The Better Half Episode 60 Bianca break lose hungry for revenge: Clarita, Rafael, Camille life at stake

The Better Half Episode 60

The Better Half Episode 60 Bianca break lose hungry for revenge: Clarita, Rafael, Camille life at stake

As lawyer of Alfredo came to announce his death and also discuss about their partnership, Helen and Luicito offered their condolences to the lawyer. The lawyer talked about how they could reach an agreement for the partnership to continue even when Alfredo had died.

Bianca kidnapped Aris’ wife and sent him a picture of her in prison with a note saying that his entire family would suffer if he said anything.

Marco went to Alfredo’s wake to offer his condolences to Clarita and they got to talk about Bianca’s role in Alfredo’s death.

Clarita told Marco that she was the first to call out Bianca’s craziness when she found out that she had found Marco. She added that she wanted Marco to learn the truth but Bianca and Alfredo ganged up against her and asked her to keep quiet for the sake of the family.

She said she tried to help Marco learn the truth which was the reason why she asked him to return to the Philippines.

Clarita also cited that Bianca had killed more people including her brother Juancho and wondered why she took away everyone she loved.

Marco discovers Bianca’s crimes

She mentioned Alfredo and Julia and Marco told her that Julia’s death was an accident. Clarita said that she did not believe Bianca since she was obsessed with Marco and was capable of sacrificing her own daughter to get him back.

After Marco left the wake, he went to his furniture shop. Bianca was outside spying on him and she followed him to the shop. She wanted to get his sympathy for losing her father and she cried as she grieved for her father.

The two face Marco

Marco gave her some food as he asked what happened and Bianca gave him her version of the story. She said that Rafael showed up at the beach that they had gone to for their vacation and suddenly attacked her father.

She said they had Aris arrested and then forced him to say that she was the one who had Sheryl killed.

Bianca indicated that she had to run away because she feared for her safety and she could not even go to her father’s wake because Clarita might have her arrested.

Marco told her that he would help her if she told him the truth about what really happened. Bianca spun another tale of Sheryl blackmailing her to tell Camille everything. She however admitted that she sent Aris to follow Sheryl but he ended up killing her.

Marco got furious suddenly and attacked Bianca as he got the confirmation that Julia’s death was because of her.

He told Bianca that if she had not killed Sheryl, Jonas would not have kidnapped Julia. Marco strangled her but she was able to fight him off her and run out of the shop.

Marco lashes out on Bianca over Julia’s death

Marco was furious and was smashing everything around the shop when Felix arrived.

He called Edgar to go to the shop, Camille and Susan went with him. Marco was in despair with what happened and he asked Camille whether he was a bad person which was why such things kept happening to him.

He said that he hated Bianca for ruining his life and Camille said that they all did because Bianca had ruined all their lives.

They all felt sorry for Marco and Edgar asked that he go stay with them but Marco refused and said that he was fine.

Camille wants to help Marco

Camille later told her parents that she would help Marco look for his family so that he would not always be alone.

Bianca went to cry on Julia’s grave as she begged her intervene on her behalf so that Marco would not attack her.

The following day, Marco visited Camille and Rafael and told them that Bianca had Clarita’s brother killed and they could ask for her help to catch Bianca too.

They were not confident about Aris making a statement against Bianca and Marco said that he was probably keeping quiet because of fear.

Marco took Rafael and Camille to Alfredo’s wake but Clarita almost threw them out for having Alfredo killed.

Rafael told her that it was really Bianca’s fault that things had turned out like that and they needed to work together to bring her down.

Clarita met with Marco, Rafael and Camille later and she agreed to help them by giving them a list of properties that they owned so that they could find out where she was hiding.

Bianca had been spying on them and she swore to fight them even if they all ganged up on her.


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