The Better Half---Episode 8 Marco sends email to Camille, leading Bianca to force labour

The Better Half—Episode 8

The Better Half—Episode 8 Marco sends email to Camille, leading Bianca into force labour

Rafael wakes up and realised Camille is not sleeping by his side on the bed. He starred around, fixing his eyes at every corner of the room yet he did not see Camille.

He got up from the bed and decided to look for, he heave a sigh of relief as he finally finds her rummaging around the kitchen.

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Camille turns, her eyes signal fear and love. She told Rafael that she was not able to sleep, explaining that she was not used to the place, besides wanted to prepare breakfast for Rafael, her new found love.

Love, they say always comes when you least expecting, Rafael who has been woven in the web of love was not expecting Camille to be doing the chores.

He asked Camille to call the house help to do the chores but Camille insisted that she was not used to being served and would do everything to see Rafael’s happy including preparing meals for them.

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Rafael still did not want his wife to stress herself over chores while he has employed assistance to do the chores of the house. He asked her to start getting used to it because that was their house.

Bianca’s father called to check on her and how she and Marco were faring in America. Bianca said that they were very happy and Marco no longer had any breakdowns as he has been occupied by business while taking care of her.

She gushed about how good Marco was at running the business and even gives her father some sound advice since he had not been able to meet his quota for the previous months.

Her father was impressed and asked that Bianca return to help him manage the business but Bianca said that she wanted to build a life with Marco in America.

Marco was doing the laundry when he suddenly had flashed of Camille again. He remembered helping her do laundry and telling her that he loved her.

When they went to sleep that evening, Marco woke up from bed and went to look up Camille online.

He found her work profile on the website where she worked and got an email address. He sent her an email hurriedly and then went back to sleep.

Bianca knew that Marco had woken up so she waited for him to sleep in order to check his email. When Marco fell asleep she tried to log into Marco’s email address but Marco had changed his password.

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Bianca decided to change the wifi password instead.

When Marco was trying to log into the email the following day but he was not able to access the wifi because Bianca changed the password.

She asked him why he was checking his phone and Marco said that he wanted to send a work related email. Bianca gave him her phone so that he could send his email.

Rafael drove Camille to work for her final day because they were going to start work on building their pre school.

When Camille was packing up, she checked her email and saw the email from Marco. It said that the person was Marco and had been involved in an accident so he could not remember his memories.

He added that he had been having flashed about her and hoped she could help him remember. Sheryl saw it too and told her that it must have been a prankster trying to ruin her marriage with Rafael. Camille was perplexed but did not say anything.

Sheryl then called Bianca and told her about the email. She said that she wanted Camille to be happy with Rafael so Bianca had to stop Marco from disturbing Camille.

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Bianca went through Marco’s email since he had logged in using her phone and found the particular email. She confronted him for trying to cheat on her again and Marco was not happy that she went through his email.

They started arguing and Bianca locked herself up in a bathroom. She started to scream from pain as the water broke and Marco had to get the spare key to get her out of the bathroom.

He drove her to the hospital and they had a baby girl who they named Julia.

Meanwhile, Camille was disturbed by Marco’s email and could not sleep for days. Rafael was worried that she was yet to adjust to the new house and constantly asked her to sleep.

Camille finally decided to write Marco back and she told him to stop playing around with her because it had taken her too long to get over Marco’s death.

At the end of the email, she reconsidered and asked him to tell her what he had given her when they were in college if he was really Marco.

On the other end, Marco was worried that his obsession with Camille would break his marriage now that he had a daughter so he decided to delete his email address.

He deleted it as soon as Camille sent the reply and the email bounced back. She received an email saying that the address did not exist.

Rafael asked Camille what was bothering her and she finally told him about Marco’s email and that she had replied but it bounced back.

Rafael got mad that she had not told him and left the room.

Bianca’s father received news that Juancho had not being paying payments for the company and had been forging payment documents instead. He therefore asked for a full audit of Juancho’s finances.

Rafael talked to the priest about his situation with Camille and the priest asked that he understand her because she had only wanted to avoid worrying him.

Sheryl also talked to Camille and she said that she loved Rafael now. She cooked him dinner that evening with Helen’s help and waited for him.

He arrived late, still upset so Camille apologised to him. Rafael said that they were now married and she should tell him everything that happened to her.

He was also worried because it might have been a ransom scam and he wanted to protect her. They reconciled and had dinner together.

Marco ran into his psychiatrist at his store and followed her to her house. She tried to make him leave but he implored and asked for her help so that he could forget all the memories that he had of Camille.

The doctor said it was possible but the procedure was illegal in America and the Philippines but Marco said that he was willing to do it for the sake of his family.


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