All Of Me Episode 34

All Of Me Episode 34 Manuel escapes arrest after framed for the death of Dr Lawrence

At Rosita Figueras Memorial Hospital, Dr Manuel told Greg he was going to the morgue. He and Greg left the hospital while he told him that he went to the deceased house to inform him to leave his place with him as his life was in danger but he refused. Manuel believed the person who ordered for Raul to be k!lled is the same person who ordered for Lawrence to be eliminated.

The servant of Lawrence was made to talk to help in the investigation of the police. She revealed that Manuel was the person who was last seen with Lawrence in the deceased house. Manuel reached the morgue and was sad to see his friend. He promised to do everything to bring the culprit to book.

In the house, Princess told how bad she felt with the things happening at the Rosita Figueras Memorial Hospital. Manuel could not get Lawrence’s death from his mind
At the precinct, Marlon is given the mandate to deal with Lawrence death issue.

Manuel held a meeting with his subordinates and executives of the hospital to break the sad news of Lawrence’s demise to them. Soon, Marlon Santos arrived at the new mansion of the Figuerases to talk to Manuel. Manuel told his family not to worry as his wife followed him to the police station for questioning.

He admitted being in Lawrence’s house before his death but he only went there to reveal to him that his life was in danger due to an information he earlier received and told him to follow him to his house to pass the night there but Lawrence declined his offer. He was served with water. Unknown to him, the police used the glass to check the fingerprint if it matched the gun they found in the house of Lawrence.

In the house, Princess told Bebeng about her hunch about Henry being the k!ller of Lawrence. She indicated that after Lawrence gained Henry’s post he was k!lled same as Raul. At the precinct, the moment Lena went out to attend to a phone call, the servant of Lawrence appeared to file a complaint against Dr Manuel.

In her statement to Marlon, she claimed Dr Manuel stormed Lawrence house in anguish due to the financial crisis his hospital was facing and pinned it on Lawrence. A misunderstanding broke between the two doctors and Manuel sh0t Lawrence. Carding called Henry to inform him about the job he and his new recruit, Dennis were doing.

They have held Lawrence’s servant’s relatives as captives and has compelled her to go to the precinct to mislead the police from their investigation just to frame Manuel for Lawrence’s d£ath. Henry seemed to be happy as things were going in his favour. After cooperating with the investigation about Lawrence’s death, Manuel and Lena got home, unaware that the maid was also at the precinct when they were there to frame Manuel.

Manuel secretly called Kristel to inform her that Lawrence was k!lled. Acted upon their orders, the servant got to where her family was to save them. Carding warned her not to make a mistake to reveal the truth otherwise she would be ended like Lawrence. The family of Manuel ate and Manuel was asked about the police and he said they had to cooperate and tell the police everything they knew to help the investigation.

Marlon spoke with Kristel to ask her of what she heard and she said she overheard her father talking about Lawrence but did not make mention of any k!lling so Marlon said they could not use that as evidence.

Greg with the office lawyer went to meet Henry and his lawyer. Henry was told that Dr Manuel did not accept his conditions so he said he would meet them in court.

As he introduced Greg to the board as the new Medical Director, Marlon arrived there to arrest him for k!lling Lawrence. Manuel said he is a doctor, he saves lives and does take a life. He was told his fingerprints matched that of the fingerprints found on the g*n.

Greg went to tell Henry what had happened to Manuel and Henry said he had to play his part well otherwise when he goes down he would go along with him. Greg now recalled how he seek the help of Henry after he was burdened with a huge debt. Henry conspired with Greg to steal from the hospital.

Manuel could not think of going to jail. He flee from the hands of Marlon as Henry was jubilating for sending Manuel to prison. Carding asked what if he escaped, Henry said that would actually help him since Lena would give up on a fugitive husband after that he would claim Manuel’s family and hospital.

Meanwhile Lena arrived at the hospital and was informed by Greg that Manuel was being arrested for K!lling Greg but he escaped. They heard a gunsh0t from the rooftop and Lena rushed there. Manuel was fighting over the g*n with Marlon. He told Marlon that he was innocent and did not have much time to be going to court and other things.

Lena got there and tried talking to Manuel to cooperate with the police but Manuel said he could not and asked Lena to trust him since he had his own mission. He warned Marlon not to follow him as he was not planning to hurt him he fled and Marlon ran after him.


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