Political actors who see govt COVID-19 fight as failure are just saying it for political survival—Nana Akufo-Addo jabs

Political actors who see govt COVID-19 fight as failure are just saying it for political survival—Nana Akufo-Addo jabs

The President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has cautioned the citizenry to refrain from begrudging any political actor who sees the government COVID-19 fight as failure.

According to him, those individuals were using the pandemic to seek relevance in the political landscape, thus did not deserve any attention.

Addressing the nation on measures taken against the novel Coronavirus outbreak in the country, on Sunday in Accra, the President observed that some political actors were trying to dissuade the citizenry into believing that the increased number of the COVID-19 cases was attributed to his failure.

“I know some political actors will want you to believe that our current numbers represent a failure on the part of the government. Do not begrudge them, because they need to make such comments for their political survival,” he said.

On the contrary,  the President said the people should be emboldened in the knowledge that the increased number was due to the government’s effective strategy in rapid testing and aggressive contact tracing which enabled them to identify,  isolate and treat those infected.

The President explained that the rise in positive cases was due to the backlog test done in April 26 and not within 24hours that his political enemies were claiming.

He said the number increased due to an outbreak in a Fish Processing Factory located in Tema, stressing that one person who had the virus spread it to about 533 persons in the factory that made the positive case rose to 921.

Nana Akufo-Addo maintained that the 5,253 test conducted on Friday with 251 people testing positive from the number and Saturday 2,255 test with 266 positive case while 345 test conducted on Sunday with 106 testing positive to the virus was relatively lower in daily number.

He said daily number of infections are welcomed  as it reinforces the fact that the measures instituted to help reduce persons to persons contact in defeating the pandemic were working.

The President observed that the virus is no respecter of persons, and has wreaked its havoc on every country on the planet, therefore he appealed to the citizenry not to allow religious, ethnic or political differences to get in the way of winning the battle against the common enemy, which is the virus.

Nana Akufo-Addo indicated that Ghana’s case counts of the novel coronavirus has increased to 4,700 with 494 recoveries and 22 death.

“With our total number of infections standing at 4,700 with 494 recoveries, five persons being critically ill and 4,179 responding to treatment, 22 persons virtually all of them with underlying illnesses such as hypertension, diabetes and chronic liver disease have unhappily died,” he said.

The President called on the citizenry to understand that the more they test the more people would test positive to the virus.

In helping to reduce the workload of health professionals, he urged the citizenry to strictly adhere to the preventive measures instituted by his outfit and the ministry of health, adding that the number continue to rise because some citizenry were not adhering to the measures.

Change in attitude, exercising, eating fruits rich in vitamins and vegetables as well as good personal hygiene, the President insisted were key to defeating the virus.

” We are lucky that we have food which is rich in Vitamin A, B6,C and iron available with us, eat more of plantain, mushroom, millet, kontomire, orange among others to boost your immune system.

These are things we are not doing and is very important we eat well, engage in fitness activities and observe good personal hygiene,” he added.


Written by Joyceline Natally Cudjoe

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