The Blood Sisters Episode 67 Erika runs Sahara over after Rocco shoots Samuel

The Blood Sisters Episode 67

The Blood Sisters Episode 67 Erika runs Sahara over after Rocco shoots Samuel

Carrie and Debbie talked about the money which Rocco asked for Erika and Adele were not able to find it so they were contemplating on raising the 800 million instead.

Carrie said she would give the money in her account and Debbie said she wished to contribute as well. Carrie asked Debbie if she was really willing to help Agatha even after everything and Debbie said she would.

Debbie decided to put her mansion on the market and called a real estate agent to help sell the house. She was hoping to get at least 80 million for it.

Adele found the two of them discussing the sale and she was grateful to Debbie for what she was doing. Debbie said that it was simply a house which she could buy back and they could not equate that to Agatha’s life.

Erika was conflicted about what to tell Rocco once he called for his money. Samuel told her to tell him that she already had it so that they could get back Agatha.

When Rocco called Erika, she said that she had the money and Rocco said he would text her the meeting place. Norman wanted to be the one to bring the money to Rocco instead of Erika but Marciano said they needed to follow Rocco’s orders so as not to aggravate him.

Juancho was worried about the NBI agents following Erika but Rocco said she would take care of it. As they were leaving to meet with Erika, Fabian arrived and asked where Rocco was taking Agatha.

Agatha told Fabian not to trust Rocco because he would only betray him. She also told him that Rocco did not have the money since it was stolen from him too.

Fabian asked Rocco if it was true and he did not deny it. He however said that they were going to take the money from Erika. Fabian therefore told Rocco to bring his men with him to ensure that he did not take off with the money and Rocco agreed to it.

Samuel visited Rosemarie in prison again and begged her to tell him where he could find Fabian. He explained that they needed to find out what really happened to Manuel.

Rosemarie gave Samuel the address to Fabian’s hide out and he went to see him.
Fabian was alone after sending his men to accompany Rocco. Samuel planted his phone to take a video and took Fabian’s gun as he was sleeping.

He then woke him up and demanded that he tell him what he did to Manuel. Fabian admitted to killing Manuel adding that he was of no importance since he had killed many others.

He then dared Samuel to kill him but Samuel said he was not a murderer. He took his phone with the recording and left.

The NBI were stationed around the area that Erika was going to meet Rocco. Rocco however told Erika that he would give her the directions to their meeting place via the phone and asked her to stay on the line.

The NBI were about to follow Erika but they were ambushed by Rocco’s men and could not get to her in time.

Rocco also asked Erika to lose the driver. She lied to him and took a taxi to the place where Rocco had directed her, which turned out to be Fabian’s hide out.

Samuel was about to leave when he heard the sound of cars. He went to see what was going on and saw Rocco with Agatha, as well as Erika arriving.

Erika handed Rocco the suitcase and asked for Agatha. Rocco was about to let them go but found only clothes in the bag that Erika brought. Erika tried to run off with Agatha but Rocco shot at them.

Agatha was shot on the leg and Rocco got her back. He was about to shoot Erika too but Samuel drove infront of them, shooting the gun he stole from Fabian and asked Erika to get in the car.

Erika tries to save Agatha

Rocco had to step back but shot back at Samuel. Samuel got a bullet in him and Erika asked him to step on the gas as she took over the wheel from the passanger’s seat. As they were escaping, Sahara got off her car and tried to shoot at them but Erika ran over her as they drove off. Rocco rushed to Sahara’s side but she was already dead.

Sahara runs over by a car

Erika fled from the scene and called Tonyo to help bring Samuel to the hospital. The doctors operated on him and said there was a possibility he contracted pneumonia since he got hit in the chest.

Tessa was mad at Erika because Samuel was hurt trying to save her but Vida said he would be fine.

Samuel’s life gets in danger

Agatha was still with Rocco so Adele continued to look for his money. She talked to Pam and Dante and Dante remembered helping Agatha bring a lot of suitcases in the house.

He also told Adele about the time she asked for a hummer and needles but refused to let him help her. Adele went into Agatha’s room and opened the closet. She was eventually able to find the money.

Rocco buried Sahara in an unmarked grave and promised to take revenge on Erika for killing her. He met up with Fabian to interrogate Agatha about the money but she still would not say anything.

Fabian asked to do it and got some huge scissors to cut off Agatha’s legs. Rocco cheered for him to do it if Agatha would not tell them where she hid the money.


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