The Better Half Episode 63 Camille runs Edgar over with a car

The Better Half Episode 63

The Better Half Episode 63 Bianca runs Edgar over with a car

Bianca came to Camille’s place to scatter things. After Camille, Susan and Edgar heard the sound they became frightened but Camille told them to remain calm while she goes out to check what it was.

Her family called her not to go out but she left the room.

She went out to find out that the place was scattered with a folded note on the floor. She read the note and was alarmed.

Edgar and Susan came out to check on her they asked her why she looked pale and she said it was Bianca.

She told her family that they had to be secured, Edgar ushered them in and said he would search for Bianca but Camille told him not to and urged them all to go inside.

Edgar secretly went out in search of Bianca, as he came out of the house Bianca who was in her car spotted her and went after him with her car. She ran him over and left with a bossterious laughter that she has accomplished her mission.

Bianca wanted Camille to feel how it hurts to lose a father.

People came to gather around Edgar and those who knew him ran to the house to inform Camille and Susan that a hit and ran car has run over Edgar.

They ran to the scene and got an ambulance to sent him to hospital.

A police officer revealed to Marco about the deeds of Bianca. What Aris has confessed and the crimes she has committed.

The revelation

Marco then went to see Edgar and he remembered how Bianca told him that she was his wife and cheated on him.
How she paid a doctor erase all his memories and bought Aris to work along with her to be feeding his head with lies.

He blamed himself for everything that had happened and promised to solve the problem by getting Bianca behind bars. Marco planned to win Bianca’s trust by making her believe that he would a start a new life with her since Camille has gone back to Rafael.

Marco blames himself

He tried calling Bianca, but for several times he could not reach her. He later texted her to talk to her about his intentions with her promising her that he would go wherever she wanted him to go. He asked her to call him once she receives the message.

Bianca recalls her fond times with Marco

Meanwhile Bianca was inside crying over Marco and did not understand why he would bind ties with her enemies. She remembered all the good times she had with Marco and believed their lives would have been better if Marco had chosen her over Camille.

As she cried she received Marco’s text and was happy to see that Marco wanted to get back to her.

She sent him a place that they should meet in order for them to patch things up.


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