The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 9

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 9 Frederick, Lydia, Miguel, Yago d!e in second LLU massacre

Malia told Yago to allow her to meet the Supremo to end the battle once and for all. Yago asked her to leave it to the Lunas since it was not the time that Malia had to face Supremo and for now Malia had to keep herself in order not to save only the werewolves but humanity as well. Yago ordered Erin to send Malia back to Frederick.

Lydia queried Veruska if she indeed k!lled the evil vampire and she said yes, adding that Supremo even disintegrate. At the mechanic shop, Doc told Tristan to use his fine boy flex to snatch Malia from “S”. Frederick rally round his wife for k!lling Supremo. Some of the members hailed her name for gaining them their freedom.

Veruska was happy that she could now have a better future she has been dreaming for her son. Meanwhile, Lydia had a bad feeling and told Catleya and Baristo the prophesy has never been wrong, not even once. Catleya indicated that, prophesy could be altered just like what Mateo and Lia did. Lydia insisted that Veruska had no special powers to k!ll Supremo.

Neri went to the mechanic shop to say sorry to Tristan for making fun of him with the issue of the vampires. Malia and Erin went to where Supremo was demanding to meet Malia. Yago was shocked to see Malia there and asked why she did not go to the LLU camp. He then enlisted her help to detect vampires at the place.

Malia saw some vamp!res and alerted Yago. The people who came there to see the “S” now ran seeing the b0mb while Yago was asking them to freeze for Erin to get rid of it. Supremo heard that the b0mb went off before its time and he believed someone found it out.

Since things did not turn as planned, the vampires at the location where Malia was now said Supremo might go to the LLU camp. Malia overheard it and decided to foil their plans she presented herself to the vampires as the Malia they were looking for. However, the rest of the ladies also claimed to be Malia, much to Malia’s dismay. That confused the r3bel vamp!res.

Yago pulled Malia aside to question her for what she was doing and she said she overheard them saying the Supremo has found their camp and had to be there before the r3bel vampires got there. Meanwhile, there was a celebration ongoing for the success of Veruska in k!lling Supremo.

In the car to the Luna’s camp, Yago and Erin promised to help the chosen one if she was willing to sacrifice herself, they will also support in the fight since the battle was not only her battle but that of humans as well. They arrived at their camp to discover that the r3bel vampires had gotten rid of all their members.

As the celebration was ongoing at LLU camp, Baristo was worried about Malia so he left while Lydia and Catleya followed to find out where he was going. With his sensing power, Baristo felt the presence of intruders and with her extraordinary vision, Lydia saw that the intruders were vampires so they rushed back into the camp to inform Lord Sentinel about the presence of the r£bel vamp!res.

Veruska did not want to believe, Frederick was disappointed but encouraged his clan to fight while the v@mp!res also said they had to return to Supremo with Malia. When Tristan got ready for the Moonchasers meeting, Apple called to inform him that his grandfather had been admitted and they needed money to buy his medicines.

He pleaded with his aunt for money but she refused to help him, claiming they were wallowing in debts, hence they were even selling off their dresses. Later, she told Tristan to work with the jeep. The LLU met with the vamp!res and they fought. Soon, Supremo arrived and said all that he needed was Malia. Elsewhere, Jake had fetched for Malia and the Lunas.

Frederick has had enough of Supremo and he pounced on him. Supremo cast him aside which led to the death of Lord Sentinel. Veruska cried, as she was mourning, Supremo kept asking for Malia and Catleya said she was Malia. He pressed on her neck, Jake brought Malia and the Luna Soldiers. Malia jumped and stood on the neck of Supremo to stab him but Supremo threw her. Lydia shouted to ask the camp to protect Malia.

Gael carried Malia away while she was crying for her mother. Baristo quickly went for her from Gael and fled with her. Lydia got in the way so that Supremo would not get the girl and Supremo strangled her till she d!ed. The massacre led to the death of Miguel, Yago among others.

The r£bel vampires led a search for Malia. It got to a point in the woods that Baristo had to path ways with Malia. He gave her a wolf’s fang to use and told Malia to flee so that they could go separate ways to protect her.

Malia didn’t want to, Baristo advised her to use what has happened on that day as a driving force to draw her powers. Malia ran while crying. Veruska was also running when a vamp!re hit her for her to fall unconscious. Lost in the woods, as Baristo tried to drive the v@mpires attention away from Malia to himself.

Elsewhere, Tristan was returning home when he hit a person he saw to be a vampire but he closed his eyes to check whether he was seeing things or real. When he opened his eyes the person was not there so he took it like he was imagining things. He went home to discover that he was not imagining but was real when his aunt pointed to him where it was destroyed on the car.

Malia got tired while running. She prayed not to the stars but to the moon over the horizon for her wish to come true to avenge the death of everyone who laid his or her life to save hers. She asked her deceased parent to help her to gain her powers.

Now, the full moon shone bright on her with a certain supernatural form of sight and super listening power. She now could see and feel things far off. She saw vampires approaching and she hid on top of a tree while the lady vamp!re was still standing sniffing around.


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