Synopsis of Betrayal telenovela

Synopsis of Betrayal telenovela

Synopsis of Betrayal telenovela

Max television is set to premier another Filipino series dubbed: “Betrayal” on October 4, 2021 at 8:00pm.

Story Synopsis

Betrayal follows the story of two couples whose marriages are marred by temptation, discontentment, misunderstandings and other relationship problems.

This fictional teleserye follows the lives of two childhood friends, Jacky Montefalco (Yen Santos) and Lino Bartolome (Jericho Rosales), torn apart by a vengeful man and then thrust together by a cruel twist of fate and betrayal.

Jacky (Yen) and Lino (Jericho) are star-crossed l^vers whose relationship is hindered by circumstances that are yet to be unraveled.

As they tread on separate directions, they fell in l^ve once again and got hitched with Ace (Sam) and Jade (Yam) respectively.

But l^ve, lust, and an unforgettable past would make their paths intertwine, resulting to either exhilarating moments or scorching clashes.

Although their unfaithfulness is already blatant, each of them will try to cover up their wrongdoings and fight for their marriage.

The relatable characters and concept

It may seem to be another dramatic tale about infidelity and rekindling broken relationships, but the upcoming teleserye digs deeper on the real-life experiences of couples and the challenges they have to overcome.

For sure, many will relate to the personalities of the main characters. Jade is ambitious and wants to have a secured life. Jacky yearns for acceptance and seems to be still locked up in her past. Ace is a certified womaniser who despite being married still flirts. Whilst Lino is a family-oriented man who doesn’t want to be separated from his family in spite of getting married.

Besides, couples may also identify with the situations that will be shown in the series.

The intense scenes

The trailer reveals a lot of sizzling clashes among the characters from fights among the couples to the vehement confrontations between the legal spouses and paramours.

Betrayal is helmed by auspicious directors namely Cathy Camarillo and Carlo Po Artillaga, created by Tanya Bautista, and developed by the Ruel S. Bayani-led RSB Unit, which is also behind successful productions Wildflower and Precious Hearts Romances Presents: Araw Gabi.

Jericho Rosales as a leading characher

Filipino actor, Jericho Rosales returns to primetime with “Betrayal” touted as the most daring series on Philippine television, now airing in the country’s leading telenovela network Max TV.

Rosales plays talented furniture designer, Lino, who is caught between reuniting with the love of his life and staying true to his commitment to his wife.

He is joined by other formidable Filipino talents Sam Milby, Yam Concepcion and Yen Santos.

The premiere of the series, known in the Philippines as “Halik” (Kiss), received positive reviews and its national TV ratings continue to go up episode after episode.

The show has breached the 20-point mark after its premier in national TV ratings, receiving 20.7per cent according to data from Kantar Media. This is 7.8 points higher than the rating of its rival programme in Philippines.

Hashtags of the show also consistently perform well on Twitter, getting on the list of trending topics on a regular basis.

The series airs on ABS-CBN on weeknights and is available for immediate catch up on the network’s video-on-demand platform.

Jericho is known across Asia and the rest of the world with the international airing of his shows such as “The Promise,” “Bridges of Love,” and “The Legal Wife.”

His show “I’ll Never Say Goodbye” is slated to premiere in Thailand. These shows are made available across other territories through ABS-CBN International Distribution.

Betrayal Finale

Karma finally caught up with Jade and Ace, and a second chance for Lino and Jacky landed an opportune time in the finale of the hit primetime drama “Halik”.

In the final episode of the RBS Drama production, Jade (Yam Concepcion) and Ace (Sam Milby) both landed in jail for their crimes, including adultery.

Their respective former spouses, Lino (Jericho Rosales) and Jacky (Yen Santos), finally had the chance to rekindle their teenage romance, but decided against it as they prioritised healing from the tumultuous years of their intertwined lives.

Jade, who has recovered from tuberculosis, was afforded a second chance to be a mother to CJ, her son with Lino.

After serving her sentence, Jade found a new home with her “sissy,” a reformed Marissa (Nina Dolino), and managed an amicable relationship with Lino after realising her mistakes, and asking for forgiveness.

Ace, meanwhile, remained in jail, but appeared to make progress in coming to terms with his own wrongdoings.

After years, and with the dust having settled, Lino and Jacky made good on their promise to reunite and start over.

This time, the two were free from the baggage of their respective past marriage, and were ready to start a future together.

The emotional finale wrapped an eight-month run of “Halik” as the number one programme in its time slot, and an overall top-rater across the country, according to Kantar Media.

“Halik’s” ratings success, which translated to its first-ranked streaming audience on iWant and trending presence on social media, led to its extended run and the expansion of its story.

Starting Monday October 4, the time slot of The Heiress (Kadenang Ginto) would be occupied by the crime-drama series “Betrayal” it replaces a Mother’s Guilt (Hanggang Saan).


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