The Better Half Episode 47

The Better Half Episode 47 Bianca diagnosed of bipolar

Bianca undergone a session with the other patients at the hospital. She was diagnosed of bipolar and the Doctor called Alfredo to inform him about Bianca’s situation, saying the condition could be controlled with proper medication.

The doctor said Bianca had unusual shifts in the mood, energy and nervousness sometimes happy, exhibit unusual character, upset and depressed.

Alfredo said Bianca used to have a treatment from the state but once she returned to Philippines she stopped but the doctor said she would not need that doctor because a good medication would make her stable.

Bianca diagnosed of bipolar

Marco after asking whether Camille and Rafael had separated told Camille that he was sorry for what had happened between her and Rafael.

The friends he was supposed to go to the beach with arrived and he left Camille.

Helen made a snack for Luicito and Rafael, she was delighted that Rafael was seeing Ashley. She noticed the table they were using and Rafael said that Bianca gifted him with the furniture and said it was from Marco’s furniture’s shop.

Helen said she had lots of friends who had furniture with the same design and was relieved that Rafael did not order them since it was from Marco’s shop.

Rafael said he did not mind and if Helen wanted to have them, she could order one. Helen then remembered that her friend told her that the shop was closed because the owner was in Dumaguete.

Rafael received a court letter that says Camille should appear before the court for her hearing so he called her to inform her about the letter.

He asked whether he should send the letter to her and Camille said it was fine since she would soon be returning to Manila. She also wanted to talk to him about the school and they decided to talk about it when she got back.

Camille started packing up her things to return to Manila but Susan and Edgar insisted on going with her so that she would not be alone.

When Camille arrived to pick up her letter at Rafael’s house, Ashley arrived just after her. She greeted Camille and introduced herself then guessed correctly that she was Camille.

When Rafael joined them, Ashley greeted him with a kiss and Rafael told Camille that she was his childhood friend. Ashley wanted to leave so that Rafael and Camille could talk but Camille asked her not to because she would not take long.

After Camille took the letter from Rafael, she asked him how they would pay for the school that he invested in.

Moving on

Rafael said that he had given it to her as a gift so she did not need to pay him. He then asked about Camille being with Marco in Dumaguete and she said they met when he was on vacation.

Rafael said that she too was allowed to move on if she wanted to be with Marco but Camille told him that it would never happen. She told Rafael that he could move on if he found someone else and she said it while watching Ashley.

After Camille left, Ashley could not stop gushing about her and she told Rafael that she could see that Camille still loved her.

Bianca tried to play around with her nurse by making him sympathise with her and she asked him to let her make a phone call.

Camille prepared for her hearing and her lawyer told her that they had a strong case. He also asked her to talk to Marco so that he could sign a statement saying that he did not accuse Camille of Bigamy. Marco had no problem with it and glady agreed to help Camille.

During the hearing, Camille made it clear to the teaching board the situation with Marco and that she married Rafael because she belived Marco to be dead.

She tried to ge an annulment after he reapppeared and when the court refused to grant it, she left Rafael.

The parents who had filed the complaint were surprised to hear the explanation and seemed to empathise with Camille. The board said that they would review the material presented as evidence and would meet again to convey their decision.

Marco was looking for an assistant to fill in for Aris at his furniture shop and since Edgar was looking for a job in Manila, he asked Camille and Susan if she could take it.

Susan did not want him to take it to avoid any issues but Camille said there was no problem since she and Marco were in good terms.

Rafael called Camille to ask her how her hearing went and he assured her that she would win the case. Camille asked how he and his parents were doing and Rafael proceeded to tell her about his family’s business and that it was doing well.

Rafael called Camille to check on her

They talked for a while and Rafael wished her luck on her hearing then said good night. After the call, he said he missed her.
When Camille got off the call with Rafael, Marco called and he too asked how the hearing went.

Camille said it was fine and she thanked him for having sent the letter that stated she did not commit bigamy.

the undying feeling



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