The Blood Sisters Episode 70 Finale Rocco kills Fabian and Greg while the triplets disfigured his face and paralysed him

The Blood Sisters Episode 70

The Blood Sisters Episode 70 Finale Rocco kills Fabian and Greg while the triplets disfigured his face and paralysed him

Erika, Carrie and Agatha initiated their plans to save Adele. They planned to meet with both Fabian and Rocco.

Erika would meet Rocco while Carrie would meet with Fabian while Agatha would go to the hideout to rescue Adele.

The  triplets join forces to save Adele

They asked each other to be careful so that Fabian and Rocco would not realise what was going on.

Dante was however worried about the plan, he said the triplets would put themselves in danger but they asked him not to call the NBI.

They said their plans would be ruined if the NBI come to the scene, they feared that Agatha would be sent back to jail if it happened that way. Dante agreed not to call the police instead he called Tonyo.

Tonyo went to visit Erika at the hide out but Bruce told him that she already left. He received a call from Dante who told him what the triplets were up to.

When Tonyo arrived at Dante’s place, Erika and Carrie had already left so he decided to accompany Agatha.

When Carrie and Erika arrived at the meeting place, they each took a bag of money and went to meet with Fabian and Rocco at different locations.

Erika hid the bag somewhere before Rocco arrived. When he came, he searched her for weapons and asked if she had missed his touch.

Erika shoved his hands away and told him that it was not the time. Rocco asked for the money but Erika told him that she wanted Adele first.

Erika indicated that she would not give him the money if he did not hand over Adele. Rocco got mad and told her to give him the money first.

Tonyo and Agatha sneaked into the hideout to get Adele. They ran into Juancho so Tonyo had to hide. Juancho asked Agatha what she was doing there instead of meeting Rocco and Agatha said she was there to meet with Rocco.

Tonyo accompanies Agatha

Juancho was confused and asked Agatha to wait as he went to call Rocco. He told Rocco that Agatha was waiting at the hide out but Rocco said he was with Agatha. He realised that the triplets were trying to fool him.

He went back to talk to Erika and when he realised it was her, he went on to attack her. He told Erika that he was going to kill her mother, her sisters and end with her son. Erika kicked him and managed to run away. Erika rushed to the room where Carrie was negotiating with Fabian and Rocco followed her.

He was shocked to see that Fabian had gone behind his back to meet with Agatha and they began to argue for having betrayed each other. Erika and Carrie stayed in the back so as not get involved.

Fabian told Rocco that he would never recognise him as his son because the only son he had was Greg.

Rocco said that he never wanted to be a Solomon but Fabian mocked him by saying that his heart desired for him to recognise and be proud of him. He went on to call Rocco a bastard that he had never cared about.

Rocco got angry and shot at Fabian. Fabian pulled out his gun too but Rocco shot him first. He collapsed on the ground and Rocco rushed over to him, calling him “dad.”

The Blood Sisters Episode 70 Finale Rocco ends Fabian’s life

Greg went to the meeting place to take revenge on Rocco for killing his family. When he arrived, Rocco was hugging Fabian and Greg asked him what he had done to his father.

The two began to fight, Erika and Carrie took the chance to run away. Greg beat up Rocco and pulled out his gun to shoot him but Rocco had a knife with him and stabbed Greg. He then went after Erika and Carrie.

The triplets tries to deceive Rocco and Fabian

Erika and Carrie tried to hide from Rocco but he found them. He lit a box hoping to burn the place but Carrie saw a can of a flammable insecticide. They sprayed it on Rocco since he was holding up a flame and burned his face.

Carrie and Erika burns Rocco’s face

He fell out of the window and they rushed out to go and get Agatha and Adele.
Agatha and Tonyo rescued Adele but Juancho caught them before they left. Tonyo fought with him as Agatha ran off with Adele. The gun Juancho was holding went off and he got shot.

Rocco arrived before Erika and Carrie, he locked up Adele and Agatha. Carrie and Erika broke the door but Rocco caught them again before they could escape.

They all ganged up on him and outmaneuvered him because he was injured. Rocco fell and some pieces of metal fell on top of him.

The triplets were able to escape with Adele and the NBI arrested Rocco and his men. Fabian, Greg and Juancho were already dead. The children Rocco had kidnapped were also rescued.

Agatha was given a reduced sentence for helping the NBI catch some of the most wanted criminals and end the syndicate business.

She and Rosemarie served their sentence in the same prison. Rocco was also imprisoned but he was paralysed with his face disfigured by burns.

A few months letter, it was the triplets birthday. Since Agatha was still in prison, the entire family visited her so that she and her sisters could celebrate it together. Carrie was engaged to marry Tonyo and Erika was finally living a peaceful life with Jolo.

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