The Good Son Episode 83

The Good Son Episode 83 Obet busted for the near-death experience of Matilda

Matilda was shaken, she was so scared to lose her life. Her heart jumped and was calling for help beneath her breath.

She was stuck in the wheels, if she had not been stricken by stroke she would have faced Obet squarely the length of the stairs frightened her.

She pleaded with Obet not to harm her and to help her out before she falls from there but Obet left her there in order to send a message to Olivia not to mess with her family.

Finally Olivia who was searching, found Matilda at the top of the stairs. Matilda was shaken up with what happened as she told Olivia that it was Obet who threatened her.

Olivia was able to get a footage of the incident from the hospital and called the police to report Obet for attempted murder.

Joseph went home after visiting Victor’s cemetery and Matias wanted to know where he had been.

Joseph lied that he had been at the company but Matias told him he was telling lies because Hazel was there looking for him since he had neither been at company nor at the school.

Obet arrived in the scene and when asked where he had been he also lied that he visited Arthur.

Matias advised them to stay out of trouble and also ensure that they were not doing anything wrong as Raquel would not be happy.

SPO3 George went to Joseph’s house and took Obet in to question him about what had happened to Matilda.

At the station, Obet said there was no crime committed because Matilda was still alive. He however admitted to threatening her so that the Buenavidezes could leave them alone.

SPO3 George asked if he was capable of killing Victor too since he went as far as trying to harm a defenseless old woman.

Obet said he didn’t do it and said he would turn himself in if ever they found any evidence against him.

Olivia was determined to get Obet imprisoned so Obet was detained at the station for him to wait for the court to decide his fate if he could be granted bail or not.

She and Enzo went to see him and tried to harass him but SPO3 George said he would put them all in jail if they didn’t stop fighting.

Joseph got Obet a lawyer to deal with the case. He reprimanded Obet for doing such a stupid thing and making Matias worry.

Obet said that even if he was stupid, he was able to get back at the Buenavidez family. He also told Joseph not to lecture him.

Olivia decided that it was Obet who had been sending her the mysterious notes about Victor’s death so she became at ease. The following day however, she received another note while Obet was still in jail.

Sabina went to visit Obet in jail and asked him to bring back the carefree guy she had once liked. Obet told her that he was no longer that person and asked her not to lecture him like Joseph.

Obet’s case was later dismissed due to lack of probable cause so he was released. He went to see Arthur and told him what happened so Arthur decided it was time to use the ace he had against Olivia.

He told Obet to call the police and tell them that he had something to tell them about Victor’s case.

Olivia went to see Emma and demanded that she tell him where Dado was hiding. Emma said she didn’t know anything so Olivia insulted her.

Emma slapped Olivia and told her that she was still Dado’s mistress. She said that Olivia was the reason why Dado had turned out to be a criminal.

Olivia told Emma not to forget that she owed everything they had to her. Emma said she wished they never worked for her and she had already paid back whatever debt she owed since Olivia had destroyed her family.

Hazel came out of the house and defended Emma saying that they would turn Dado in instead of hiding him. Emma therefore ordered Olivia to leave her house.

SPO3 George went to see Arthur in prison and he told them that Olivia was the one who ordered him to break into Anthony’s house. He also told them that Olivia once visited him in prison and asked him to turn against Raquel for killing Victor.

The police were able to confirm this through the CCTV footage at the restaurant they met and the visiting logs in the prison where Arthur was previously detained.

Enzo received a letter in his bag telling him to confess the truth behind Victor’s murder when he was at the company.

He accused Joseph of going through his things and they almost fought but their supervisor stopped them.

Hazel confronted Joseph for not keeping in contact with her while she was his girlfriend. Joseph said he didn’t want to involve her in his issues but Hazel said that they had promised to be together even during the hardest times.

Olivia was taken in for questioning about what Arthur confessed but she denied having met with Arthur.

SPO3 George showed her pictures from the CCTV and a copy of the prison visiting log so Olivia had to admit having met with Arthur.

She however said that she only met him to know what kind of person Raquel was then later paid him because he threatened to soil her name.

She denied ordering him to break into Anthony’s house since Arthur did it because of his feud with Anthony.

As Olivia was leaving with Enzo, Obet confronted her. Enzo asked if Obet would never stop pestering them and Obet said he would not stop until the person responsible for everything was in prison.

Enzo therefore accused him of sending the anonymous notes about Victor’s death. Joseph arrived and told Enzo not to throw around accusations since he too had received the same note.

Olivia took out the ones she had received as well and they all started accusing each other of sending the notes.

SPO3 George took the notes from them and said they would have them examined since it seemed there was someone out there who knew what really happened to Victor.


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