The Blood Sisters Episode 55 Rocco sold Jolo: Will Erika be able to save her son?

The Blood Sisters Episode 55

The Blood Sisters Episode 55 Rocco sells Jolo: Will Erika be able to reunite with her son?

Rocco returned and asked Erika what she was doing. Erika said that she was trying to recline the seat so that she could sleep better.

Rocco pushed the “tool box” aside and helped her push back her seat. He asked her why he insisted on looking for Jolo, saying it was best she considered that he was really dead.

Erika did not admit that he was dead, she indicated that she saw Jolo with a woman in a cab before. Rocco was surprised to hear that but he agreed to help her if Jolo was indeed alive.

Erika went home after the escapade with Rocco and Samuel went to see her. She said that she had confirmed Rocco was up to something after finding a gun in his car.

Samuel thought it was dangerous for Erika to hang around him but she said that Rocco did not suspect anything since he treated her the same.

Adele called Erika to tell her that Emman was in Ilocos Norte and gave her his address. Erika said she would go get him and Samuel went with her.

After Rocco got back to his place, he called for Sahara and asked her where Jolo was. Sahara said she killed him like he had told her to do but Rocco told her that Erika saw her with Jolo.

Sahara therefore had no choice but to admit that she sent Jolo to his father. Rocco was upset that Sahara went against his order. His fear was that Jolo could identify them so he decided to go clean up the mess Sahara had created by killing Jolo.

He left Juancho and Sahara in charge, a client who needed a donor for his son might be calling to get a child.

After Rocco left, Juancho and Sahara spoke to their client to tell him that they already had match for his child.

Sahara went to tell Rosemarie to get the child ready but Rosemarie said they could not let the girl become a donor because she was sick and would never pass the screening.

Sahara was worried since they had already made an agreement with the buyer. Agatha suggested that they look for a replacement instead but there was no child with the same blood type.

Agatha mentioned that it was not hard since she too had the same blood type.
Sahara got the idea that Jolo had the blood type and was able to confirm it after hacking the data base of Bermudez hospital.

Sahara therefore decided that it was better to let Jolo become their donor so as not to lose the client.

She tried calling Rocco but he did not answer his phone. She tried to call Emman instead but he too did not answer.

Erika and Samuel drove all night to get to Ilocos. They were looking for Emman’s house when they saw him leaving for work. Erika got out of the car and asked Emman if he was the one who took Jolo.

Emman denied it saying that Jolo was dead. Erika therefore told him to take her to his house.

Rocco arrived before Erika and took Jolo with him. He dragged Heidi, Emman’s wife and left her collapsed on the floor.

When Emman arrived with Erika and Samuel, Jolo was not there and Emman was relieved. Erika and Samuel left and Emman asked Heidi where Jolo was.

Heidi said that the only thing she remembered was a masked man getting into the house. Emman thought Jolo might have run off so he rushed out to look for him. Erika and Samuel saw him and Samuel decided to go and follow him.

Emman left his phone in the house and Heidi saw the missed calls from Sahara. She called her back to tell her that Jolo was gone and asked for something to help her keep quiet.

Sahara therefore told Heidi to come see her in Manila. Erika was waiting in Samuel’s car when she saw Heidi leaving and followed her.

She followed her to the bus terminal and took the same bus. She called Samuel and told him to follow her.

Erika followed Heidi

Rocco was going to shoot Jolo but Juancho called him and he finally answered. Juancho told Rocco about the problem they had with the donor so Rocco agreed with the idea of getting Jolo as the donor.

He brought Jolo for his medical examination but they had to blindfold him since Rosemarie was the doctor.

Agatha was sent to get some bread for the kids and she saw one of them asleep when she brought the food to them. She was shocked to see that it was Jolo and hurriedly left before he could see her.

Agatha surprised to see Jolo

Sahara was planning to meet Heidi but Juancho told her that she had to handle the transaction with Jolo since Rocco was tired from going to Illocos and was not feeling well.

Sahara therefore changed plans and asked Heidi to meet her at the place where the exchange would take place.

Erika was watching Heidi at the terminal when they arrived in Manila and she decided to follow her by herself since Samuel had not yet arrived.

Heidi met Sahara as agreed and she got her money. She was curious to know what was going on but Sahara said she could tell her but then she would have to kill her. Heidi seized asking questions and left through the back.

The buyer arrived to get Jolo. After verifying that he was a fit buyer for his son, he gave Juancho the money and left with Jolo.

Jolo started crying as soon as he was handed over and Erika heard him. She went after the man and demanded that he give her Jolo but the buyer got in the car and left.

He was riding a pick up so Erika hopped in the back, begging for them to give her back her son.

Erika stopped the man who bought Jolo

The driver tried to swerve so that Erika would fall off but she held on. The buyer told him to take care of Erika so he stopped the car and went out with his gun.

Erika hit him with a piece of wood but he was stronger than her so he eventually overpowered her. Erika reached for a stone and hit him on the head, finally managing to get him off her.

The buyer got out of the back seat and was going to run off but Erika took the gun and aimed it at him.

She told him to give him back Jolo and he opened the door, saying he was only looking for a donor for his son and had done nothing wrong.

Erika said that her son should not die to save his and hit him. The buyer fell down unconscious. Finally she got her son and hugged Jolo.

Erika reunites with Jolo


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