The Better Half--- Episode 3

The Better Half— Episode 3

The Better Half— Episode 3

Camille And Rafael First Date

Rafael picked up Camille for his mother’s birthday party. Lavishly dressed, Rafael who was blown by Camille’s look complimented her, saying “You are looking good and beautiful.”

Both giggled and shared engaging smile. When they arrived at the party, Camille said she was nervous and Rafael told her that she had nothing to worry about.

He however warned her against his mother and said that she would try to scare her like she did with other girls and Camille got even more nervous.

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When Rafael finally introduced Camille to his parents, his father was delighted to meet her but his mother only sized her up. Camille smiled and wished her a happy birthday.

During the party, Rafael left Camille for a while and his mother went to speak to Camille.

She asked Camille whether she was a gold digger looking to entice her son for his money and insinuated that Camille forced Rafael to invite her.

Camille clarified that Rafael actually invited her and she only came because she wanted to repay him for all the good things he has done for her but if she knew she would get insulted in such a manner, she would not have come.

They were interrupted when Rafael’s mother was asked to dance and she walked to the dance floor with Rafael’s father.

Camille waited for Rafael to return and said that she had to go. He immediately knew that his mother had done something and asked Camille what it was.

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Camille did not tell him but said she answered back to his mother. Rafael was delighted since not many people had the guts to do that.

He asked Camille to forget all about the incident as he ushered her to the dance floor.

Rafael took Camille home later and danced with her all over the house. He then kissed her and before they could talk about it, Camille’s phone rang and she rushed upstairs to take it.

It was Julio who wanted to know how the party went. Camille responded that she had fun. Rafael left and texted Camille later but she refused to answer back.

The Better Half--- Episode

Bianca woke up late in the night and did not find Marco in the house. She went to the ocean to look for him and was about to haul the jet ski in the water when Marco came back on his boat.

He said that he had taken the boat out for a test and Bianca rushed to him in tears, saying, she thought Marco had left her because he had grown tired of her.

Camille did not answer Marco’s calls for a while so he had to visit the foundation to ask her whether she was upset.

Camille clarified that she was fine and the two went out to eat as they fell back to routine.

Rafael always talked about Camille when he was with his parents and his father asked if he was in love with her.

Rafael said that he was and his mother said that he could not be with a girl like that because she had disrespected her at the party.

Rafael defended Camille and told his mother that he specifically loved her because she knew how to fight for what was right and only answered back because his mother was rude. His mother got mad and left the table.

Camille forgot about Marco’s birthday and only remembered it when she saw a group of people celebrating a birthday when she was out with Rafael.

Rafael told her that it was not wrong to forget and it only meant that she was moving on. They toasted to Marco’s birthday with the water they were having and Rafael asked Camille if she was ready to give love another chance. Camille nodded yes.

Marco continued to feel that he needed to do more to retain his memories so he asked Bianca to get him a psychiatrist.

Bianca’s dad found a psychiatrist for her and sent the number to Bianca.

Marco was with Bianca’s phone when the text was sent and thought that the doctor was for him. He hugged Bianca and thanked her for getting him the doctor.

When the doctor went to see Marco, she hypnotized him and tried to convince him that he had been in a car accident but Marco insisted that he had been in water.

He told this to the doctor that the people who found him said they had fished him from the ocean and the doctor said that maybe something else had happened after the car accident.

Police men went to Bianca’s house looking for a missing person and she was instantly alarmed. The person they were looking for was a woman though which made Bianca feel at ease as she said that she knew nothing about it.

Marco told Bianca about his doubts and she tried to tell him that she was the woman he saw in his dreams.

Marco said that he had given the woman a bracelet and Bianca showed him a bracelet that she had taken from him when she found him.

Marco asked why she never wore it and Bianca said that she did not want to lose it.

Rafael surprised Camille with a camping trip and bought all the gear in advance so that she would not refuse to go.

He took her to the same place they camped at the last time. He said that he took her there because it was the place she told him about his past with Marco and he wanted to share his story too.

Rafael said that he used to be reckless, a drunkard and womaniser.

At one time, his sister Veronica called her but he refused to take the call. When he went home, she had overdosed on pills and died. Rafael opened the Veronica foundation to try and make up for not being there for her sister.

Camille told him that she was proud of him because he did not succumb to grief but used that sorrow to do something good. There were shooting stars in the sky and both of them made wished. Rafael told Camille that he was in love with her and his wish was for her to be his girlfriend.

Camille said yes!

Marco fell asleep and had a nightmare,  he saw a woman in his dreams and suddenly woke up in fright with Bianca staring at him mysteriously with a fear that he might have seen something relating to his past…


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