The Blood Sisters Episode 63 Rocco gets abducted by the Solomons

The Blood Sisters Episode 63

The Blood Sisters Episode 63 Rocco gets abducted by the Solomons

Rocco met with Erika at the park and he was ready to finally end her. The NBI agents posted everywhere spotted him and Marciano told them to stay on stand by so that they could catch Rocco.

Sahara told Agatha about Erika going to meet with Rocco and she realised it was a trap since Erika already knew that he was the leader of their syndicate.

Agatha called Rocco and told him to leave because it was a trap for the NBI to catch him. Rocco was already in front of Erika when he realised that everyone around her was watching him.

He grabbed a boy who was going past him and got out his gun. He threatened to shoot him if the NBI did not get away from him. With the boy as hostage, Rocco told the police to put their guns away and managed to run away.

He got in his car and fled, the NBI went after him. They were however blocked by a van that was backing up and Rocco was able to escape.

Rocco was furious at Erika for setting him up. Agatha was waiting when he got back to the hide out and she reminded him and Sahara that it was because of her that he was able to escape.

The NBI went back to the office to print pictures of Rocco now that they had him identified. They realised that someone tipped him off and that was why he was able to escape. His pictures were sent to other stations and the media.

Rosemarie decided to do something to get rid of Jolo like Rocco had asked because she risked losing Debbie. She bought some doughnuts and poured a substance on them.

Rosemarie carries out Rocco’s orders

She then brought them to the hospital, pretending that she was visiting Carrie.
Debbie got a picture of Rocco from Tonyo as they were visiting Carrie at the hospital.

When Rosemarie arrived, Debbie showed it to her and Rosemarie said she did not recognise him. Debbie asked Rosemarir to look at the picture carefully so that she could inform the police if she saw him.

After Rocco escaped, Adele thought it was a good idea to move to a safe house since Rocco was furious and might go after Erika and Jolo. Agatha did not want to move again so she said she would stay and look after the house.

Rocco’s children started getting sick with measles and infecting each other. Rocco decided to call Rosemarie to come over and take care of them.

Rosemarie said that she did not know where his hideout was and asked that they meet somewhere instead. She then called Fabian and told him where she and Rocco would be meeting.

Rocco was waiting a van pulled up and armed men suddenly surrounded him. Fabian and Greg were glad to finally capture him and they took him with them.

Back at the hide out, Sahara was still convinced that Agatha stole their money since it did not bother her that it was stolen.

She decided to go and look for it at her house, leaving Juancho to take care of the children. When Sahara arrived at Agatha’s townhouse, Conrad captured her. Fabian had sent Conrad to find Agatha but he got Sahara instead.

The Solomons tortured Rocco to tell them where their money was but he refused to tell them anything. He said they would never see the money if they killed him.

Greg however said they were not going to kill him but his sister Sahara. Rocco was shocked that they knew he and Sahara were siblings.

Conrad brought out Sahara and Greg threatened to kill her but Rocco only laughed at him and asked if he knew where his daughter was. Rocco told Greg to call Juancho and they were able to confirm that he had Ginny.

Rocco had previously asked Juancho to get Ginny from the orphanage to use as leverage because they were sure the Solomons would attack. Since Rocco had Ginny, the Solomons agreed to release him.

They also made an agreement to work together but the Solomons stayed with Sahara while Rocco had Ginny.

When Rocco returned to the hide out, Juancho asked him why he made a deal with the Solomons. Rocco said it would only last until they got Sahara back after which they would double cross them.

Greg asked Fabian why he agreed to work with Rocco and he said it was until they got Ginny and their money back.

Tonyo brought the food from the hospital home to Jolo and he loved having the doughnuts bought by Rosemarie. He asked to have another one but Jolo said he could eat it the following day. Jolo stood up to go to bed but suddenly collapsed on the floor. Bruce and Tonyo rushed him to the hospital and called Erika.

Agatha went to visit Carrie at the hospital and ran into Carrie at the elevator. Erika checked to see if Agatha had the butterfly tattoo on her ankle but there was nothing.

The two were suddenly attacked by Rocco’s men but Erika fought them until she and Agatha were able to escape.

Erika saves Agatha

Agatha asked Erika why she went back for her and she reminded her that they were sisters. Agatha wanted to know why Erika left her at Paraiso. Erika apologised and said it was because she saw Jolo but she was planning to go back for Agatha.

Erika got the call from Tonyo that Jolo had collapsed and Agatha offered to drive her to the hospital. When they arrived, the doctor said that they were running tests to find out what happened to him because they did not know.

Tonyo asked if Jolo had been poisoned since there were people who wanted to kill him but the doctor said there was no signs of poisoning. Agatha listened keenly to the information which the doctor gave she then left the room.


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