The Blood Sisters Episode 62 Erika sets a trap for Rocco's arrest

The Blood Sisters Episode 62

The Blood Sisters Episode 62 Erika sets a trap for Rocco’s arrest

Rocco told Agatha to go back to the hide out in order for them to discuss something. Agatha refused to go and told Rocco that the NBI might be headed there after Adele’s phone call.

Rocco told his team to round up their men and the children so that they could leave before the NBI arrived.

Fabian and Greg were heading to Rocco’s hide out when they saw the NBI going there so they retreated.

The NBI went in to scour the hide out but they did not find anyone. The children were gone too. They went back to the office to inform Erika that someone might have tipped off the kidnappers because they were not there.

Marciano asked Adele how she found Rocco’s hide out and Adele told him how she followed him after seeing him coming from Agatha’s house.

Marciano wanted to know his involvement with Agatha and Erika said that they were dating. Adele however made it clear that Agatha had always denied Rocco being her boyfriend.

Agatha asked Dante to help her move some suitcases into Ligaya’s house. She told Ligaya that she was bored living by herself so she would return to live with them.

Adele was happy to learn about it when she arrived home. She also wanted to confirm if Agatha was the one with the butterfly tattoo on her ankle so she asked her to remove her boots.

Agatha removed them and showed her legs to Adele, confirming that she did not have the tattoo and Adele was happy to see it.

Agatha went upstairs to shower and covered her tattoo with make-up, which is how she had managed to hide it.

Rocco was furious to go back to the place he had come from and without his money. He was furious at Erika for having called the NBI on him since they were forced to leave their hideout so he decided to get rid of her.

Rocco met up with Rosemarie by intercepting her car. He told Rosemarie that she would have to take care of killing Erika and Jolo before they appeared in court.

Rosemarie did not want to do it since she had never killed anyone but Rocco threatened to kill Debbie. He said that someone would die the following day and it was up to her to decide if it would be Jolo and Erika or Debbie.

After raiding Rocco’s hideout, the NBI suspected that he was the leader of the syndicate. They tried to search for his picture online and in the NBI database but he was nowhere to be found.

Erika therefore described him and the officers were able to produce a sketch of his face. They showed it to Jolo and he was able to identify him as the person who kidnapped him.

They also brought Jolo to the hide out and he confirmed that it was the place that he and the other children had been kept hostage. Marciano therefore issued an arrest for his arrest.

Erika was at the hospital visiting Carrie when Rocco suddenly appeared. He said he was there for his medical work and asked Erika how Carrie was doing.

He wanted to visit her but Erika said that only family were allowed to see her. Rocco asked Erika about her son and mentioned that he had never met him. Erika agreed to let him meet Jolo but Rocco said they could meet another time.

Erika told the police about Rocco and offered to meet with him so that they could catch him. Rocco did not know that he was wanted and they could use the meeting to lure him out.

Erika therefore called Rocco and asked to meet him at a park. Sahara and Juancho were worried that Erika might bring Jolo and he would recognise Rocco.

Rocco said it would be better for them to come together so that he could kill both of them. He thought that Erika did not know his identity and wanted to use the chance to get back their money.

The children got sick and Rosemarie did not answer Juancho’s calls. He therefore called Agatha and told her to bring Rosemarie there. Agatha said she would but did not actually do it. She wanted Rocco to realise that he needed her.

Agatha went to the new hideout to tell Sahara and Juancho that she did not manage to find Rosemarie.

She asked about their money and Sahara said that it got stolen. Agatha pretended to be surprised and asked why Rocco did not tell her. She denied having taken the money saying that she would not come back if she was the one who had it. Sahara said that Rocco suspected Erika had the money and he had gone after her.

Greg was eager to get Ginny back but Fabian told him to be patient because she was the reason he got caught the last time.

He said that they would get back their money from Rocco first so that they could get Ginny and run away.

Erika went to the park to meet Rocco. Marciano assured her that they would protect her so that nothing would happen to her.

As Erika was waiting, Rocco arrived and was now trying to locate the standing point of Erika.


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