The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 84

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 84 Soraya offers Vergel and Tasha’s blood to seal her alliance with Supremo, Tristan kills Katrina and other vampires at the Heroes Ball

The guests arrived at the the Heroes Ball. Tristan and Supremo began to watch it from the the screens in the lair. Tristan took steps to leave but Sandrino stopped him. Realising his kid brother was going to the ball, he decided to go with him.

They went to stand where they could have a good view of the world which they would rule over together.

“I am very glad Tristan I can feel that you are on my side,” Supremo thought.

“That’s right Sandrino…” Tristan smiled.

“Keep thinking that we are allies.”

Elsewhere, a black werewolf lured Greta and Ellice to his allies for the two evil vampires to be chained with silver. Soraya then revealed herself after the rebel vampires fell into her trap. She proposed to them to link her to Supremo as she has an offer for him and the emperor. She promised not to k!ll them.

Malia felt sorry that things had to end up as it was within Tristan and her. She recalled how they fought side by side with the rebel vampires. She knew she had to do the right thing by eliminating him since she believed they could not change what destiny had for them. Jake appeared in the scene to check the preparedness of Malia to meet one one with her former flame, Tristan.

As Supremo and Tristan were talking, Ellice got there and Supremo said he hated disruption. Ellice pleaded with the Emperor to excuse her and Supremo. Tristan wondered what they would discuss that he should not hear. As Ellice smooched Supremo, Sandrino asked his brother to excuse him so Tristan left.

At the ball, Prof T thanked his new female colleague for her version of the formula that made their work a success. The lady said he did it all since Prof T’s formula made them reached their target. Prof T looked forward to working with her. Prof T told Alvin that they would work with the LLU for that night.

This made Alvin marvelled since he had earlier told them they would embark a solo mission. Prof T said he knew what he said but they would work with the LLU just for that night and Alvin delivered the message to his colleagues.

Ellise told Supremo that a group of black werewolves wanted to form an alliance with him. Supremo got upset when and strangled Ellise for being complacence as he saw that as a trick rolled by the Lord Sentinel to destroy him. Ellice doubted, she assured him that those black werewolves had a contrary views with the Lord Sentinel and were seeking her immediate removal as the Lord Sentinel.

She further stated that the black werewolves tortured them to show them the blood farm and had threatened to set it on fire if he failed to show up to them. Supremo thought about it and accepted. He went to tell Tristan that he was going somewhere and Tristan said he would go with him but Supremo refused.

At the Ball, the La Liga Unida arrived and Malia assigned each to their role and the Moonchasers also arrived there.

“Aren’t they Supremo’s followers?” Alvin queried in astonishment.

“What are they planning,” Hanno hissed.

Malia explained that they used to be Supremo’s followers, however, now they were her allies so the Moonchasers should not bother.

“It’s finally the time for us children of the night,” Katrina addressed the rebel vampires outside the ball.

“This is our time to cease victory.”

“We are now the ones to increase our kind.”

“All of us present here are the instruments of our beloved Supremo and his Eminence the Emperor in strengthening our grand forces.”

“Those guests who are experts in their fields..”

“The best and the budding, the most influential people in the country will soon ply their course along side us whether they like it or not.”

Tristan called Prof T to get an update on what was going on and the latter said the vampires were not yet there. Tristan warned him to remain alert since the vampires might be around. Malia who was listening to the conversation approached Prof T to ask who he was speaking to and Prof T told her lies.

“So far so good everyone here is protected by the serum so everything is under control,”” Prof T added.

“Excuse me!” Prof T exited.

Supremo met Soraya and she told him that she had an offer for him and asked him to let go of her ally but Supremo insisted that he could not possibly trust her. Soraya made her ally release Greta and Supremo also set free her ally. Soraya now told him that she was forging an alliance with him to fight against Malia.

“You are capable of betraying your own werewolves…” Supremo hissed.

“What more from me someone who is your sworn enemy?”

“Even if we are not from the same race, we are incredibly similar to eachother, same,” Soraya smiled.

“Because we are both hungry for more power.”

“And once Malia is out of the way?” Supremo retorted.

“I will become the leader of the werewolves while you Supremo, you will become king of everyone,” Soraya explained.

Supremo said he could k!ll all of them but Soraya said he couldn’t since she had the information he needed about the Lord Sentinel and her plans against him. Supremo accepted the alliance under a condition of blood offer. At the ball, a female rebel vampire lured one prominent personalities to a washroom to bite him but his blood was bitter.

The vampire rushed to tell her fellows that the guest blood was bitter and Katrina
knew that the guests were protected since that had happened before. She called Supremo to inform him and Supremo believed it was the hand work of the professor. He believed someone was behind it and was suspecting Tristan of betraying him.

The protestors gate crashed the ball while the awards for the heroes was ongoing. Their presence caused tension since they were not protected. Malia and the LLU made it a mandate to secure the protestors. Prof T in a phone conversation told the Emperor about the protestors who might be the target of the vampires.

As the protestors were making noise with the security guard throwing them out, the rebel vampires realised there were new arrivals and they could now spill blood. Soraya came to tell Mariam that Supremo was causing chaos at a different place and was not at the ball. Lemuel suggested they called the Lord Sentinel but Soraya refused. Tasha and Vergel decided to follow Soraya to the place only for them to find Senyor attacked.

Supremo also k!lled Vergel and Soraya behaved innocent to lie to Tasha till Sandrino strangled and k!lled Tasha too. Now, Soraya was devoted to him as she felt no remorse in trapping her fellows to their death. She made Supremo met her allies and Supremo helped her up but beat her as part of the plan to make the lies of Soraya to the La Liga Unida convincing.

As Katerina lured the protestors who were against werewolves with the fear that the creatures would wipe them out were sent to a dark room for the mass conversion but Malia appeared there. One of the rebel vampires advised Katrina that they should leave but Katrina referred to him as coward and k!lled him instantly.

The rebel vampires fought the LLU and Tristan appeared there. His presence gingered Katrina as she believed they would win the war, least did she know that Tristan would fight at the side of the LLU. Tristan started off by pretending to be fighting for the vampires. He k!lled his fellow vampires and Malia fought him and told him that she did not understand him but Tristan said soon she would understand.

Tristan k!lled Katrina and the rest of the vampires and left. This got Malia puzzled. The protesters thanked Baristo for saving their lives and wondered who those creatures were. The Moonchasers used memory blocker on them. At the LLU, Mariam and Jethro were asked about Lucho since he had not been at the institute.

The black werewolves carried Vergel and Tasha while Soraya cried as they got to the camp. She cried that they were attacked and her colleagues d!ed in return. She said she would have d!ed instead and blamed herself. She recalled Supremo telling her that he had to beat her in order for her camp members to believe in whatever lies she would say to them. He also accepted the alliance.

“Hit me again Supremo so that they will no longer have any doubts,” Soraya pleaded with Sandrino and he gave her another slap. Soraya began to smile.

Malia and the rest of the LLU who went to the ball returned and Jethro said the night was not all that successful as they lost Vergel and Tasha in a battle elsewhere. In the lair, Supremo kept asking for Tristan and called Osmundo who informed Supremo that his vampires received some set backs from Malia and others. He then asked of Tristan and Osmundo said he has not seen his brother.

Greta got there and Supremo asked if she had seen Tristan. Greta said no and began bad mouthing Tristan, saying Tristan was doing things behind their back. Unknown to Greta, Tristan was right behind her. Realising the presence of Tristan, Greta left. Supremo asked of his whereabouts and he said he went to the ball. He told Supremo that they lost all their followers.

“Be honest with me Tristan are you now my enemy?” Supremo queried.


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