A Mother’s Guilt Episode 45

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 45 Asuncion loses life for facilitating Jacob’s escape

“Oh no this cannot be happening! I just received an anonymous text that Jacob was leaving. We must act swift, efficient and discreet”

Sonya went to buy some groceries and when she was heading home she saw a car approaching in her direction.

She got scared, for a moment she thought it was another attack but when the person came out it was Asuncion.

He asked Sonya where Domeng was and Sonya happily told him.

Meanwhile at the station Rizalina forced Suarez to talk and reveal his accomplices but he was adamant. She tried convincing him if he could expose the person but he acted smartly.

Asuncion asked Sonya why plenty groceries and she said for the family. He helped her out and took her in his car. He laughed as the plan was working.

Attorney Balmaceda brought Jacob documents that his pre-trial would be a month later. He also asked him to prepare himself for anything and not go anywhere.

“What Do you mean?” Jean asked.

“Which means anytime soon Jacob will be under arrest,” Balmaceda said.

He said within few weeks the NBI would carry out their investigation on the death of Roman based on the testimony of the Alipio brothers.

Jacob threatened him that he was fired since he could not do anything to avert the situation.

“Honey I think it is wise to let him stay,” Jean backed Attorney Balmaceda.

“Honey I trust him, and I want you to do same because he is doing everything possible to help your situation besides we don’t know who to trust,” Jean added.

“Thank you for your vote of confidence,” Attorney Balmaceda was grateful to Jean. Jacob sacked him from his house after Balmaceda said the issue was murder case.

“Get out of my house, out” Balmaceda then took his leave.

Sonya happily brought Asuncion to see Domeng and told Domeng that he has a visitor. Asuncion said Domeng was fully secured there and promised her maximum protection.

Sonya was happy that he cared about Domeng’s safety. He spied around, thinking of his next line of action against Domeng.

“How can you trust that lawyer?” Jacob said Balmaceda was allowing Sonya to have his way and asked Jean never to trust him.

“Honey I can lend you money” Jean said she was willing to do anything to help him out of the situation.

“That is not my point,” Jacob was scared that he would end up behind bars.

“May be we have to leave!”

“Leave?” Jean was amazed.

“Yes! we have to leave this country as soon as possible!”

“You are only out on bail,” Jean hissed.

She said Jacob might be nabbed once they ran since the immigration officers would be alerted.

“Honey! there are different ways to exit this country without being seen by the immigration.”

“There is no need for us to pass through the eyes of the immigration officers,” Jacob was agitated.

“Honey, come on…flight is a sign of guilt,” Jean convinced him to rescind on his decision.

“But the embezzlement case and other charges levelled against me has heightened my case,” Jacob extremely down in fear.

“But what about the affidavit that I signed?” Jean quizzed. Her view was that the affidavit was supposed to shift the embezzlement blames on her.

Jacob recalled how he convinced Jean to sign an affidavit claiming the Editha Fuenthabella’s account was hers. After that he met with SPO3 Asuncion to get rid of the papers.

“I l^ve you so much honey, due to that I will not involve you in my crime!” He carressed the shoulder of Jean.

Marjorie believed that Jacob was up to no good as she and Katrina watched them.

Katrina took shot of the act of Jacob and she said Jacob thought he was smart.

“Before hand, when Sonya was busy making  charges against me I made an arrangement,” Jacob revealed.

“What arrangements?” Jean sounds worried.

“I arrange for ship to pick us up at the Batangas port and we will leave immediately,” Jacob said.

“Wait! Wait as in now?” Jean gets frightened.

“Yes now!” Jean then asked Jacob where they were going all of a sudden and asked of means they would escape.

The ship will take us to Segu (it might not be the actual name of the place) where a plane will be waiting for us to take us to Parawan (not actual name), from there to Rome (not actual name).”

“No Jacob I can’t what will happen to Anna” Jean did not support the sudden escape plan.

“Honey I already made the arrangement so you can’t see Anna,” Jacob interjected. Jean said Anna would feel abandoned.

