Rhodora X Episode 1

Rhodora X Episode 1 An organ trafficking syndicate member abducts Rhodora, Roxanne begins to live through Rhodora after her deàth

The Ferrer family were a happy family when their two daughters, Rhodora and Angela complete the lives of the couple Derrick and Lourdes Ferrer. Rhodora celebrated her birthday and it was quite entertaining for Angela and her baby sister Rhodora.

One day, the Ferrers went to an amusement park to get their daughters entertained. However, the fun outing turned into tears when they lost one of their daughters. It was at the moment when Lourdes sent Derrick to buy water while she set up their lunch. She told the children not go far from her.

Angela told Rhodora that they should play like the other kids but Rhodora reminded her sister what their mother said. Angela said they would not go far. They played hide and seek and stumbled on a stray dog. Angela went after the stray dog and ordered her sister to stand there to wait for her.

She pursued the dog till she found it. However, the owner of the dog, Joaquin another child who might be around same age with Angela appeared and gave her a chocolate for finding his dog. Angela refused to take the chocolate and rushed back only to find her sister missing.

She rushed to her mother to ask about her sister. Derrick had also arrived with water and they began a search for her. Rhodora has been kidnapped by a certain man and the man had suffocated her till she fell unconscious. In a disguise, the man decided to escape with her but the security guards who were alerted to close all the exists stopped him.

Rhodora was still unconscious and her attire and hair have been changed. She was now disguised as a boy and the guards were also concerned about searching for seven years girl with braided her, in blue dress and pink sandals as described by her mother. The man claimed his child was a boy and was sick so he was sending him to hospital.

He managed to send Rhodora away and locked her up inside a ban. As Rhodora was crying another girl who was in a different barn closer to her talked to her. The girl introduced herself as Roxanne and told Rhodora that she was a street kid and was kidnapped by the man.

For Rhodora she was not a street kid but was kidnapped at the park when her sister chased after a stray dog. Roxanne told her that Angela intentionally left her for the man to abduct her but Rhodora was in denial. The kid told her that she was starved in there and believed the man would starve her too.

Meanwhile, the search for Rhodora was still on-going. The police were able to recover the dresses of Rhodora and it was also established that her hair was cut. That, the police said was the modus operandi most kidnappers had adopted. The Ferrers were upset that after the police have had similar cases yet least was done to curb the situation.

Lourdes became so upset with Angela and vented her anger on her. Roxanne told Rhodora that she overheard the man talking to a friend that they would sell their organs which meant that they would be k!lled. Rhodora cried. Later, seeing Roxanne’s long hair told her how the bad man cut off her beautiful long hair.

Roxanne told her not to cry her hair would grow again. She gave Rhodora candy and mirror to use it to rub her lips just like lipstick.
The next day, Roxanne attempted to escape when the kidnapper was gone to finalise everything to deliver the kids the next day to the Organ trafficking syndicate. She broke the woods used to make the barn and passed underneath.

As Roxanne was about to open Rhodora, the kidnapper arrived and Roxanne escaped from his hands but he shōt the girl and this traumatised Rhodora who watched her new friend d!ed in front of her eyes.

The kidnapper threatened to do same to her when she attempts to escape. He told his ally about k!lling one of the girls when she planned to escape. The ally confirmed that the buyer would come the next day for the child so he should ensure not to do anything against the girl.

Later, the kidnapper overheard Rhodora screaming and the girl stabbed his leg with a broken mirror to escape. He was quick to hold her leg and put her back into the barn. Rhodora began to have images of Roxanne on her eyes talking to her same as her sister.

Lourdes, on the other hand, stopped cooking and taking care of Angela, leaving Derrick to do everything. She took solice in drinking. Her mother visited due to her current situation to come to meet her drinking.

She also added fuel to the fire when she claimed her omen stemmed from the fact that she did not listen to her when she was against the man she chose. Derrick went to the police station again and there was no news on his missing daughter. He went to the Ecological Centre but no news and he returned to the amusement park.

He saw a photographer who gave him photographs which the owners had not claimed yet to watch if he would have clue but to no avail. Angela returned home and told her mother not to cry since she and her friends had prayed for the return of Rhodora.

Lourdes yelled at her, saying the fact that she and her friends had prayed did not mean Rhodora would return. Derick appeared in the scene to remind Lourdes that Angela was equally her daughter and she needed not to treat her that way.


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