The Better Half Episode 50

The Better Half Episode 50

The Better Half Episode 50 Marco is poised to win the [email protected] of Camille

Clarita packed up her things to leave Alfredo’s house and Bianca went to smirk at her. Clarita said that she knew Bianca was still unwell so she should not have left the hospital.

Bianca laughed at her and said that she hoped Clarita would join her brother. Clarita added meanings to Bianca’s words took it to mean that Bianca killed Juancho and asked Bianca about it but Bianca did not answer her.
Bianca went to have her meeting with Rafael at his office and she got to meet Ashley.

They ran into each other at the elavator again as they were leaving and Bianca asked if she was dating Rafael.

Ashley said they were only seeing each other and Bianca told her not to build her hopes up on Rafael, explaining that Rafael already loved Camille.

Ashley recognised Bianca as Marco’s ex wife. Bianca said she knew how it felt to be with someone who loved someone else.

Camille felt nostalgic about Julia as she was teaching the kids and called Marco to ask him where her grave was so that she could visit.

Marco said he was on the way there and offered to pick her up but Camille said she would go by herself after class.

Bianca was determined to get Ashley away from Rafael so when he called, she told him that there was no need to have the houses at Punte Verde furnished because Ashley was in charge of the interior design.

She suggested that they meet later so that she could tell him about other marketing ideas that she had in mind but Rafael said he couldn’t because he had to run.

Bianca wanted to see Marco so she went to the cemetery and found him with Camille. She told them that she was actually at a phychiatry centre.

She cried that she had trouble dealing with Julia’s death. She said that part of her recovery process was to forgive everyone who she had hurt and asked to speak to Camille.

She asked if they should have coffee but she took her to Rafael’s jogging spot since she knew that he would be there.

Camille refused to belived that Bianca wanted to make amends and that she had other things planned. Rafael came up behind her along with Ashley and Bianca told Camille to thank her later.

Camille wanted to walk away but Rafael stopped her. They greeted her and Ashley asked Camille to join them for the jog but Camille refused, saying she had something else to do.

As she was leaving to get her taxi, she saw Ashley hop on Rafael’s back and she rode on his back.

Camille went to Marco’s furniture shop later to pick up Edgar. At the shop she was enthused that Marco’s business was growing pretty quick. Most of his furniture was sold out and there were many customers who have ordered for more furniture.

She congratuled him on his success and they got to talk about his business for a while. Marco told his friend later that she saw a sparkle in Camille’s eyes which meant that he could still win her back but his friend asked him not to get ahead of himself since he might be wrong about his impression.

Marco decided to pursue Camille subtly so he called her to ask if he could show his designs to her.

Camille asked him to give them to her father because she wanted to visit the mall the following day but Marco said that he would pick her up and take her to see the designs.

Helen’s birthday was approaching so Rafael asked Ashley to come up with ideas. Camille was going to buy her a gift as well and she went to the mall to search for one.

She ran into Ashley there and she told Camille that they would be going on a cruise with Rafael and his parents.

She apologised to Camille for being too casual with her since she was Rafael’s ex wife.

Camille told her that it was fine and she would not mind if her friendship with Rafael turned into something more. Ashley was going to meet Helen and Luicito, she asked Camille to join them but Camille said she had something else planned so could not join them.

Helen and Luicito came with Rafael to pick up Ashley and Camille saw them as Rafael played around with Ashley. She was in tears by the time they picked her up and Rafael saw them leaving together.

Camille could not stop crying, Marco hugged her as he asked her why she still loved Rafael when all he did was to hurt her.

Camille asked Marco to take her home because she wanted to be alone so that they could review his designs later.

When Camille got home, she decided to leave Rafael alone since it was clear that he already moved on but Karen called her to invite her to their baby’s baptism as she and Rafael were the godparents.

Camille wanted to refuse but Karen could not take no for an answer.
Marco brought the designs with him to Camille’s house and he asked her if she was better.

Camille told him she was fine since she had decided to stay away from Rafael. She wanted to avoid talking about Rafael so she focused on telling him what she thought about his designs.

Marco went to navigate on the keyboard but ended up touching Camille’s hand instead. They begin to look at each other.


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