Now And Forever Episode 25

Now And Forever Episode 25 Carmen feels threatened over Rebecca’s revelation

Rosa asked Dom why he allowed Eva to go out with Inno. Dom said he only found out and would have stopped her if he had learnt about it earlier.

The other guys at Gintong Pagasa asked Rosa not to worry because Inno was a good guy and it would do Eva good to have some fun. Rosa said she was not worried about Inno but his family.

Rebecca helped Eva up and asked her if they knew each other. Eva said there was no way she could know such a beautiful and rich person. Rebecca therefore left and went inside to prepare herself for the ribbon cutting.

Inno called Eva but she rejected his call. He however appeared and held her hand, which Eva did not like. Inno said that he had to hold her hand because it would help her release the stress and tension that she was feeling.

He gave her a breathing exercise and they went back inside. Eva however left go of Inno’s hand and said that she did not want people to think that they were dating.

They met with the Korean prince and princess who were delighted to see that Eva finally agreed to become part of the project.

Oliver went to get Rebecca since all the guests were ready and waiting for her. He introduced her and Rebecca gave a brief speech about her true love, Rodrigo. She also thanked the Cortes family for attending the event.

After cutting the ribbon, she invited the guests to the gallery to see Rodrigo’s photos.
Inno and Eva were impressed with the photos and Inno was sad that he never got to meet his uncle.

They went to look at the photo of Rodrigo with Rebecca and their child. Inno did not know that they had a child either so he and Eva speculated on what happened to the child.

Rebecca overheard them and told them that her daughter was killed before she was a year old. They empathised with her and Rebecca said that she held the exhibition as a way to remember those close to her heart but were no longer with her. She then asked for Eva’s name and Inno introduced her as their new jewellery designer.

He excused himself to get them drinks and Rebecca took the chance to ask Eva what she thought about the necklace she was wearing. It was the piece that Stella gave her and since they were going to launch it as a collection, she wanted Eva’s opinion.

Eva said it was okay but then Rebecca pointed out the similarities between the piece that Eva was wearing as well. Oliver came to get Rebecca for the contract signing the development interrupted them from talking further.

Rebecca told the guests about her new partnership with Stella and asked her to come forward and explain the inspiration behind her designs.

Stella said that she was having a hard time finding a designer so she decided to do it herself and that is how the idea of recycling plastics and incorporating them in her designs came to her.

Eva told Inno that she had the exact design like the one Rebecca was wearing and was worried since she and Stella seemed to have the same ideas. Inno said he would ask Stella about it. After the event, Inno asked to drive Eva home.

Rebecca asked Hernan, Stella and Carmen to stay behind because she had something important to tell them. She said that she had been looking for her daughter and just received news that her daughter had been found.

Hernan was happy to hear the news while Stella wanted to know where she was. Rebecca sai she had not yet received the location but would keep them occupied.

Carmen was upset upon hearing the news because they might end up losing the Cortes wealth. Stella refused to be affected and went home instead.

Carmen asked Hernan to stay close to Rebecca and find out what she was up to but Hernan said it was best to give back the Cortes wealth to the real heiress.

Carmen said she would not give up on something she had worked so hard for and therefore deserved.

When Inno was driving Eva home, he suggested that they stop for a walk and talk for a while since they still had time before Eva’s midnight curfew.

Inno stopped at a bridge and told Eva that he always visited that spot to unwind. Eva was surprised that they never met before because she always visited the spot as well.

Inno said Adessa mentioned she had been adopted and looked like he felt sorry for her. Eva asked him not to since she could not trade her parent’s love.

Inno suggested that Eva try looking for her real parents but she said she was not able to because she knew nothing about them. Inno mentioned Adessa’s lost child as well and Eva told him that Adessa lost the child when she was a baby and almost went insane.

She added that she was glad to get the job at Cortes so they would be able to take her to a specialist.

They also talked about why Eva did not finish school. Eva said a problem always came up when they saved up money for her school fees.

She however added it was fine now since she could fulfil her dream of designing jewellery. She asked Inno what he would do if he was not a Cortes and Inno did not have an answer.

He however promised to tell her once he thought about it.


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