Sperm bank fights lawsuit for one donor's sperm which produced 36 children

Sperm bank fights lawsuit for one donor’s sperm which produced 36 children

Sperm bank fights lawsuit for one donor’s sperm which produced 36 children

A sperm donor, Donor 9623 has deceived sperm bank and couples of his personality and health status by selling  sperms with forged documents in the United States of America.

According to report, mothers who have been receiving sperms from Donor 9623 knew he had an IQ of 160, spoke four languages, pursuing a doctorate in neuroscience engineering, and bear resemblance with American actor Tom Cruise.

Parents who testified that they made 36 children through his donation noted that they did not know his real name but all they could identify his sperm with was “Donor 9623.”

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However, Xytex, the sperm bank which has been selling the sperm to the women began to unravel the truth in 2014, when the sperm bank accidentally revealed his name as Chris Aggeles and his email address in a message to a group of mothers.

By then, the sperm he had produced over 14 years had been sent to multiple states and three countries, resulting in at least 36 children.

The news came as a shock to the mothers, thus they conducted further research about him and found “hearing voices” he had left online.

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They later found out that Donor 9623 had been hospitalised for mental illness, had been on disability, was suicidal at one point, and pleaded guilty for burglary, all before or during the time he was donating sperm.

It is alleged that the sperm bank did not know detail about the donor until they accidentally verified the biographical information that was in his profile.

Beneficiaries of the sperm since 2016 have filed dozens of lawsuits against the sperm bank for such irregularities.

However, the lawsuit indicated that the sperm bank did not know the profile of Donor 9623 until they unraveled the lies when they were crossing borders with his sperms.

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Parents were shocked and indicated that they have realised how unregulated sperm banks were and now are worried that their children might have inherited a predisposition to mental illness.

One case is currently pending before Georgia Supreme Court against Xytex but the sperm bank had not responded to media request for comment.

A professor of health law at the University of San Diego, Dov Fox who covered the lawsuits in his book, “Birth Rights and Wrongs,” spent the past year diving deeper into the case of Donor 9623 interviewing parents who were deceived, children coming to terms with their genetic inheritance, and eventually the donor himself for a new Audible podcast.


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