The Better Half Episode 61 Bianca kills Clarita in a grave

The Better Half Episode 61

The Better Half Episode 61 Bianca kills Clarita in a grave

Clarita said goodbye to Rafael, Camille and Marco as they promised to keep in touch to discuss further about what they would do to catch Bianca.

Bianca received information that her escape plans had been set. She was supposed to go to Cebu and then fly to the states.

Bianca said they would not go anywhere since she had unfinished business to attend to.
Ferdie went to see Camille and he confessed to her, Rafael, Luicito and Edgar everything that the mayor had been doing.

Bianca vows to take revenge on her father’s death

Ferdie told them that the mayor only wanted to have revenge against Rafael by messing up his Punte Verde project but Bianca got in the way and they became enemies.

He also said that he saw Aris going to Camille’s house and texted Marco that Camille might be in danger.

He said he was sure that the Moyor’s death was no accident and could bet that Bianca killed the Mayor and covered it.

Aris was almost attacked in prison but he was not harmed. Camille went to see him pretending to be his wife and assured to keep his family safe if he agreed to tell the truth.

The Better Half Episode 61: Camille visits Aris in jail

Aris said what happened to Sherly was a mistake since he panicked and did ended up killing her. Camille said that Marco already got Bianca to admit that but she asked him to tell her if Bianca sent him to burn their house.

Aris told Camille that she was his target since Bianca sent him to kill her. He opted to burn the house hoping that they would wake up and leave the house but he did not anticipate what happened.

Camille was in tears as she was leaving the cell and Rafael was waiting for her outside along with Marco. She told them that Aris just confirmed what Ferdie had told them.

Marco wanted to see him but the guard stopped him and said that Aris only wanted to see a lawyer. Rafael said he would handle it and got a lawyer for Aris.

They went to talk to Aris but he said he could not admit what he said to Camille in court. Rafael asked him what he wanted in return and he told them that Bianca threatened to harm his family so they had to keep them safe.

Clarita went to Alfredo’s grave but she ran into Bianca there. Bianca had killed both her guards before going to the grave and asked her what she was doing there.

Clarita said that Alfredo was her husband but Bianca told her that she did not deserve to be there because she was conniving with the people who killed him and tried to attack Clarita.

Clarita ran through the cemetery hoping to get away from Bianca but Bianca ran after her with gun in hand. Clarita went into a dug grave to try and hide from Bianca but all she did was corner herself.

Bianca wanted her to admit that she knew about Juancho raping her but Clarita refused to admit it. Bianca therefore admitted that she killed her uncle and buried him in Deluyon.

Clarita called her a monster and Bianca interjected that it would only take one to know one. Clarita tried to climb off the grave but Bianca shot her.

Bianca ends the life of Clarita

The following morning, news of Clarita’s suicide were all over the news but no one believed it.

The Cabreras set up a meeting with the Buenaflor lawyers to talk about how they could carry on with their partnership.

Meanwhile, Helen has decided to dissolve the partnership since she did not want anything to do with the Buenaflors.

Bianca watched Clarita’s photo and said that things would have been different between them if Clarita had treated her like a real daughter but that wasn’t the case.

Rafael received a call from his secretary telling him that he was needed at a meeting to discuss the Buenaflor partnership.

Before he left, Susan told him to be careful because Bianca was capable of harming anyone if she could kill her own mother.

Camille then told her parents that Bianca was the person who sent Aris to kill her. She said since Aris couldn’t reach her he burnt their house so the incidents that led to the death of Julio was no accident.


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