Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 159

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 159 Cardo implements a befitting plan to escape from prison

“Gatch you…”

“So you are the rat stealing all my money.”

In Bilibid, the stubbornness of Onyok got him into trouble. After successfully sneaking into the psycho General’s office to eat his sausages, Onyok attempted to give it a second try to also feast better again but he ran out of Luck this time around.

Acosta layed a trap to catch the rodent who had been stealing his money.

“All I wanted is adops, sausages!” Onyok cried after he was caught.

Acosta pressured him to tell him who sent him to steal his money. He punished Onyok but the kid kept affirming his innocence.

Meanwhile, Cardo and his allies were desperately searching for Onyok but to no avail.

Acosta made Onyok kneel on some tony edges mat till he bleed, “I am not a thief,” Onyok cried but the drug addict would have none of that till he mentioned the person behind the scene. Elsewhere, Joaquin and his new $e×ual mate, Monica had a romantic encounter that evening.

Least did Monica, the unprofessional reporter know that she was only being fed $e×ually for Joaquin to achieve his aim of coming clean at the eyes of the public and the entire police force to get to the top just to exact his revenge on Cardo for killing Papa Tom.

In Bilibid, the two guards of Acosta stormed the cells to lock up the inmates. Cardo and his allies wondered what the war sound was all about. Ramil suspected Onyok has been caught by Acosta. The psycho arrived to announce that he had successfully caught the rat stealing his money and would punish the person who was behind the rat.

He fastened his eyes on Cardo as if directly warning him that he had his Onyok. He then left after the war-like announcement.

It was 4:00am when Joaquin got home. Verna came down to queried him on where he had been but the lipsticks and other feminine scent on him made Verna happy. Listening to his mother’s preaching on wanting him to busy himself with what every man does than picking up the gun to shed blood, Joaquin said good night to her to make Verna swallow the rest of her words.

Julian and Miyong kept searching  for Onyok but to no avail. Julian left to search for the boy somewhere else. Acosta suddenly appeared, asking Miyong what he was doing. Miyong lied that he was just checking if there was enough food stuffs in penitentiary.

Acosta said he thought Miyong was searching for a rat. Miyong surprisingly asked if there was a rat there and Acosta said there was. Miyong promised to o k!ll it for him if he found it.

“The only rat here is you,” Miyong spewed after Acosta stepped out.

Still in Bilibid, Ramil received a messenger from his boss. As promised to take over Cardo’s position, Joaquin was promoted to Police chief Inspector and General Borja swore him in.

Billy was consumed with fury as the police force congratulated Joaquin. Verna got there at the function to congratulate Joaquin as well but her son asked her to leave before preaching him against being a drug syndicate.

General Borja saw Verna stepping out, he called her to talk about Cardo and Joaquin. Delfin implored Verna to spill out the truth to end Cardo’s suffering. Verna was not ready to get Cardo from prison at the expense of her son. Joaquin saw the sacrifice his mother made to conceal the truth and thanked his mother later at home.

Alyana called Jerome to inform him that Teddy and the entire family visited Cardo in Bilibid. However, Rowena returned to her house to discover that her husband had packed out.

She realised Marcelo had kept his promise to send Geegii away together with him but discovered from neighbours that Marcelo got addicted to gambling and owed lots of money so he did not escape only because of her.

Marcelo had revealed his problems to his friend Parco before packing out. In Bilibid, Acosta locked Onyok in a cage pressuring him to tell him the person who assigned him to get his hand on his money and the boy kept saying nobody.

Cardo’s allies were sure Onyok was in the grasp of Acosta and wondered why he had not been confronted yet. Cardo believed Onyok had not voiced out that he was the one taking care of him.

Meanwhile, Flora announced to the town’s patrol that Makmak would work with her in the absence of Onyok. She charged the workers to confiscate fire crackers and report offenders to the precinct.

Soon, Makmak got into trouble while distributing flyers of Onyok. Some children threw fire crackers at him and bullied him. He tried advising them against the illegl use of fire crackers but the boys called him a coward.

He rushed to Flora to inform her and they hit on the street to talk to those kids. Being the captain of the area, Flora educated the kids on the use of dangerous fire crackers. Their father stepped in to defend the kids.

He said it was part of the tradition of his area to light fire crackers. Lola Kap made the petrol men confiscate the fire crackers the man and his children were holding.

Unknown to them, the man kept some of the fire crackers and lighted it after they left. A neighbour talked to him against it but he scolded her. He lighted some again and burnt his hand in the process.

Flora returned to see the man seriously injured and sent him to hospital. There, he promised to stop using fire crackers.

In Bilibid, Onyok threatened Acosta that he would be sorry once he got out from there. Acosta tried to scare Onyok into admitting who instructed him to steal his money. Onyok remained firm though in saying no one has sent him to steal money inside the jail warden’s office. He told him to tell the truth for him to set free.

As Cardo was brooding on means to save Onyok from the wrath of Acosta, Ramil pledged his support to Cardo. He said the mission to save Onyok would be realised if only Cardo would help them escape.

Elsewhere, Jerome and his family made a wish for the new year as well as Alyana’s family. The family of Cardo prayed for the freedom of Cardo and for Onyok to be found during the new year’s eve midnight. The new year was celebrated with Flora thinking about her incomplete family. Delfin asked her not to be sad.

Flora said last year during the new year celebration, the family was complete, Carmen was alive, Junior was there, Cardo and Onyok too and was saddened that the new year was celebrated without them.

Cardo thought about Onyok the whole night and took a journey down the memory lane to recall all those times he spent with Onyok. He promised not to forgive Acosta if he laid his hands on Onyok.

He drew a plan and oriented the inmates on how the prison was like. The number of guards and where they were standing at a particular time, the exit points of the penitentiary and the role each inmate would play in facilitating their escape together with Onyok. He nailed it intentions and plans down to ensure all the inmates were on the same page.

They heard foot steps approaching and quickly they hid the plan. It was a new year and a new beginning for Lola Kap and his family. They were hopeful that Onyok would be found soon and Cardo would be set free for the family to be whole once again.

Cardo wished that their plans would work. He charged his fellows to watch every movement of the guards. Time up, Cardo made the slim guy among them sneak from the space within the cells to get to Acosta’s office to confirm if he had Onyok.

“We also have to know where the other exits are so we can finally escape.”

“We can’t afford to make any mistake for Onyok sake.”

The tinny inmate head straight to Acosta’s office and saw Onyok sleeping in a cage. He was almost caught by the guard but quickly hid. He made his way back to the cell and informed Cardo that Onyok had been captured by Acosta and was put in a dog cage in his office.


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