The Blood Sisters Episode 59 Carrie fights between life and death

The Blood Sisters Episode 59

The Blood Sisters Episode 59 Carrie fights between life and death

After realising his atrocities, he ordered Agatha that they should ran from there before they get arrested so Rocco and Agatha fled from the scene after shooting Carrie.

They changed clothes and left with the rest of the people in the building.
The police cancelled Jolo’s testimony due to the incident and asked Erika to return to the safehouse.

Erika did not want to go because of Carrie so she asked Bruce to bring Jolo back home instead.

Carrie was brought to the hospital and Norman called Debbie to inform her about the sad news that Carrie had been shot.

Debbie told Rosemarie that she had to go to the hospital to check Carrie. When she arrived, she went to Carrie’s room and had to perform compressions on her because her heart had stopped beating.

Carrie hovers between life and death

Carrie however pulled through and the doctors brought her to a private room to recover. He said that only a few people could go in and asked who her mother was.

Both Adele and Debbie said they were her mother and they agreed to take care of Carrie together.

Adele and Debbie consoled eachother

When Rocco and Agatha went back to their hideout, Rocco told Agatha to check her phone and see. He also asked her to find out what was going on.

Agatha had received a text from Norman informing her about the incident but she told Rocco that she would not go.

Rosemarie called Rocco to ask him why he shot Carrie and he told her that she was the one who jumped in the way of her target. He said that his intention was to kill Jolo and Erika.

Rosemarie was shocked and Rocco told her that it had to be done for the sake of their operation or they would all get into trouble. He also made it clear that he was going to kill Jolo and Erika.

Rosemarie was surprised to see how cruel Rocco was, thinking that he was worse than Fabian. She therefore decided to help bring him down.

Erika went home after seeing Carrie at the hospital. Jolo felt at ease to see his mother back safely and wanted to know how Carrie was doing. Erika told him she would soon recover.

She had also realised that she was the target of Carrie’s shooter but she was determined to make sure that the people behind the incident would get caught.

Agatha was tormented about what happened and did not expect that Rocco would push through with their mission to kill Erika and Carrie.

She went to the hospital to see Carrie and was in tears seeing that Carrie was yet to wake up. She said that she never intended to hurt her.

The Blood Sisters Episode 59 written update Agatha apologises to Carrie


Adele and Erika went to see Carrie too when they saw Agatha iniside. They were surprised to see her crying and she went outside to ask them what happened to Carrie.

Erika was suspicious of her but Agatha said she was not as heartless as to hurt her own sister.

Erika told Agatha she should tell them if she knew who had hurt Carrie because keeping quiet was the same as shooting Carrie herself. Agatha refused to get baited and left.

Erika asked Agatha to tell the truth -the blood sisters Episode 59 written update


Debbie went home to freshen up after taking care of Carrie. Rosemarie wanted to know about the investigation and if the police had found out the identity of the shooter.

Debbie asked why she was interested in that instead of asking about Carrie’s condition. Rosemarie finally asked and Debbie said she was recovering at the hospital.

Agatha returned to work and told Rocco that she had only panicked because it was her first time. She promised to do a better job next time and Rocco gave her commission for the children they had sold.

Agatha was delighted and used the money to buy a new car.
Agatha was getting the car when the NBI agents went to get her. They said she was not going to be arrested since they only wanted to ask some questions.

Marciano asked Agatha about her connection to Sahara but Agatha denied knowing her. Marciano reminded her of the time Erika saw them arguing and Agatha said she had forgotten about it.

She explained that Sahara was always jealous of her which is why they argued. Marciano asked questions about how Agatha got the money to buy a new car and she said it was a commission from her job.

Marciano asked again the kind of job she was doing but Agatha refused to answer. She also refused to take the lying test to verify if she was telling the truth. She told Marciano to contact her lawyer if he had something else to ask.

Juancho and Sahara were both worried about Agatha betraying them. They told Rocco that he should not have left Agatha join the group. Rocco told them that he would make sure Agatha would not say anything but Juancho said he would kill her himself if she talked.

Rocco wanted Juancho to bring Sahara away in case they got caught by the police but they all refused to leave since they had promised to stick together no matter what happened.

Vida and Tessa asked Samuel not to get involved with Erika’s problems as he might be in danger.

They wanted him to go with them to America but Samuel said he had to help Erika as well for them to catch the culprits who had killed his father.

Erika went to the NBI office to find out if they had any leads on Carrie’s case. Jolo was worried that she would be in danger but Erika assured him that she would be fine.

She asked him to stay at home with Bruce and the policemen who were guarding them.


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