“Yeah I know that” Jacob said now Anna has tied herself to Sonya so it would be better if they leave and talk to her later.

“But for now Jean, we have to keep this as secret otherwise we will fail.”

“Since you are sure that you will make me get intouch  with Anna I am in,” Jean accepted.

“I will make sure of that” He told Jean to make all the necessary preparation for them to embark on the trip.

“Yes Hun” she stood from her chair and hugged him.

“I will go upstairs I will have to fix my things.”

“Go ahead I will have to make calls” Jacob gave Jean the go ahead to prepare.

Jean went to the room and wrote a note, showed it to the hidden camera for Marjorie and Katrina to be aware.

The Note Read:

“We will escape to Batangas port, today Call for help.”

Sonya received a call from Katrina informing her that Jacob was escaping and she asked Sonya what they could do to stop them.

Letty came in and Sonya informed her that there was a problem, Letty asked the kind of problem and she informed her.

They then made call, Jojo and Rizalina as they were on their way to help Sonya SPO3 Asuncion said he had relieved them from Sonya’s case hence would not allow them to go anywhere.

He asked them whether there was a problem with his decision and the new jurisdiction, Rizalina said no. Rizalina and Jojo looked at him suspiciously when Asuncion received a call.

JoJo said he would not back down but would do everything possible to stop them. He then left Rizalina behind.

Sonya recalled when Jean said it would be better if she travels with Jacob to stop him from killing people. She wondered whether it was Jean’s idea or Jacob’s. She knew Jean was ready to bring Jacob down so she believed Jacob was escaping justice and would not let him be.

Letty called Jean and when she walked in she received the call and threw the phone behind her luggage and also put it on a louder speaker she then asked Jacob who was also packing his things that so why were they leaving.

He said but they already talked about it and Jean said everything happened too quickly so she did not necessarily understand things therefore he should repeat himself.

“I don’t want to spend the rest of my life in jail” Jacob tried to explain the rationale behind the journey.

“Honey, I know you are scared and I am also scared.”

“I am scared because I don’t understand what is happening.”

“Come on! I am sacrificing a lot. Anna will think I have abandoned her,” Jean said.

Jacob then came closer to her, sat on the bed opened the luggage well and it covered the phone which eventually distorted the sound of the call.

“I just want to protect you the way that you are protecting me!”

“You just have to trust me things will be better”

“The helicopter will be waiting for us at the Batangas port,” he became hearty.

A call came in and he received:

“Hello Mr Cotes, yeah I will be with you in a few minutes,” Jacob then told her that emergency came up and he has to go.

Jean said he should tell her the number of minutes or hours he would spend so that she could also meet with Anna.

At the Attorneys Associate firm Attorney Vega received a message.

“Oh no this cannot be happening!”Everyone looked on.

“I just received an anonymous text that Jacob was leaving,” Attorney Vega informed her team. Anna was tensed.

They watched the video of Jacob and Jean’s conversation and wondered how it was possible for a video to be shot of the couple in their own mansion.

Jacob met with SPO3 Asuncion and gave him money and bonus to work in facilitating his journey. Asuncion told him that his journey plan has been leaked and since he had paid him for the job he would do what he could to help him escape.

Attorney Vega told her team that they had to make arrangements very quick and fast to deter Jacob from going.

Anna wondered why he would escape at that crucial time when he has been summoned by the court.

“The escape means guilt,” Attorney Vega explained.

After their encounter and probably their last meeting Asuncion bid Jacob farewell in the car they had their secret meeting in.

“Pleasure working with you,” Asuncion said to Jacob. He was so happy with the envelope (money) which made him beamed with smiles.

JoJo spoke with Paco on phone to talk to him about means to help in their plans to nab Jacob at the port. Paco told him they needed him so much in the operation when he wanted to turn his back on them.

Letty said they needed him and other officers to help Attorney Vega in stopping Jacob as they could not do it alone.

