Rhodora X Episode 1-5

Rhodora X Episode 1-5 Baby discovers her real identity as Rhodora and returns to the Ferrers, Rhodora begins to live a conflicting identity as Roxanne

Rhodora is the second daughter of the Ferrers. One day, the family visited an amusement park and Rhodora who was with her senior sister Angela got lost when Angela left her to follow a stray dog.

She got kidnapped by a member of an organ trafficking syndicate and was locked inside a ban. Angela also met the owner of the dog, Joaquin and later returned to the spot where she left Rhodora to realise her kid sister was missing. Next to the ban was another hut which a certain girl by name Roxanne was kept.

Roxanne was a street kid and she gifted Rhodora a candy and a mirror. Since she was older, she made an attempt to escape and tried to flee Rhodora from her ban. Unfortunately, the kidnapper arrived and Roxanne attempted to run. The kidnapper shot Roxanne and the girl d!ed instantly.

Traumatised by the look of how her new friend Roxanne d!ed tragically, Rhodora led a frantic life alone in the ban. She was only seven years and was scared of the dark and mouse so she also attempted to escape but to no avail. As the search for her was ongoing, Lourdes, her mother got upset with Angela and blamed her for  Rhodora’s disappearance.

Derick, the father of Rhodora got a lead from a picture he took from a photographer who snapped pictures during the day Rhodora was kidnapped. He saw a certain man carrying a child into a taxi and he took the number plat to call the operators of the taxi to know the house of the taxi driver who was carrying the suspicious child into the car.

He visited the house of the man. Fortunately or unfortunately, that day was the day the kidnapper was preparing Rhodora for delivery. The kidnapper denied knowing Rhodora and kicked Derick out of his house. As Derick was leaving, he stumbled on a wrist band he bought for his daughter and it prompted him that Rhodora was there.

The police arrived and they went to knock on the kidnapper’s door only to discover that he passed the back gate to flee. They followed him with their cars. As the kidnapper and his lackeys could not run any more, they went to sail in a boat to escape with Rhodora but the police followed.

The kidnapper and his goons began to shoot the police officers so the police were forced to retaliate which resulted in the explosion of the boat when the bullet hit the engine of the boat. The police began to search and retrieve the bodies from the sea.

They found the bodies of the kidnappers but couldn’t retrieve that of Rhodora. They called for reinforcement team to search for Rhodora the next day. They did not find her. Unknown to them, Rhodora was able to swim to the shores.

She walked through some bush part during the night and stumbled on a bench and slept on it. The next morning, some orphanage home operators saw her on the bench and they thought someone left her there. Rhodora suffered amnesia so Dr Vivian named her Baby since she looked so innocent and could not remember her real identity.

Lourdes was still upset with Angela and got herself drunk while she went for Angela from the school. She got crushed on the way while driving under the influence of alcohol. She and Angela were admitted. Due to that life threatening moment, Derick spoke with his wife to correct her mistakes and to also stop her from blaming Angela for what happened to Rhodora.

Lourdes made amendment with Angela and renovated the house to start a new life without Rhodora. The family paid their last respect to their missing daughter. They threw flowers into the sea where Rhodora drowned and parted ways with them yearly.

Years later, Rhodora grew into a full lady in the orphanage home. She still suffered amnesia and a certain man tried taking advantage of her and cut her for Edina and Dr Vivian to rush her into hospital.

Rhodora later woke up and could not remember the person who cut her with knife. Her condition made Dr Vivian took it upon herself to fish out to know the exact thing that was wrong with Baby for her to constantly forget everything. Angela was saved by Joaquin and his driver when she was going to work.

Unknown to them, Angela was working at the Ship yard and met Joaquin. They became closer to eachother with time and they realised that they met at the amusement park when his dog speedy got missing and Angela found it. The two fell in lõve and Angela told him about her missing sister. They did a media interview and Angela told the media her wish to find her sister before marrying.

Watching the news at the orphanage home, Baby realised she was Rhodora and informed Edina. Edina was glad that finally Baby has recalled her past and was sent home. That time there was a party ongoing and Baby went to meet her family to inform them that she was Rhodora. Derick doubted when Rhodora said she was not kidnapped but was left at the orphanage.

Due to the conflicting narration, Derick had his doubt but Lourdes was completely sure that the lady was her missing daughter. Panchang and the cousin of Angela were thinking Rhodora was an impostor. When they went home, Rhodora saw certain things in the house and she talked about her childhood days with Angela. Angela and Lourdes were more convinced.

She saw the wrist band that Derick bought for her and told Derick where they went and she made him buy it. Derick got carried away since now he was convinced that the young lady was his daughter and hugged her. However, Panchang insisted they carry a DNA test on her. Lourdes refused to subject Rhodora into such a test.

Rhodora began to have a headache when she was recalling her past and how the kidnapper shot Roxanne. She went in her room to sleep. Soon, Joaquin, Cita and Santi visited the Ferrers and had dinner with the family. Cita began to look down on the Ferrers when she talked about how she wanted her grand son’s marriage to be.

Angela wanted something different and the woman said she would be the one to pay so she should be grateful to be in a family like hers where she wouldn’t spend a dime. Derick got upset with how Cita was talking against his family and sacked her. The woman after leaving the place to her house ordered Joaquin to quit his relationship with Angela.

That night, Rhodora had a relapsed and she began to apply lipstick. She dressed and left the house without the family noticing. She saw some men who tried to hold her and the voices she heard was to fight back and she kicked the man and hailed a taxi to a club. Due to his problems, Joaquin was at the same bar and called Rhodora but she did not respond. She introduced herself to her new friends at the bar as Roxanne.

She smoked and flirted around with a random guy, much to Joaquin’s surprised. Elsewhere, Dr Vivian went to a seminar and were taught about Disassociate Identity Disorder (DID) which an individual would have dual personalities. Dissociative identity disorder is characterised by the presence of two or more distinct personality identities. Each may have a unique name, personal history and characteristics.

The host body would behave differently from the host and the symptoms was associated with amnesia, headache, detached memories, mood swings, anxiety, nervousness all stormed from a traumatic experience of the patient. Dr Vivian saw that the condition suited that of Rhodora. However, she did not have two distinct identity so she couldn’t completely diagnosed her of DID .

She examined the video of an interview she did with Rhodora and later she talked about family members who did not treat her well and began to cry. Suddenly, she came to her senses and denied talking about that. The video kept Dr Vivian thinking and she decided to go the orphanage home to talk to Edina so that they could visit Baby and talk to her parents to see if she was behaving differently from her own personality.

After an enjoyable moment, Roxanne left with the guy but hailed a taxi and left her date. She slept and woke up to realise she was in a car and she questioned the driver. The driver told her to be grateful that she was with a good person, otherwise he would have taken advantage of her.

She alighted and wondered that she had lipstick on and has dressed in appropriately and she cleansed her lips and wear something to cover herself. Her family who were searching for her chanced upon her and sent her home.


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