Ruby Ring Episode 8

Ruby Ring Episode 8 Andrey attempts to commit suicide after break up with his imposter girlfriend

At the hospital, Andrey pressed Yana hard to voice out the truth of her identity. The self acclaimed Anya denied it and queried Andrey why she would strip off her sister’s identity.

Andrey exposed her by saying she had a birth mark under her feet and asked Yana for how long she would conceal the truth. He also queried her if she would practically change her face to her sister’s own and threatened to reveal the secret to Denis and Olga.

“Okay Fine!

“I am Yana,” She then proceeded to demand Andrey not to inform her family about it if he really l*ved her. Andrey said he l*ved her, hence his action.

He believed Yana never l*ved him since it was easy for her to f00l the people especially Denis just to be with him.

Pointing at the ring, he asked whether that was the reason she was denying him access to be close to her and saw her as evil to do that against her own sister.

“So you think I never l*ved you?”

“I did! That was the reason why I was delaying the abortion but what did you do?”

“You’re selfish liar and you are the reason I am in this state. If only you had not taken my name out from the morning show host I wouldn’t have traveled to Kiev for me to be involved in an accident.”

Andrey apologised for his action and assured that he did that in order not to stress her since he l*ved her. Yana demanded him to stay away from her and not deny her the opportunity to be happy in life, besides her sister might not live.

Andrey begged her not to do that against him if she l*ved him and promised that they would be happy together.

“You know what Andrey…. you’re a sentimental f00l.”

“Now get out of here and don’t bother to come to this place again.” She warned Andrey that she would end her own life if he did not stop bothering her.

As Andrey was trying to make her understand from his side, Denis got there and sat next to Anya (Yana) to k!ss her. The act infuriated Andrey and he stormed out, banging the door.

Denis was startled and told Anya (Yana) that he did not understand Andrey and sometimes he believed there was something wrong with him. Anya (Yana) also said she also did not understand him but believed that his action was as a result of Yana’s critical condition. Denis said he felt sorry for Andrey.

Doctor Boris had earlier told him that Anya was recovering quickly and now they could proceed on with her plastic surgery so he told Anya (Yana) about it.

“Finally I will have a face that you will be able to k!ss. Can’t wait for that.”

Planning on his next move outside the clinic, Andrey received a call from work that he had to be there as soon as possible and he said he was on his way. Bothered by the issue, Andrey decided to pass by the restaurant to expose Yana’s dirty little secret.

Reaching there, he found it hard to go inside but stormed in. Inside the restaurant, Olga was happy about the change in sale and was willing to employ Pedro as a full time worker. Pedro said it called for a celebration and asked Lyuba out for them to celebrate.

Lyuba turned and saw Andrey behind the window, the l*ver boy who was going knut quickly ran out when Lyuba blew the alarm that Andrey was there. Olga went to search for him but did not find him. They believed Lyuba was hallucinating but Lyuba insisted on seeing him.

Denis got home and Gregory learnt about the information his son was keeping hush-hush from the office. He was proud of his son for handling the office problems with much competency. Denis asked his father to trust him since he was incharge of everything at work.

Valeria together with her guests appeared and asked Denis to go out with them to watch movie. The pretty damsel thought Denis would go so she had on her face an engaging smile but Denis declined his mother’s offer.

Gregory tried making his wife understand that Denis was tired and was also working on office problems. He reveal that Denis had been able to work things out at the office to his dismay and Valeria congratulated him.

That night, Andrey got drunk at a club and the guy who he beat the other time for dancing with Yana exact his revenge on him. After he was beating he was left on the ground.

Soon, Andrey arrived home and continued drinking. He listened to the recordings of calls he did not attend to the entire day. He threw his phone somewhere and started looking at the pictures of Yana and that of his parents.

He said sorry to them and was sure after executing his plans he would be reunited with them since it was getting crazy down here.

In the hospital, Denis and his family visited Anya (Yana) and was glad that she was responding well to treatment. Since plans were under way to get her the best surgeon for the plastic surgery, Denis gave her some magazines on plastic surgery and tablet with free WiFi to make her familiarise herself with the process.

Back to Andrey, though he found it hard to drink the overdose sleeping tablets, he first got water to wet his dry throat and swallowed a container of sleeping tablets. He then increased the volume of his tape and threw himself on the bed.

Meanwhile, his boss was upset by his truancy and vent his anger on Marina, threatening to fire him if he failed to get to work the next day. Marina rushed to Andrey’s house to find out that he has raised his set high and his room was locked.

She called him several times and phone the police who they came in there to break his door to find him. An ambulance conveyed him to the hospital. He was treated and he asked why Marina did not allow him to die since he could not handle his problems anymore.

Marina baby sit him, trying to be the l*ver girl. She condemned Andrey’s action and told him that although she knew he was going through tough time but he had to be hopeful in life.

Being gingered by the powerful words of Marina, he thanked her for everything he did for him. Denis had to leave Anya (Yana) to go to work since there were pending matters he had to attend to as the vacuum left by Anya could not occupied by the rest of the workers.

He tried to make her remember some projects they were dealing with at the office before her accident, but the imposter pulled a fast one on Denis. She acted up which got Denis scared and wanted to call a doctor . She stopped him, saying she was okay just that the doctor said she would have some headaches at times. After Denis left, Anya (Yana) called Olga to bring her, her recent diaries.

Elsewhere, Marina told Andrey that he had to recover and get to the office as soon as possible but Andrey said he needed a break from work and all that was happening.

Catalina noticed some changes in Anya’s behaviour and alerted Denis but Ukrainian Elon Musk believed the issues surrounding her accident and her sister’s comatose was responsible for the changes.

Olga arrived at Anya’s (Yana) ward with the diaries. She claimed that, her mother brought the right diaries  she needed. After her mom left, she tried to familiarise herself with her sister’s projects at work and things concerning her life in order to be a perfect clone of her sister.

Andrey cleansed his room and gathered himself for his new life.


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