JoJo recalled Asuncion’s warning for him not to follow Sonya’s case but could not stop himself from helping Sonya so he called Inspector Bonafacio for her assistance making Sonya and Letty happy.

Jojo and Rizalina in the company of Sonya and Letty got to Attorney Vega’s office. Rizalina said they had already informed the NBI. Joanne wondered why they were there but requesting for the help of the NBI.

She revealed Asuncion’s words to them, hence their action.

The NBI agents prepared themselves for the operation.

“We must act swift, efficient and discreet” the leader said they had to calculate their steps for Mr Montecillo not to recognise them. SPO3 Asuncion arrived at the port to facilitate the operation for Jacob to run.

At the office of Attorney Vega Jojo and Rizalina threw their support behind the operation.

Anna then received a text:

“Anna my darling, please take care, always remember, you mean everything to me. I love you always. This too shall pass.” it is my mom.

Anna then stood and took steps to go and meet her mother.

Attorney Vega asked Anna not to go anywhere,
“Let’s learn from what happened to Georgette let’s allow the NBI to do their job.”

Anna said she would not go and do anything st^pid, she left and Paco followed her.

Some goons in a car saw some cars passing and they made a call speaking to a certain lady boss then followed the car.

Katrina received a call from Sonya and Marjorie said they were heading to Bartanga and Sonya advised her against it. She said she should learn from Georgette and leave the work for the NBI.

Sonya returned to the legal room the moment when Vega and her team were wondering about how the video was shot in their house. She said Attorney Dimalanta would take care of it and would find how authentic was the information and how the video was shot.

Letty whispered in to Sonya’s ears that their secret might be out as Joanne would investigate how the video was shot.

Katrina and Marjorie got home they realised that Jacob has seen the hidden camera and stood there wondering how Jacob could be that subtle.

Rizalina alerted JoJo to check out Asuncion, JoJo believed he was helping Jacob. They were surprised to see him. For Jojo he had always suspected that there was higher authority backing the crimes even before Suarez was apprehended.

A certain guy came to break the news to him that they were surrounded before he left there were shoot out.

Jacob and Rizalina surrounded him and told him that he should surrender. JoJo decried how he break his code of ethics to support a criminal like Jacob.

He ordered Asuncion to put down his gun as he was doing he tried to pull out another trick to eliminate JoJo but as he was about to pull out another gun from his back pocket JoJo spotted him fast and shot him before he would end his and Rizalina’s life.

The NBI confirmed that it was true he was working with Jacob. Jojo called Sonya to give her the piece of that horrifying news and Sonya revealed to him that she already sent Asuncion to Domeng’s hideout and was scared that Domeng’s life was at risk.

JoJo said she should not worry because he would arrange security protection for Domeng besides no matter what Jacob and his goons would do the hideout was safe and it would be difficult for somebody to raid there.

Sonya relayed the information to Vega and her team.

“It is too obvious, Attorney Dimalanta check the lists of the properties owned by Jacob,” Attorney Vega did not look surprise to hear Jacob had a protection from a person like Asuncion.

Sonya then tried to call Paco, she was scared she could not reach him and Letty also decided to try the line of Anna but both didn’t go through.

“I told Attorney Alipio not to go far from here” Attorney Vega looked disappointed.

Anna was driving while Paco was holding his phone. Anna wanted to follow Jacob and know the route he would take.

After trying for several times Sonya reached Paco and he said they were at Pampanga. She asked what they were doing there and he said they knew Jacob was full of tricks and since they did not want him to escape the law they  tailed him to find where he would go.

“Attorney Alipio update me with your location, I will send it to the NBI keep following them but for God’s sake don’t engage with Jacob, he could be armed” Vega warned Paco.

Jacob was driving, Jean realised he was no longer going to Batangas as he earlier indicated and asked him where they were heading to since it was not the road to Batangas. He told Jean that he had changed his plans.

“I don’t like this it is like I am being kidnapped” Jean cried.

“honey it is for our own safety”


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