The Better Half— Episode 16

The Better Half— Episode 16 Camille fantasises about the symbol of Marco’s love

Edgar and Susan left and Julio apologised for bringing Marco as the headline of discussion. Camille accepted his apologies and said it was fine.

As Rafael was leaving the mayor Dyna’s office, Camille called him to inform him that his parents already knew about the existence of Marco. She said she blew the news to them as she did not have any option.

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Rafael was puzzled because he had wanted them to share the news together and Camille explained that Julio said something about seeing Marco so she had no option but to tell them.

Rafael said he was on his way home so that they could discuss the situation further.

Helen was laying in bed, relaxing Camille went in to give her a glass of water to calm her nerves after hearing the existence of Marco, ex husband of Camille.

She explained to Luicito and Helen that they had agreed with Bianca not to let anyone know about their situation because it would lead to both their marriages being null and void.

Edgar told Camille that he and Helen supported her but he asked that they see a lawyer about annulling her previous marriage.

Helen asked Camille to tell them if they needed help with anything.

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She was also worried that a scandal might break out if news about Marco reappearance got out so she asked Camille to make sure that they remained discreet about it.

By the time Rafael got home, his parents had already left so he apologised to Camille for not being there and leaving her to handle the matter alone.

Bianca hired an investigator to look into the mayor’s profile and to find out why she was so adamant to derail their project.

The following day at school, Julia asked some boys from class to play with her but they did not want to because she was a girl.


They asked Julia to read as sign first before they agreed to play with her but Julia was not able to because of her dyslexia sickness.

The boys teased her and called her stupid and Julia got upset so she pushed one of them.

She then ran and hid in utility closet so that the boys would not find her.

She was scared and trying to hide well in order for them not to see her in the closet, she unfortunately dropped a broom so the boys realised she was in there and they started to scare her.

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Julia started to cry but Camille appeared and asked the boys what they were doing.

Julia ran out and told Camille that the boys had been bullying her.

Camille called the children to her office and reprimanded them for the incident. She asked the boys not to bully Julia or call her stupid because she was dyslexic patient.

The boys said that Julia pushed one of them and Camille asked Julia not to do it again because it was not right.

When Marco and Bianca went to pick up Julia, they were alarmed because she did not come out of the school building.

Bianca became frustrated, her daughter had always come out around that time but today she was still not out. She could not wait any longer so she came out of the car to ask the school security and the security said Julia has not stepped out yet.


Marco followed Bianca as she run into the inside of the school facility, she was scared that something had happened to her daughter.

She saw Sheryl and she asked of her daughter but Sheryl said they already closed so she did not know where Julia was.

They began searching for her they saw her approaching and she ran to embrace her mother.

Bianca asked her what had happened, and she said she was with Teacher Camille.

Camille went out with her, so when she saw her parent she run to them. Camille asked to talk to them about Julia’s incident.

Marco advised Julia not to push the other kids and call the teacher if anyone tried to bully her.

He thanked Camille for taking care of Julia and also took the liberty to invite her to the launch of his furniture shop. He said Bianca had already invited her husband so they would be glad if both graced the occasion.

Helen and Luicito visited Rafael at work and he told them not to worry about the situation with Marco because he and Camille had things under control.

Julia wanted to give Camille a gift for saving her so she asked Marco to help her and Bianca was furious.


They made a box with the sun symbol and when they gave it to Camille, she remembered Marco telling her that it was a symbol of their love because they loved watching sunsets.

Camille asked Julia why she made the sign and Bianca boasted that it was the symbol of her’s and Marco’s love.

As they left, Marco invited Camille and Rafael to grace the opening of his furniture shop.

Rafael had the project redesigned according to the mayor’s specifications.

He and Bianca took it to her and she approved it.

She said that she would have the permit ready in three days.

As they left, Bianca told Rafael that the mayor must have been up to something and she did not trust her.

Rafael was happy that the project would finally push through so she told Bianca that they would deal with the problem if it came.

Rafael went alone to Marco’s furniture shop opening and apologised for not bringing Camille as she was busy.

The Better Half--- Episode 16

Julia was pretty disappointed because she loved teacher camille and wanted to meet her.

Marco was showing some furniture designs to Rafael when he received a call from his site engineer.

There was a problem with the soil because it was waterlogged and he suggested that they change the design for the project.

Rafael got upset and told the engineer to find a solution instead of suggesting design changes.

Marco told Rafael that he was a civil engineer and offered his help.

He gave a perfect solution to the problem and Clarita who was there listening suggested that Rafael hire him as the site engineer.

Rafael was uncomfortable with the idea and said that he could not just fire his site engineer.

Marco also said that he wanted to focus on the furniture business so he could not take that job.

Finally, Camille and Rafael met with Alfredo, Bianca’s dad to talk about the situation with Marco.


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