The Blood Sisters Episode 58 Rocco kills Heidi and shoots Carrie

The Blood Sisters Episode 58

The Blood Sisters Episode 58 Rocco kills Heidi and shoots Carrie

Norman told Erika that they would allow her to make her decision pertaining Jolo’s testimony whether she would allow him to testify or not.

He said Erika knew how best to take care of her son and it was fine if she did not want him to testify.

Norman stated that they had hired a private investigator to follow Agatha and Erika asked what the investigator found out.

Unfortunately, Norman said the investigator backed out of the job, saying he had an emergency. Norman told Erika not to worry because he would hire someone else.

Erika and Samuel returned to the house, at that time Jolo was waiting anxiously for Erika to come back. He felt at ease to see that his mother has returned.

Erika gave him a toy which Norman had bought for Jolo and Samuel helped him assemble it.

Adele asked Erika how things went at the station and she told her that they were able to confirm Sahara’s involvement in Jolo’s kidnapping after Emman’s statement.

She also suspected that Sahara and Agatha worked together after seeing them arguing one time. As she was explaining things to Bruce and Adele, she came to the idea that Rocco was also involved in the syndicate since she saw him kissing Agatha.

Erika concluded that Rocco was Sahara’s brother and he was the one leading the syndicate.

Erika thinks that Sahara and Rocco are siblings

Rosemarie went out with Debbie to unwind and she was happy since she was now free. Rocco called to tell Rosemarie that she had to come and take care of the children because they were sick.

Rosemarie said she had already decided not to work for them. Rocco asked if she was sure and Rosemarie saw a gun laser pointed at Debbie’s head.

Rocco asked if she would come or watch her daughter’s head explode. Rosemarie then agreed to go and told Debbie that she was going to cancel a trip she had made with a travel agent. Debbie asked to go with her but Rosemarie rushed out and said they would meet at home.

After taking care of the children, Juancho brought Rosemarie home. Debbie had asked Mimi to wait up for Rosemarie and she saw them arrive.

She was curious about the men who brought Rosemarie home but she told her not to say anything to Debbie.

The Solomon’s trial date was set and Greg was worried that they would be convicted. Fabian however told him not to worry because they would already have escaped by then.

Ligaya brought Adele to Agatha’s house to try and convince her not to get involved with the syndicate.

Agatha was surprised to find out that they knew about her relationship with Rocco but she said that he was simply charmed by her.

Adele wanted to know if he was the one who bought her the townhouse but Agatha refused to tell her anything.

Adele confronts Agatha

Rocco sent his men to take care of Emman and Heidi in prison so that they would not talk. Heidi was killed by hanging while Emman was stabbed but fortunately for him he did not die.

The police found him and brought him to the hospital.
When Erika heard about the incident, she was worried about what would happen to Emman and how she would tell Jolo that his father was hurt.

She decided that they had to put a stop to the people from the syndicate and help save the other children who had been kidnapped. She therefore spoke to Jolo and he agreed to testify if it would help save his friend Mikmik.

Rocco continued to plan Erika’s assassination so he taught Agatha how to shoot a gun. He also found out from a man he was paying in the NBI about the day and time of Jolo’s testimony.

Tonyo finally confessed to Carrie that he liked her and she admitted to liking him too. He said he wanted to take her out on a date and Carrie said she would go out with him after Jolo had testified.

Tonyo confesses his feelings for Carrie

Adele, Ligaya, Pam and Norman also went to the NBI office to support Jolo and Erika as they testified. Adele was restless as they waited and refused to go inside until Jolo and Erika safely arrived.

Rocco arrived with Agatha earlier and they set up things before Erika arrived. Rocco told Agatha to shoot Jolo first so that he would not testify.

Agatha and Rocco execute their plans

When Erika arrived with the police escorts, Agatha tried to aim but she said he was too small for her to target. Rocco told Agatha to shoot Erika instead since Jolo would get traumatised seeing his mother die infront of him. Agatha could not shoot Erika either so Rocco shoved her aside and decided to do it himself.

Rocco shot at Erika but the bullet missed her. There was commotion all around as everyone tried to take cover.

Rocco aimed again and took the shot but Carrie got in the way and was shot instead. Agatha was shocked to see that Carrie got shot but Rocco told her that they had to leave.

Rocco mistakenly shoots Adele

The police brought Erika and Jolo inside to keep them from danger while Tonyo stayed with Carrie. Adele rushed to Carrie’s side and asked Tonyo to call an ambulance.


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