The Broken Marriage Vow Episode 25

The Broken Marriage Vow Episode 25 Gio in loggerhead with Jill over David, David put Jill’s mansion out for sale, Jill discovers David is using Dr Fuentebella to facilitate her dismissal from the clinic

David arrived home and Lexy questioned him about the flowers sent to Jill. David denied being the one who sent and described Jill as insignificant who did not deserve for them to talk about her. He and his wife made lõve.

The following day in school, Mikah arrived and Gio called but she ignored him. Gio received a call from his father to play a game together and the boy asked if Grace was at the office and wanted to talk to her. He explained that Grace thought he and  Mikah were doing something inappropriate.

He swore he never did anything wrong and wanted to explain to her. David promised to facilitate the process for him and solve the issue for him. Jill came home to find David in her house and wondered what he was doing there. He claimed he was there with his son and wondered why Jill did not inform him about Grace’s issue because there were things he could solve for his son not her.

Jill questioned him about the flowers and he claimed that he sent the bouquet as punishment for gatecrashing his party. Jill believed that he did that because he could not get over the fact that he would never have her again. She sacked him from her house and David said she was the one who was going to leave Baguio because something was going to happen.

“Which will make you want to leave Baguio for good,” David threatened.

He then said he was going to take his son from her and Jill interjected: “You’re the one who’s going to regret coming back to Baguio.”

David did not believe in that because he was born and raised there and had all his friends, families and relatives there.

“The only way I’m leaving Baguio is inside the casket.”

Gio came and told his mother that he was leaving with his father but Jill didn’t let him because he never sought his permission and that led to an altercation between David and Jill.

When she sacked David, Jill went to knock on her son’s door to talk to him and even said she had prepared food for him in the kitchen, yet Gio did not mind her. Unbeknowst, Gio sneaked out to his father’s house to find Lexy feeding Kylie since they were preparing to shoot a family photoshoot.

Gio was surprised that he was acknowledged as part of the family. Lexy had already prepared a dress for him to wear and his father ordered pizza and chicken for him since that was what Gio wanted. He talked with his son concerning Mikah’s issue and advised him that he should work towards his future and shouldn’t be in a rush.

He then asked Gio about his mother and believed Jill was doing well since she even had a boyfriend but Gio said Sir Gabby was not Jill’s boyfriend. It was Sandy who set that blind date for them and she was unaware that he was his teacher. Realising Gabby was Gio’s teacher, David stated that it was part of the school rules not to date parents of the kids.

Gio said there was nothing between them. Jill went to Charlie’s house to seek his help to find out the plots David was initiating against her. Carol added her voice and wanted him to accept David’s offer to find it out for Jill. David drove Gio home and the boy was trying to sneak in but bumped into Jill.

The two had misunderstanding and Jill knew he was smarter than that and did not want Gio to do everything he wanted just because he knew his father would tolerate that. The next day, Jill was about to drop her son off when they bumped into someone who claimed their house was for appraisal but Jill said no.

Gio took advantage of the disruption to flee but his mother went after him. Jill arrived early at work since she dropped Gio off. Dr Barry called Jill to confront her for not availing herself for the psychological evaluation. She went to Dr Fuentebella’s office to ask her why she reported her to Barry while she had told her that she would make time for her. They argued.

Jill later saw her son’s picture on a billboard with Lexy, David and Kylie for the Greenhouse project. She went to see David at his office. She did not meet him and even waited for him to confront him, including Gio in his project without seeking her permission.

Gio was named together with another person as Captains. Gio told Sir Gabby that it would be difficult for him to combine classes with the role of Captain. Sir Gabby told Gio that he would make the job easy for him. Gio and Max saw Mikah approaching but the moment Gio called her, she changed her direction.

Max wondered if Gio had an issue with Mikah. Gio came home and his mother asked if the picture he sneaked out to snap was told by him that it would be used for billboards and he said no.

Jill showed it to him and he said he did not mind. Jill warned him not to see his father again. Later, Gio had a video chat with Max and he praised Gio for his face appearing on billboards. Gio told him how that issue had triggered misunderstanding between his mom and father to an extent that he was prohibited from meeting his father.

The following day, Jill bumped into another man who claimed her husband said the house was for appraisal. Jill corrected him, she said her name was Victorino and not Illustre. She also did not have a husband and her house was not for sale.

Jill came to work to find out from Bani that all her appointments were cancelled in order for her to meet Fuentebella for the psychological evaluation.  She went and was done when Claire tried to find out about her past and her marriage breakup two years ago which she was trying to link to Jill’s supposed rude actions towards some of the workers at the facility.

Jill put her in her place so Claire called it a day and also told her that she could talk to her when she was ready to open up, adding that she would not force her again. Jill had her way and told her that she knew Claire was a friend of her ex-husband so she should inform him that nothing would make her leave, much to Dr Fuentebella’s surprise.

Lexy and her mother were going to meet Nathalia’s friends. Nathalia did not see it as right for them including Gio on the billboard. Lexy rather deemed the move as good since people would deduce that everything was going on fine between her and her husband’s former family.

Lexy told her mother Jill was already leaving Baguio and her house was now on appraisal so everything was moving to her advantage.They arrived to meet Nathalia’s friends to discover that the table they wanted to sit was already reserved. Unbeknownst, Carol reserved it for her and Jill.

Charlie was checking up a certain site when he saw David who claimed the place was for him and used that opportunity to talk to him again to accept his offer to work for him.

He believed now Charlie wouldn’t have a problem looking at his finances because he was now filthy rich and called him over for a drink to discuss. He had a call and decided to receive it first.


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