Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 597

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 597 Alyana almost gave in to Lito’s advances after a romantic date, Mariano gains a title to a mansion, Teddy, Diana initiate another action to trap the imposter 

While in bed Cardo kept apologising and wondered why they were even having issues the moments she started working. He suggested she stay in the house with Bubbles because the initial agreement was to help boss Lito.

Alyana asked Cardo about what she also wanted. She then told Cardo about the next day trip and sought his permission. Cardo did not want her to sleep there but Alyana asked what if that would get Lito upset.

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Cardo did not think so and wanted to be the one to explain to Lito. He attempted to make lōve to Alyana but he was smelling like alcohol. Cardo admitted he had a drink and apologised but still kept on with the advances. Alyana cut him off, saying she was exhausted only for her to have a flashback of her night with Lito.

Lito lied to her that they were going to have a meeting with some investors, only for him to set a surprise romantic scene for him and her to have a quiet time together. He explained that he set it up to thank her for her contributions to the development of his business.

Alyana felt honoured but saw his gesture as too much. They ate and drank as Alyana told him that his taste and dressing had changed but Lito claimed there were things which would never change. Alyana after recalling that realised her feelings for Lito had resurfaced, though she admitted she was still in lōve with Cardo.

Salvador was surprised that Lito’s tricks worked on Alyana. Lito knew his charms would work and was not ready to let Alyana slip from his hands till he completely snatched her.

In the palace, the President was done with his meeting with Secretary Rofino and together with Lily, Arturo and Salonga, they were seeing the secretary off. Rofino was impressed by the drastic measures the president had put in place to curb the pandemic and its effect on the citizenry.

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As they were talking, Ellen approached and overheard them talking about medicine supplies and she meddled. Arturo introduced his wife to Rofino. Ellen told Lily she knew medical suppliers who could be of help to her and Lily acted along so she excused them to work on the proposal.

Rofino left while Lily sent Salonga on errands to praise Mariano for acting so well. She did not immediately give him the land title but wanted him to meet the press for a conference before. Jacob wondered if Mariano could pull the press conference this time around as the other time it was Arturo who did much of the talking.

Hipolito believed Mariano could act. Hipolito indicated that they did not know what he would do but that made it more exciting. Padua advised Mariano to stick to the script and gave him a key word he would say should he forget something. Mariano was confident that he would pull it off and indeed he delivered a spectacular speech during the conference.

Hipolito and Jacob were impressed by his performance since he was sounding like the president.

“That’s why they said, don’t judge a book by its cover,” Hipolito smiled.

The President announced to shutdown the exits and entry points of the country to prevent the virus from spreading as part of measures in place to curtail the virus.

Watching the Press conference, Teddy was sure Lily was still manipulating the public. He said the manner the President talked did not look like him and believed someone was pissing off like the President. They called James and spoke with Salonga about their suspicions. They told Salonga to find the means to talk to him.

As Jacob was wondering how Lily did well to train Mariano. Hipolito told Jacob that if there was something that Lily was good at then that was what she was good at. Hipolito was even wondering what Lily did to make Mariano able to act that way.

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Lily gave Mariano the title of the house in Tagaytay and urged him to continue doing his best and he would get a new car. Mariano was so happy and told Lily how his family looked down on him and even described him as good for nothing.

When he was left alone, he saw the magic money could pull. Now, he was acting like a perfect President. He deemed it that he was born to be an actor.

Lily had a talk with Arturo concerning his wife. Arturo told her that there was nothing to think about since Ellen was on their side. Lily feared that she might find out their other businesses. Arturo believed that the biggest secret was Mariano, the imposter but the rest were normal.

As Arturo left, Lily thought of means to manipulate Ellen even if she was sophisticated like her. Mariano sneaked out to the kitchen to go for a drink and bumped into Ellen. He forced himself on her and Ellen slapped and kicked him. Lily appeared in the scene to keep the matter at bay.

She sacked Mariano to his room and apologised to Ellen. She told Ellen not to tell Arturo and speaking of the wizard, he showed up. He wondered what they were talking about. His wife said they were bonding. Lily liked the excuse Ellen gave and went to the room of Mariano to confront him for his action.

She made it clear that Ellen was no longer interested in him since he was an imposter. With the money that he had gained, she believed he would get the woman he wanted and urged him to focus. Alyana woke up and took the necklace Lito bought her and recalled the night when she was with him and rewarded her with the necklace.

He told her to always wear the necklace because it was his lōve for her. There was a display of fireworks and Lito got into an intimate mood. After caressing the body Alyana, he almost k!s$ed her when Alyana broke from it, saying her husband was waiting for her and ran off to tell Bubbles that they should leave.

She bathed and applied makeup. She dressed in a skimpy dress with her black heels matching the navy green sleeveless, knee-length fitting gown. She went to call Bubbles that they should leave. Though she was looking $ëxy, Bubbles wondered if her husband would be happy seeing her in that attire. Alyana did not care.

She went to the breakfast table to ask for her leave. Cardo, once again questioned her dressing but she said they already talked about it and that she had to look presentable and nice. Cardo told her to eat breakfast but Alyana was in a hurry to leave.

Meanwhile, Arturo asked Lily about the drug operations and she told him that Renato had already gotten an investor who was injecting 600,000 million into it and was already planning an expansion. Arturo deemed that as great news. Lily believed in no time, they would identify the location of Cardo and get his daughter.

Back in Batangas, Maring asked why they were sending many things. Alyana explained that they were traveling for their meeting and would spend the night there. Marina wondered why she did not tell her earlier for her to prepare food for them and she said it was impromptu. They left and Cardo still looked unhappy.


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