The Good Son Episode 80 Raquel's wake: Enzo is beaten at the funeral for not helping to save Raquel's life

The Good Son Episode 80

The Good Son Episode 80 Raquel’s wake: Enzo is beaten for not helping to save Raquel’s life

SPO3 George interrogated Olivia about the two months she spent with Dado.

Upon all the twists and turns Olivia willingly gave her statement and told the police that Dado had taken her and Calvin away against her will.

She said that Dado was abusive and threatened her and Calvin which was why they couldn’t run away from him.

Flashback: Olivia staged the abduction incident before she went with Dado. She tried to drug and poison him but Dado found out and asked her to stop.

She also inflicted wounds on herself so that she could claim that Dado was hurting her.

After Olivia’s statement, she begged the police to look for Calvin because he had gone missing during the hunt for Dado.

Enzo went to the police station to pick up Olivia and took her home.

When they arrived, Olivia found out that Matilda had a stroke and was now recovering.

She apologised to Enzo for not being there and asked how he was able to survive. Enzo said he didn’t think he would be able to do it either but he sold their cars to take care of Matilda.

Sabina went to see Obet at the mortuary and assured him that she would always be there for him as a friend even if their relationship had changed.

Obet later visited Arthur in prison and said he was going to fight for his bail. Arthur said it was a waste of money and asked Obet to let him stay in prison since he was already used to it.

He was glad he was able to avenge Raquel’s death and was sure that Dado had died. He also blamed Joseph for Raquel’s death and all the misfortunes that happened due to Joseph’s involvement with the Buenavidez family.

The police visited Emma to tell her what had happened to Dado at the pier. Emma asked if Dado might have survived hence why his body had not been found yet.

SPO3 George said they wouldn’t close the case until they were able to find Dado’s body.
Enzo talked to Olivia again about what really happened to her and Calvin on the Island.

Olivia said that she already told everything to the police. Enzo however felt guilty for not being able to help his half brother as the incident with Dado had caused Joseph and Obet the life of their mother, Raquel.

Olivia however said that it was not their fault that it happened.

At Raquel’s wake, Obet told Joseph that he was to be blamed for what happened to Raquel. He said his obsession with finding Victor’s murderer has cost them their mother’s life.

He said that he no longer considered Joseph his brother since his action has led to Raquel’s death.

Sabina went to the wake with Ernesto. She went to talk to Obet but he asked her to stay away lest Ernesto would get upset.

Sabina however told him that her father understood that Obet needed her support because Raquel was his friend too.

She also told him not to push Joseph away because they needed each other to get over the tragedy of Raquel’s death.

Emma felt guilty and was worried about attending Raquel’s wake since her husband killed Raquel.

Hazel however said that they needed to go and share their condolences. They went to the wake and were able to comfort Joseph.

Calvin went back home but decided not to go in with a reason that they would return him to the mental hospital.

He therefore ran off before anyone saw him. Meanwhile, Olivia was worried about what would happen to him since he was off his medication.

Enzo felt guilty for not helping Joseph save Raquel so he attended the wake. He stayed outside but Sabina asked him to go in because he was there to offer sincere condolences.

Obet however got mad when he saw Enzo and punched him saying he and his family were the reason for Raquel’s death.

Matias was trying to stop Obet when Joseph came in. He asked Enzo if he was there to rejoice at their pain.

He confronted Enzo because he clearly heard him asking for help but walked away. Joseph told Enzo to leave Raquel’s wake.

The police were still suspicious about Olivia so SPO3 George said that they wouldn’t close Victor’s murder case until they found Dado’s body.

Olivia was asleep when she dreamt about Dado coming in and strangling her. The fright woke her up but she decided that she was not going to let Dado beat her in the game that they were playing.


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