The Blood Sisters Episode 61 Fabian and Greg escape from jail: What will happen to Rocco and Paraiso fortune

The Blood Sisters Episode 61

The Blood Sisters Episode 61 Fabian and Greg escape from jail: What will happen to Rocco and Paraiso fortune

As Sahara was tired in staying locked up in the hideout, she complained to Rocco about it. She felt upset that Rocco no longer involved her in their business.

Rocco told her it was better to stay in the hide out than get locked up in jail. He blamed her for not having killed Jolo when she had the chance and asked her to deal with the situation until they were able to take care of Jolo.

Agatha called Rocco asking to talk to him and he asked her to go to the hide out. Agatha told Rocco to meet her elsewhere to minimise the chances of getting followed so Rocco went to meet her.

Agatha told Rocco that Jolo already testified to the NBI and there was a nationwide search for Sahara as a kidnapper.

She also told him that Jolo mentioned Sahara had a brother so she was worried about him. She swore to keep an eye out so that she could protect him and he would not get caught.

Erika asked Marciano what would happened after Jolo’s testimony. She was told that Jolo would still have to identify the criminals once they were caught so they had to try to stay safe until all the criminals were caught, adding that they were still in danger.

Erika also asked if Agatha would get arrested and Marciano said it was not possible because Jolo did not mention her in his testimony.

Erika was also curious about the woman with the butterfly tattoo on her ankle and suspected that it was Agatha. She asked Ligaya and Adele if Agatha had a tattoo but they were not able to confirm it.

Adele wanted to call Agatha and ask but Erika told her not to because she was at the NBI office and knew that they were looking for a woman with a tattoo.

Debbie went home after listening to Jolo’s testimony to ask Rosemarie if she was the female doctor that Jolo mentioned. Rosemarie could not deny it so Debbie was able to confirm that she was the doctor Jolo was referring to.

Debbie confronts Rosemarie

Rosemarie tried to explain that she did it to protect Debbie from the men at the syndicate but Debbie said she had done it for herself.

She told Debbie to confess to the NBI but Rosemarie asked for a week to sort everything out. Debbie said she would turn Rosemarie in herself and called Marciano but eventually hangged up the phone.

Conrad was able to free Greg and Fabian on their way to court. He ambushed the policemen accompanying them and freed them.

Fabian was glad to be free and decided to go after Rocco and his money.

Rocco showed Sahara a viral picture of her online and he was mad at her for having got herself in trouble.

Sahara told Rocco that they should flee when they had time but Rocco did not want to leave Agatha behind.

Rocco is worried about Sahara

Agatha had just walked in on them and was happy when she heard Rocco saying that he did not want to abandon her. Sahara asked Rocco to choose between her and Agatha and asked if he was already in love with her.

Agatha discovers Rocco’s lies

Rocco told Sahara that he would always choose family and was only trying to deceive Agatha so that they could run away with her share of the money.

Agatha was in tears when she heard Rocco say it and realised that he too was only using her.

Rocco called Juancho and their other member to tell them that they were going to leave with all the money.

They heard the news of Fabian’s escape from jail and knew that he was coming after them so they decided to move the money. They loaded it all in a van and Rocco held on to the keys until it was time for them to leave.

Fabian met with Rosemarie and she explained to him that Rocco only forced her to work with him. Fabian wanted Rosemarie to send him to Rocco’s hide out but she said she did not want to get in the middle of their fight.

She instead asked to give Fabian Rocco’s address.
Adele told Erika about finding Rocco’s hideout but they could not tell the NBI because there was no evidence to help them raid the place.

Adele was also worried that Agatha would be there. Erika decided to check out the place with Tonyo and Samuel.

Agatha distracted Rocco and stole the keys from the van where he had loaded the money. She then went to bring food to the kids but she let them free such that they caused a raucous trying to escape.

When Rocco and the men were busy trying to bring the kids back to the cage, Agatha went and took the van with all the money. She duplicated the van’s key and brought back Rocco’s key.

Erika, Samuel and Tonyo were able to get inside during the commotion and took a video.

They went back to tell Marciano about it but Sahara saw them getting inside the car. She hurried back to tell Rocco and Juancho that she saw Erika.

They realised that she would tell the police so they all decided to flee. They left Agatha to collect the money in the safe and fled before she realised that they had taken all the money.

They were however shocked to find the van missing from where they left it. They began to blame each other for stealing all the money and almost fought but Rocco said it was not the time to point fingers.

Sahara said that Agatha stole it but Rocco said that she did not have the brains to pull off such a stunt. He therefore suspected that it was Erika who did it.

Sahara said that Erika found out about the money from Agatha and was mad at Rocco for defending her so they decided to go back inside and ask her.

Erika, Tonyo and Samuel showed the video they took to the NBI and Marciano was able to get a search warrant. They were going to raid the place but Adele was still worried about Agatha.

She excused herself and went to ask Agatha where she was. Agatha said she was headed to Ligaya’s place and Adele insisted that she stay away from Rocco.

After Adele’s call, Agatha was curious about what the call was about. She then realised that the police were going to raid Rocco’s hide out.


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