill her and her daughter. He also told her that he got sick and did not go with the others so he instructed Joey to take the baby away.

He said that Joey went into hiding with his wife and Rebecca’s daughter but they were tracked down Seven years later.

Rebecca wanted to know if her daughter was alive but Larry told her that if Joey and his wife were killed, chances were that her daughter did not survive either.

Rebecca and her investigator took Larry with them and Stella’s men who were waiting outside saw them. They called Stella to tell her what happened and she told them to make sure that Larry did not say anything.

Inno arrived home and tried to get Stella to stop drinking. She however attacked him and said that he ruined her life. She blamed him for making her leave Cortes Jewellery and said he was taking away what belonged to Oliver. She slapped him but Oliver came and took Stella away.

Stella wanted Oliver to contest Carmen’s decision to groom Inno as the company president but Oli said he had no problem with it because Inno was smarter. He told her that Inno was also her son and asked her to stop turning him against Inno.

Inno was hurt after what happened and went out for a drink. Oliver tried calling him but he did not answer. Hernan met up with Inno and asked that he move in with him at the farm.

Inno said he was needed at the company and would not be able to move in with him. Hernan said he was doing well as the man of the house and tried to convince him that it was not his fault that Stella treated him badly. Hernan said she was trying to get back at him instead.

Eva was worried about the impeding eviction and hoped to find a new job. Saavedra jewels called and asked to see her designs. The interview was rigorous but Eva was able to impress the people at Saavedra.

Hernan went looking for Alfred, the pathologist but his ex wife told him that he left the country after Rodrigo’s death. She said she talked to him 15 years ago to settle their divorce.

When Inno got home, she checked in on Stella and asked his nanny to prepare her some soup. He later played a video game with Oliver and he assured him that he was not taking anything away from him.

Oliver said he understood that he was better at managing the company. Inno also said he was also talking to Eva so that she could work for Cortes.

Oliver then found out that Eva was a Jewellery designer but wished Inno the best since it would not be easy to convince her.


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