The Law Of Revenge Episode 10

The Law Of Revenge Episode 10 Caesar blackmails Marissa, Marissa fuels the hatred in Ellice heart against her in-laws

At the Pearls of Ceñidoza and Company, Marissa and Gabriel after the meeting were given the mandate to work together to get the potential woman investor. The two worked closely together the entire day in preparation to make a presentation.

Due to the presentation, Gabriel called Ellice to inform her that he would not get home early. After they got everything on a hard drive, Pinky and Tutti fought over it and the CD blew. This gave Marissa and Gabriel a new job to do the work they had already done again.

Since it was all nighter, Marissa sent Jacob home to Lucing and she changed herself to return to work. Gabriel called Ellice to explain things to her, saying he would not be able to come home due to a challenge. Marissa returned and worked with Gabriel. She seduced him, made coffee for him and they kept exchanging seats to type when the other was tired.

The next day, Marissa woke Gabriel who slept at the tail end of their work up to inform him that she was done with everything. That, impressed Gabriel and they prepared for the presentation while the workers gossiped about them. Gabriel spoke with Ellice and told her that Marissa was an excellent worker. He asked of his daughter. The presentation went well and Gabriel was so happy with Marissa.

In the house, Ellice thanked Gabriel for working hand in hand with Marissa to gain an investor for the company. Marissa arrived home and Lucing was also happy with her.

Fast forward, Caesar and Marissa met and he demanded that Marissa pushed some of the money from Ceñidoza to launder the TNC shipment but Marissa refused to do it right away since the act might raise eyebrows. Caesar reminded Marissa that it was that ponzi business that helped her to gain funds to by shares in Ceñidoza. She admitted but said they would go by her game plan.

Ramon and the family visited Gabriel and Ellice in the house to invite them to Helena’s birthday party. Ellice told Helena that she would not be able to attend due to Hope’s medical condition. As the family wanted to touch Hope, Ellice sprayed alcohol into their hands before and this did not go down well with Ramon.

Ramon told Ellice that if she became too protective on the child that would rather make the child fall sick. Ellice was not happy that her father-in-law seemed to find fault in every action of hers while he was the one who told her to be extra careful while pregnant.

Gabriel also did not want to attend Helena’s birthday but Ellice gave him a present to be presented to her on her behalf. She told Gabriel that Hope would develop an infection that was why she was not attending but Gabriel had to go.

Marissa arrived at the party and Ramon was so happy. He went for Jacob and the family snapped pictures together with Jacob and Marissa. As Ramon was happy, his wife looked indifferent. At the party, Marissa called Ellice to ask why she did not attend Helena’s party. Ellice said she did that due to the fear of Hope catching a virus, besides her father-in-law and her were not in good terms.

Marissa now said she knew it that was why she brushed off Ramon’s negative comments he passed about Ellice. This led Ellice to quarrel with Gabriel for the negative things Ramon had been saying about her. Later, Gelo helped Heidi in her mathematical homework and they began to get along as Heidi promised to accept his friendship if she got an high score.

The workers of Ceñidoza also began spreading rumours and gossip about Gabriel’s closeness with Marissa. Gabriel arrived home with bouquet and other present for his wife. He took Hope from Gelo and said she was growing big after her one month birthday. He indicated that Hope would be a teen soon and Ellice thanked him for the flower.

She admitted that Hope deserved to be involved in the life of those who cared about her and not only them. They reaffirmed their love for eachother as Gero ushered Heidi to a seat to eat dinner in Gabriel’s house.


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