Rhodora X Episode 7

Rhodora X Episode 7 Panchang confirms that Rhodora is an impostor and plans to expose her, Cita talks Joaquin against reuniting with Angela

Joaquin saw Rhodora at the club and approached her but she said she was Roxanne not Rhodora. Her date appeared there and she told him to tell Joaquin her name and the man told Joaquin that the lady was Roxanne.

She stepped out with the guy and he gave her a drink in an attempt to get her drunk to take advantage of her. Roxanne was not in the mood and fought the guy. Joaquin witnessed it and went to her aid. Angela saw the bouquet of flower and a note which Joaquin left her and was glad that Joaquin was calling for a truce.

Panchang said she saw it in the trash can of Angela’s favourite sister. While the family were worried about Rhodora, She was with Joaquin. Joaquin asked where he should drop her off and she said no where. They sat somewhere and Joaquin told Roxanne that Rhodora was his fiancée’s sister.

Roxanne left saying the night was still young and left. Angela later found Rhodora in her room and she denied going out. Rhodora threw up the whole night while Joaquin also told Santi that the lady he was mistaken for Rhodora was called Roxanne. He said she looked like Rhodora but with different personality. After talking to her, he realised she was indeed not Rhodora.

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Santi believed she was drunk that was why. The next morning, Rhodora told her mother that she had headache and Lourdes believed she was hungry so she told her to join the breakfast table. Panchang came to say that the WC was in a mess and Rhodora said she threw up. She went to clean it and Derick proposed that she sees Vivian’s neurologist.

Panchang later found a lighter in a trash can and confronted Rhodora but she denied owning that. Angela came to meet her grandmother maltreating Rhodora and went to her aid. Angela sent Rhodora to school and gave her money. She asked if she threw the bouquet into her trash can because grandmother saw it.

Rhodora denied throwing it into a trashcan. At school, one lady who met her at the club approached her but she denied being Roxanne. The lady was surprised and watched her silently. Angela at the office told her boss that she wanted to go home early. As she was being taught by her teacher on the delicacy the would cook, Rhodora left in a hurry.

Angela went to see Joaquin and they promised to do everything together for their wedding to push through. The driver of Joaquin showed Roxanne where to find Joaquin. As she went into the ship, she saw Joaquin and Angela k!ssing. She heard voices saying she should fight for her feelings for Joaquin and should not allow her sister to marry him.

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She wondered who was talking and she fell off into the sea. Angela realised that Rhodora was the one drowning so Joaquin threw himself into the sea to save her. She was sent to the hospital and when Derick was getting upset with Penchang for insisting that Rhodora was an impostor who was even smoking and pretending to be a sober person.

He went to voice out his grievances to Lourdes that her mother should be upset with him instead of picking up on their daughter, Rhodora. Lourdes received a call that Rhodora was admitted. They went there and Rhodora said she went to the ship yard to talk to Joaquin to fight for Angela but she suddenly felt dizzy. She said she did not remember anything afterwards.

Derick thanked Joaquin for saving Rhodora and Angela said he has earned extra point from her father. Joaquin proposed they have a date together and when he was leaving to his house, he told Angela that when they meet he would ask her about Rhodora. Penchang heard it and asked Joaquin what he wanted to ask about Rhodora.

Joaquin asked Panchang whether Rhodora was twin and the woman said no. Joaquin said she met someone who looked like Rhodora in a club but she was called Roxanne. Panchang recalled the bar name on the lighter which she found in the trash can belonging to Rhodora.

Later, Joaquin was dressed up to meet Angela. Cita stopped him to query him on what she heard from her assistant about Joaquin making lōve with Angela in the ship. She asked Joaquin if he had no shame for doing that at the ship yard. She was against Joaquin rekindling his relationship with Angela.

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Joaquin said he would never be ashamed of his lōve for Angela. Penchang secretly went into the room of Rhodora to go through her stuffs. She discovered the dress which Roxanne wore and attacked Rhodora for being a different person. Rhodora denied being Roxanne and Penchang kept attacking her.

She threatened to expose her and left with the shoes and dress belonging to Roxanne and Rhodora cried and covered herself up with her bedsheet. As she was singing her favourite lullaby, her identity switched to Roxanne and she took off the braids to flee her hair. She applied lipstick and wiped off her tears while looking in the mirror.


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