Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 601

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 601 Virgie begins to have mental reactions, Delfin’s health deteriorates, Lito plans with Turo to k!ll Cardo upon his orders

Elizabeth was treating her headache when Ambo came to ask her if she recalled what she told him, Salonga and James. Elizabeth admitted that she was drunk but she meant it when she said she saw two Mr Presidents.

Alyana and Lito together with Bubbles led Mr Tam to the construction and the man was happy about how viable the project was. Lito said it was the reason he made Alyana the Project Manager. Virgie laughed it off that Elizabeth saw two Presidents while she was drunk.

Teddy said it could be true that there was an imposter in the palace and Elizabeth actually saw two Presidents. Virgie did not understand when her husband would stop that investigation. In anguish, to rush to the room and Teddy followed her. She was emotional and did not understand why Teddy wanted to continue to drift their family apart.

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In the palace, Augustus was still unhappy with the PSGs for abandoning their posts and one said he believed they were drugged since all of them suffered an upset stomach. Augustus said he should have thought of that. He stormed the kitchen to confront Elizabeth.

He asked Elizabeth what she intended to achieve for spiking the baked bread. Elizabeth threw the question back at him because she did not know what she would achieve by poisoning the security. When they claimed they had an upset stomach.

Elizabeth apologised and claimed the problem was from the eggs. James and Salonga arrived there and Ambo also claimed that he was also affected heavily by the baked bread and had an upset stomach. He began to act up and Augustus left.

Elizabeth thanked them for saving her. Salonga and James told them that they told Diana about what she saw concerning the two Presidents and they believed it could be her imagination.

Virgie began to recall all those bad things that happened to her and her family. How she was down with a bullet. She began to go out of her mind thinking about all those happenings and cried bitterly while Diana spied her from afar.

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To avoid further harm, Cardo made a decision and told his friends that they should leave to avert the trouble that was approaching. They called on themselves and left the ranch to go home.

Elizabeth insisted on going to the room where she found the other president to verify if it was her imagination or she actually saw another President. Ambo stopped her from going. He reminded her that Augustus was now suspicious of them so he would find out. Elizabeth asked how he would be able to identify the room.

Ambo said he would search. He knew Elizabeth’s  life would be put in danger because she had already been caught before and if she was caught again, it would not be good for her. Alyana was able to win the investors over and they decided to sign the contract the following day. This called for celebration as Alyana’s charms has worked again.

Alyana was grateful to Lito for entrusting her with a bigger project like that. Lito told her that it was only just the beginning and as long as they were together they would achieve greatness.

Lito said he had not forgotten about her ever since she left for Manila. He confessed that from all the pains that he had endured in life, the most painful one was finding out that she was married to another man.

Alyana apologised and urged him to move on. Lito chose for them not to talk about the past but should celebrate their success and expressed Happ that Alyana was there and helping him in his business. Alyana was grateful that he chose to help her, her husband and friends even when she hurt him and did not fulfill her promise.

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Alyana then wanted them to perform the next day activity on that day before the sunset. Due to how important the project was Lito said they could not do it in haste since he did inform him beforehand. Renato talked to Mr Gueravela to ask about who Lito Valmoria was.

Gueravela said he did not know much about him. However, Lito helped him and through him that he had become successful. He said Lito was wealthy and was planning to expand his business. Hipolito wanted to take precautions.

Cardo and his comrades arrived home to find out that Delfin’s health was deteriorating and was bedridden downstairs. The group and Cardo rushed to check on him. They feared to send him to hospital since they could be exposed so they decided to allow him to sleep and keep a close watch at him.

Lily went to see her husband and made fun of him for sleeping like a baby. She said that was how he would be for her to gradually take over her position. Meanwhile, Oscar who had been pretending to be sleeping was optimistic that his nightmares would be over as he prayed for Elizabeth not to be caught for him to be finally free from Lily’s grasp.

Ramon went to the kitchen to get some cold water for Delfin. Maring was worried about Delfin’s condition and what was sad was that they could not send him to the hospital. Ramon said the only person to help them was Boss Lito but the problem was Cardo and his team had a fight with Turo and his maniacs.

Turo and lackeys went to see an acquaintance to buy güns. Meanwhile, Diana was worried about Virgie and knew what she was going through. Teddy was equally worried but was not ready to back down the fight.

A servant at the ranch called Lito to inform him about the fight that broke at the ranch between Turo and his lackeys and Cardo and his comrades. Lito told Alyana and she was quick to blame Cardo since she already talked to her husband not to cause trouble. Lito told Alyana not to be too quick to blame Cardo, stressing that he would talk with his people. He called Turo and the latter admitted.

He said Cardo was so full of himself and was not behaving like a newcomer. He vowed not to let it slip and asked Lito for permission to finish Cardo off but Lito said not at the moment. He would give the order once the need arises. Turo accepted and promised to go by his word.


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