The Broken Marriage Vow Episode 28

The Broken Marriage Vow Episode 28 Jill is demoted, Jill saves the life of Gabby’s grandmother, A mask man breaks into Jill’s mansion after Gio returns to his mother

Jill was cooling off her head at the bar where Diane worked. Diane consoled her and told her that she also saw the viral video and commented that there was nothing wrong for a mother to go after her son because every mother would do that.

She stepped out and Gabby excused his date to go and apologised to Jill for contributing to her predicaments. He believed that he was the reason Gio left his mother and told Jill to get in touch if she needed something. Jill interjected that all that she wanted was her son.

David while he was with Charlie drinking realised his friend still had eyes for elegant ladies but he claimed to have changed. Charlie asked for his plans against Jill. He claimed to be after peace because that was all he wanted.

The following day, Jill prepared for work while Carol told her husband to help Jill in finding out what David had installed for Jill. Jill arrived at work to realise her picture frame had been taken away from the board of directors. Jill went home to inform Carol and she couldn’t believe that David would descend that low to sabotage her career.

Jill was sad that her son had taken his father’s side. Carol consoled her and told her to strengthen herself. Jill called Grace to ask for her help to get in touch with Gio. She cried that she did not know how her son was being treated, whether he fed well or not. Grace stated that her son was well treated and was happy at where he was.

Grace was not ready to involve herself in Jill’s issue with her boss. In school, some classmates of Gio were teasing him by mimicking Jill’s actions in the viral video. Gio almost fought the girls but Max was there to stop him. Mikah intervened and held Gio to go home.

Jill came to check her son at the house of David but she hid. Gio told his father about how the viral video of his mother was making some classmates of his teasing him with it. David claimed that Jill always involved Gio in her mess. David gave him a  game to play to get over his pains.

They decided to have jams at the corridor and Jill watched them from afar. She intentionally called Gio but the boy hung up.  Least did he know that his mother was watching him. Lexy danced with David and held Gio to come to the dance floor. Jill watched them and her eyes were heavy with tears.

In sorrows, she went to sit in her car and cried recalling how Gio fled from her at school as if she was a plaque and how he packed out and pushed her away to flee with his dad. Jill shared uncontrollable tears and got home. She recounted how she and David married and the promises he made her. She also recalled the good times they had as a family together with their son.

She poured out a drink into a jug and added a drug to it, watching it dissolve. She recalled telling the Luceros about the secret affair of Lexy and her husband which led Lexy to slap her. She recounted David telling her that there was a scandal that would happen to make her live Baguio.

Those memories gingered her and she did not drink the potion she made just to have strength to face him squarely. The following day, David called Jill to tease her that her video was trending. Jill knew he leaked it but David denied and threatened her that he would ensure she left Baguio.

Jill did not see the essence of his call just to threaten her and vowed that nothing would make her leave but he would rather leave. Gio during breakfast asked Lexy if she uploaded the video of his mother. Lexy did not know where he got that idea from.

Nanny confessed that she took the video and forwarded it to Mom Nathalia since she wanted to be updated on everything that went on in the house. Lexy did not believe she was blaming her mother. Lexy told Gio that her parents would have a family meeting but he could decide not to go. Gio told her that he would hang out with Max. He went to the game center and didn’t go to school.

Max’s mother went for her son from school. Max didn’t want to leave since he was having training. Gabby told Max not to protest, he could go. The headmistress called Gabby for a private talk. Gabby then went to Dr Jill’s office to talk to her but Claire was around so Jill stated that there were people there who were checking her every movement to report her to her ex-husband.

They went to a private place and Gabby told her that she was reported to the headmistress as something happened that involved her son. Gabby had an urgent call so Jill followed him home. His grandmother was seriously sick. Jill gave first aid to prolong her life and they sent her to the hospital.

Jill asked Gabby if he was aware of the condition of his grandmother. He said he was but after he had a broken heart, he coiled himself to his shell and disassociated himself from everyone so he did not know that his grandmother’s situation had worsened. Jill said it was now time to get closer to his grandmother.

Charlie told his wife about David’s invite for the next day to have dinner at his place together with other friends. Carol did not want to go due to Lexy but Charlie told her to go along with him since he was already acting on Jill and her instructions to be closer to David to fish out information.

Jill got home and realised her son was there. She rushed to his room and she indeed found him. Gio lied that he was there to get the rest of his things, meanwhile, he had just missed home. Jill told him to wait for her to prepare food and eat before he leaves. She rushed to the kitchen.

David realised his son had kept long and was worried that he did not tell him about his plans. He and Lexy after the family meeting went home and he called Max’s mother only to discover that Gio was not there. He immediately left the house. Someone in black dress and a hood sneaked into Jill’s house. Jill served the food and was calling Gio so the masked man quickly ran out.

Jill caught a glimpse of him and shouted. Gio came out and Jill told him about the masked man who broke in. She went after him and threw a stone at him. As she was wondering  where he had passed, someone startled her and she screamed out.


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