Ruby Ring Episode 6

Ruby Ring Episode 6 Yana plans to fully own her sisters’ face and identity to take away Denis

Denis received the terrible news about his fiancée’s accident. He informed Valeria and dashed off to the hospital. Zorena was also informed and she shed tears.

The two girls had some fractures and brain damages. The doctor who has now been tipped wrongly about the girls identity while operating on one said “Yana” who is the actual Anya has a very small chance of surviving. One of the practitioners said her chance could also be 50-50.

As the health practitioners were joining minds on means to ensure the recovery of Yana in the operating room, one practitioner informed them that Yana now Anya has lost her 57 weeks pregnancy. Denis the Ukrainian Elon Musk version arrived at the clinic to receive the information that both girls were in critical condition.

Lyuba the desperate aunt went to check on Olga who was stricken by sudden sickness after the accident of her children. Lyuba gave her some medicines to facilitate her speedy recovery but Olga was demn worried about her girls.

As her sister in-law was not talking, she assumed that the unfortunate has happened and began crying, “the girls are fine” Lyuba cut in. Doctor Boris who operated on Yana now Anya said she was getting better.

Meanwhile, Yana was in a coma. Soon, Olga, Denis and Lyuba went to see the doctor and he told the family that both suffered internal injuries and had some fractures. He said Anya would wake up the next day. Denis, the gentleman, the Ukrainian Elon Musk was happy to be reunited with his woman again.

Olga demanded to see her girls. She found out that both girls faces were bandaged. She suddenly queried the doctor and the latter explained that Yana and Anya lost some facial skin so that was the way to treat their damaged faces.

Olga’s worries piled up, she could not accept that her daughter’s face would be horrible, although Lyuba made her see the bright story that they were alive yet Olga was not satisfied.

The doctor proposed a plastic surgery and assured that they could bring back Yana and Anya’s faces. Olga was still worried but Lyuba was full of positivity, believing that things were advanced and the girls could have a professional plastic surgery which no one would ever noticed that they even injured their faces in an accident.

Denis, the Ukrainian Elon Musk was willing to pay any amount to get them the best plastic surgery. He rushed in to check on Yana now Anya. Denis later called his dad to inform him about his fiancée and sister’s condition.

Meanwhile, Olga cried and felt she was being punished. Lyuba calmed her but she was still moody. Catalina took the phone from Gregory, she was optimistic that Àñya would get well soon for Denis to marry her.

At Cherkasy-SilikatBud silicate plant, Anya’s colleagues were worried and prayed for Anya’s recovery. At the hospital, Yana woke up and everyone was calling her Anya. She wondered why she was being called Anya and remembered her childhood days with Yana. She had some crises so she was put to sleep.

Soon, Yana had a nightmare about meeting some two ladies who had on their faces masks. She asked who they were and they took off their masks. She noticed that it was her sister, Anya who had become “two”, looking at her damaged face laughing and making fun of her

Suddenly, Yana woke up to find out that she had on her finger the ruby ring and recalled how she desperately took away her sister’s ring and the speed limit that got their car crashed. She then touched her face to see if the dream she had concerning her face was true. She got frustrated and cried. Denis who was with her in the ward tried to calm her.

At the restaurant, Lyuba was in a hurry to get to know how her nieces were doing. She was worried that Olga’s phone was not going through. Pedro tried calming down Lyuba.

Yana was still not happy with her mutilated face. Denis was ready to marry her and wanted her to recover soon. Yana realised that they had mistaken her identity for Anya and was getting used to the fact that Denis was ready to marry her. Since her dreams had alway been getting married to a rich folk she mumbles on the opportunity but wondered what had happened to her sister Anya now Yana.

Olga went to Yana’s (Anya) room to check on her. Plagued by the unfortunate accident that has rendered Anya half dead, She was hopeful that Yana (Anya) would soon recover to lead her dream life. The workers were still thinking about Anya and were happy that she had regained consciousness. They hoped her sister Yana would also survive the accident.

Lyuba rushed home to find out about the girls since Olga had not been picking her calls. Olga told her that Anya had woken up and has put on her finger the engagement ring while Yana was still fighting for her life.

Lyuba asked Olga if Anya had informed her about her pregnancy before the accident. Olga looked stunned, now she knew her daughter was keeping things away from her. She had an alternative thought that Anya might not even be aware of the pregnancy.

Catalina gave Denis flowers for him to deliver it to Anya since she liked the flower during the time of her visit. Denis took it and left home to see Anya. His mother pleaded with him to drive cautiously. He reached the hospital and gave a nurse a white flower to give it to Yana (Anya). Meanwhile, Andrey also arrived and bought a rose flower.

Later, Olga visited her girls and wondered if Denis knew about Anya’s pregnancy but she held back. Denis realised there was something bothering Olga and asked her if the doctor had told her something that called for attention but she said no, she was just thinking about Yana who was in a coma.

Denis excused her, Olga asked Anya (Yana) if her stomach was paining her since she kept touching her stomach and making some unusual gestures. Anya shook her head, meaning her stomach was not hurting.

Olga informed her that she lost a baby and asked if she was aware that she was pregnant and she nodded. She queried her on the reason she had kept it as a secret and asked if Denis knew about it. She shook her head and her mother promised not to inform Denis about her losing the pregnancy. She was hopeful that after her marriage she would make babies for Denis.

The health practitioners updated the family on Yana’s (Anya) critical condition and still assured that they were doing their best to bring her back to life.

Later, Anya (Yana) watched her face in the mirror and found the incident as miracle. She was ready to have a plastic surgery to have the face of her sister after hearing the health practitioners mummering that Yana (Anya) has a damaged brain, fractured bones and a whole lots of complications that would even be impossible for her to enjoy life if she ever woke up.

The doctor believed what awaits Yana is a miserable life. Anya (Yana) now had reasons to exchange identity with her sister.

“I am not guilty of what happened!”

“This is our destiny”

“I am sorry… I am so sorry sister, this is a gift of fate.”

“I survived! And someone has to take your place next to Denis because what awaits you is a miserable life.”


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