The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 36

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 36 Tristan in trouble after face off with Paglinauan, Malia leads the LLU in a rescue mission for Catleya

Senator Paglinauan asked Berto to accept his condolences for the death of Dory. He lamented that he had no idea about the missing Miyo and would make it a prayer for them to find his former aid.

He felt sorry for the family as when all those bad things were happening, he was also accused of a crime he did not commit and gave an envelope to Berto, assuring the family of his support to find his former body guard.

Berto snatched the envelope crumpled it and threw it on him for making fun of his wife and son who Paglinauan spearheaded their murder. He was furious to an extent that he wanted to hit the Senator but Doc held Berto back.

Tristan in an anguish warned Paglinauan to leave their territory even if he had managed to deceive everyone, he would not be able to deceive them. Doc asked Paglinauan to leave and he sent Berto to his room. Paglinauan kept denying and when he left to board his car, Tristan went after him even when Toni tried to stop him. Tristan was not ready to allow things slide.

At the Moonchasers office, Prof T indicated that if they did not allow Toni into the group, Tristan would be upset. He was also scared that Toni could be a trap Supremo was using to trap them. Samantha said it was better to get their enemies closer only if that was the case.

Prof T suggested they allowed Tristan leave the group since he was given them problems but Samantha was against it. She was not ready to allow him go as he was part of the prophecy. At the LLU new camp, they saw the viral video of Catleya who was being molested and tortured while she was pleading with them to k!ll her.

Baristo couldn’t control his emotions while watching, he almost drop a tear, ready to crush Omar and ordered Erin and Lemuel to find where the video was shot and the source of the uploader. He swore to k!ll Omar along with Supremo.

Meanwhile, Tristan kept on arguing with Paglinauan that he would never stop so Paglinauan now believed he was the brain behind the video which led to his arrest but Toni said Tristan knew nothing about it. Tristan interjected that he was the one who released the video as Miyo told him everything about the senator’s illegal activities so Paglinauan should get scared, swearing to ensure he paid for his crimes.

Paglinauan thanked him since the video has rather made him a hero. He left and Toni confronted Tristan for revealing himself to Paglinauan. Tristan said he could not keep quiet. At the Moonchasers headquarters, Samantha informed Prof T that Paglinauan was an ally of Supremo that was the reason he was exonerated from the crime. Prof T now regretted for not helping Tristan when he seek his help to find his friend.

Toni revealed to Tristan that Paglinauan was working with Gilbert Imperial that was the reason the man was so proud, knowing he had a supernatural backing. Tristan indicated that whether vampire or human, they had to make them see their fault when they acted wrongly. Seeing Paglinauan and Gilbert Imperial pictures on Toni’s phone, Tristan now recalled meeting Gilbert Imperial in a washroom with a blood stains on his suite.

Supremo rolled a trap to capture and wipe out the LLU using Catleya. Paglinauan told Supremo about Tristan and the vampire king believed Tristan would also disrespect him just like how he did to Paglinauan. With their new plan, they targeted Zeny Mallari and the LLU to make all his dreams come true. Elsewhere, Samantha told Prof T that Senator Mallari’s wife would be the evil vampires’ target.

She also showed Catleya’s video to Theodore, saying it was a trap by Supremo to wipe out the LLU so the La Liga Unida members were in danger. Prof said if that was the case then they would need a person whose power matched with that of Supremo. Samantha asked him not to worry and concentrate on Zeny as she also took care of the LLU issue.

The LLU who knew the lead provided to the location of Catleya was a trap yet Baristo was ready to lead them to fight in saving Catleya. Werewolves from the other countries arrived to help in the fight. As Malia learnt of the omen that had befell on Catleya, she planned to join. She recalled the times that Catleya laid her life for her and always doing everything to make her happy, she promised to rescue her.

Rahil presented them some perfumes that they would spray for the vampires not to catch up with their scent. Jacintha after watching Catleya’s video on her laptop at home took a red and black dress and wore to Youtopia. There, she asked questions about how the workers saw their boss.

She was impressed by their kind words about their boss. Gilbert Imperial appeared in the scene and was enjoying everything that Jacintha was doing. Gilbert was fascinated by the charms of Jacintha and the mysterious lady asked to have a talk with him in private.

She invited him that night to a place where only both would have a moment together. Jacintha said she would take care of the location so that Gilbert could focus on what he needed to do. Betty was finding it uneasy for Tristan’s companions to still keep an eye on their every activity.

Tristan suggested that leave to the province but Betty refused to have a divided family. She wanted them to stay united. Tristan ordered Zeny Mallari’s guards to watch over his family as he was stepping out. He brought food to the Moonchasers and Jake followed him. He told Jake that he wanted to go out, Jake reminded him that they were instructed to keep an eye on him so they would go with him.

Tristan was not ready to allow them to tell him what to do. Jake found him stubborn and told the rest of the Moonchasers that they should follow Tristan. Realising he was being followed, Tristan tricked them and passed by another route. Unknown to him, the rebel vampires were also after him. One of the minions acted like a mad man and met Tristan. The rest appeared and he managed to k!ll one.

Meanwhile, Jake was talking on phone with Malia and she told him that Catleya was captured by Supremo. She asked Jake not to worry since they were on a mission to rescue her. She also asked about Tristan, Jake then saw Tristan was in trouble. He told her that vampires were attacking Tristan so he hanged up. Malia looked worried and wanted to go to Tristan’s rescue but Baristo didn’t let her since Jake was already there.

When the minions saw the Moonchasers, they ran back to the lair to report that Tristan had a group backing him and they showed Tristan’s picture to Supremo. Supremo recalled the boy that Chino was talking about and he was stunned that he has actually met him before.

Jake called Malia back to assure her that they were safe. Malia received another call. The Moonchasers also rushed to the headquarters to report the incident to Prof T. Prof T said the vampires only came to check on the weakness and strength of Tristan and were reporting to Supremo so that next time they could come with someone whose strength matched with that of Tristan.

Prof T wanted Tristan to lay low for his own safety but he protested. Toni appeared to tell Tristan that Prof T was right. Prof told Tristan that Toni was now part of the group. Tristan did not want to hide in fear and preferred to die while fighting a good course. Prof T decided to allow him to carry on with life by giving him a mission to protect Zeny Mallari.

Toni refused to go to the mission since she had other mission. Jacintha called Gilbert to remind him of their night outing which they agreed on 9:00pm. Gilbert rolled out plans and made his minions follow it.

He ordered Omar’s team to go after Zeny Mallari while he faced a bigger problem somewhere. Gilbert went to the location and was ushered in. He saw a woman seductively dressed, thinking she was Jacintha. He went straight and touched her while the lady turned.

Malia went home to find the LLU fully prepared to embark on the rescue mission. She said she would join the mission since that was the perfect moment for her to put her new power to test. She gave rules for the first time and led them to war.


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