The Blood Sisters Episode 57 Emman and Heidi arrested

The Blood Sisters Episode 57

The Blood Sisters Episode 57 Emman and Heidi arrested for their involvement in Jolo’s kidnap

Rocco and Agatha spent time together and got into intimate mood. After they explored each other’s body, Rocco woke from bed and he got dressed.

Fabian called Rosemarie to express his grievances to her. He told her that he no longer trusted her but Rosemarie requested for more time to help him get out of jail.

Fabian told Rosemarie that his statement could change at any moment and he would reveal her involvement in Paraiso.

He also told her that Rocco had confessed to stealing Paraiso’s money and wanted to know if she had betrayed him by working with Rocco.

Rosemarie admitted that Rocco had approached her but she turned him down.
Erika and Adele decided to go into hiding because of the threat to Jolo’s life.

Samuel offered them his family’s house in Pampanga. Carrie and Tonyo were there to see them off and Erika asked Tonyo to take care of Carrie.

Once Erika was gone, Tonyo asked Carrie if she would allow him to court her since they had already found Jolo.

Carrie was not able to give him a definite answer because Norman was telling her that they should leave. She told Tonto that they were in a hurry but she would decide later and give him her answer.

Rocco ordered Agatha to spy on Erika so that they would know all her movements but she said Erika had already left.

She wanted to talk to Pam or Ligaya to know what was going on but Rocco said she had to find out what Erika was up to.

Agatha did not like the idea of her being used as a spy to find everything Erika was doing and not in the real business like Sahara.

Rocco said he would let her deal with clients once they took care of the problem with Erika. When she left, Rocco saw two men following Agatha while taking pictures of her and told his men to take care of them.

Rocco’s men found the investigators and killed him, taking away the camera that they had.

They brought it back to Rocco and he reprimanded Agatha for failing to notice that someone was following her.

He told her that her father hired an investigator to follow her but he had taken care of it. He asked her to be careful because she might end up ruining their operation.

Erika, Jolo and Adele moved into Samuel’s house. They were all eager to help Jolo recover and become joyful as he once was but he did not say much and only smiled.

The Blood Sisters Episode 57 written update

During dinner, he finally opened up and talked about the time he was away. He said that Sahara took him to Emman and Heidi and Heidi always made him do chores and cooked food that he was not able to eat.

He was also able to confirm that he was first taken when he fell asleep at Sahara’s house. After the fire at Paraiso, she said she was going to bring him back to Erika but she took him to Emman instead.

He mentioned that Sahara was with another scary man but he was not able to describe him.

Erika shed tears when Jolo shares his bad experience

The Blood Sisters Episode 57 written update

While watching TV, Jolo saw on the news a picture of Mikmik, a girl he had met when he was taken by Rocco.

She was among the children who was kidnapped and Jolo told Erika that they had to save her and the other children who were there as well.

Emman and Heidi were arrested by the NBI while trying to flee and Erika was eager to see them after what Jolo had said.

She went to see them at the NBI the following day and she attacked them for taking away her son. She was also upset with Emman for failing to protect him from Heidi.

Erika can’t contain her anger on Emman and Heidi

Emman and Heidi gave their statements and Emman said that he would help them with any information he had.

He however asked that they donot charge his wife since it was his decision to take Jolo. Emman said he only met Sahara a couple of times and she was the one who gave him Jolo.

She also said that they would all die if her brother found out what she had done. Marciano asked if she mentioned the name of her brother but Emman could not provide a name.

At the station, Mikmik’s mother asked Erika to let her talk to Jolo to find out if he could remember anything about where the children were kept.

She implored her to help her as a mother, saying she knew the anguish of not knowing where one’s child was. Marciano wanted Erika to let Jolo testify as well since he was the only one who could provide useful information to help the police catch the syndicate.

Erika said she did not want to get Jolo involved because he was still traumatised. She asked Marciano to look for Sahara instead.

Sahara was worried that things were getting too dangerous for them and it was better that they flee the country with the money they had.

Rocco however refused to back down and said things would be resolved once they took care of Jolo and Erika.

Rocco had another migraine due to his medical condition after taking pain killers the pain still persisted so Agatha decided to call Rosemarie and demanded that she come there to take care of him since she was responsible for that.

Rosemarie went to see Rocco and said that it was not normal for him to have such headaches. Rocco wanted a permanent solution and not pain killers so Rosemarie advised that he get some tests done to find out what was really wrong with him.

Rocco blames Rosemarie for his sickness

She also announced that she would no longer be part of the operation and decided to quit the group.

Rocco heard that Emman and Heidi had been arrested and sent out Agatha again to look for information.

Agatha visited Ligaya under the guise of bringing her medication. She feigned concern for Erika and wanted to know where she was staying for her to visit her but Ligaya said she did not know either.

Ligaya asked Agatha to stop working with the dangerous people and instead help them get arrested. She also mentioned that the police were looking to get Jolo to testify.

Rocco ordered to get rid of Erika

Agatha went to tell Rocco what she found out. Since they did not know where Erika and Jolo were staying, Rocco handed Agatha a gun and told her that she would be the one to kill them.

Agatha did not want to do it but Rocco reminded her that she had promised to do anything for the sake of their operation.

He therefore asked her to prove her loyalty to them by saving their group and herself. He told Agatha to forget that she was related to Erika in order to take her down since their operation would be jeopardised if Erika and Jolo testified against them.


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