The Heiress (Kadenang Ginto) Episode 176

The Heiress (Kadenang Ginto) Episode 176 Camila workers staged demonstration against Romina

“I’m thinking of having one memorable firework display. An event they will never forget. Before you detonate the bomb, I need your men to take Cassie.Then when she gets her inheritance, we’ll get rid of her. We’re going to get rid of Romina. And this nut job too. I want to make sure that Romina dies.”

Neil told Romina about the woman who had gone around telling the employees that the explosion was all her doing. Bonita was certain that it was Daniela. Mina flashed back to the time she had arrived at the hospital earlier.

“It wasn’t her this time.”

Romina stormed the Rosales residence and confronted Savannah about the rumours she had spread about her.

Savvy played dumb. A maid came to inform her that her husband was looking for her. Romina set out to inform her husband of her adventures but Savvy held her back and asked her to leave.

“Under one condition,” Mina hissed.

“What? Just name it.”

“Stop meddling in my feud with Daniela. Help her again, and I won’t hesitate to tell your husband what you’ve been doing. So if you don’t want trouble, stay out of the way.”

Marga broke into Roxanne’s locker and made away with her phone. Cassie caught her with it and eventually decided to stand guard while she checked her messages.

She soon came to tell her to return the phone since Roxy was on her way to her locker. Meanwhile, Daniela called Savannah and asked that they prepare for phase 2 of her plan.

On account of Romina’s threat, Savvy refused to get involved any longer. She hanged up much to Daniela’s disbelief.

Seeing the crowd outside the gate, Carlos came to inform Romina that the factory workers were protesting against her. As Daniela riled up the goons, she spotted psycho Eva nearby and had her brought to her. Danny riled up the madwoman whose only vision and mission in life was to kill Romina.

“That’s right,” psycho Eva drawled. “I really want to.”

“Good. Because I am here to help you out,” Danny girl stated.

“But there’s a crowd.”

“We’ll cause a commotion. Then when you see Romina all alone, that’s when, bam! You’ll finish her off.”

Psycho Eva was excited. “I like that. Let’s do this.”

After sending the madwoman off, Danny girl ordered the goons to kill Eva as soon as she killed Romina so she wouldn’t be linked to her.

Leon and Romina tried talking some sense into the factory workers who were throwing tantrums like a bunch of spoiled rotten kids. Psycho Eva stood among them, her knife readied. Daniela called a goon and ordered him to kill Eva and Romina. In the process of pulling Mina away from the angry mob, Carlos got struck in the head. Danny girl looked on in trepidation as camp Romina took him away.

Miss Wong came to question Romina about Camila’s situation. Mina assured her that there was nothing to worry about. The older woman then told her of the call she had received, telling her about how the company was having problems and how she was hiding them from her future investors and partners. Romina then asked for the caller’s number.

Upon seeing Daniela at Camila, Romina confronted her about her talk with her foreign business partner. Danny girl played dumb so Mina called the number she had taken from Miss Wong. Daniela’s phone rang and Romina started strangling her. Carlos came to separate them and Mina revealed to him that his lovely wife was the one who was causing trouble and trying to sabotage the company. Carlos kicked Danny girl out in a heartbeat.

Hector mocked Daniela over Carlos’ constant rejections. He suggested that she leave him, then offered to get rid of him since he was an obstacle to killing Romina. Danny girl assured him that she would get him out of Romina’s life.

“Then you better hurry up. Because he might not be so lucy next time. And if that happens, you’ll never see him again.”

As Cassie stood outside the school gate, Daniela, more desperate than ever, came over to show her the photo she had taken of Romina and Carlos hugging. She then rambled on about how she had a reason to hate her mom since she kept on ruining her marriage. Cassie wouldn’t be fooled though. Danny girl switched tactics, all to no avail.

“Why don’t you just do something good?” Cassie said. “Maybe I’ll try to believe you then.”

Romina thanked her daughter for not falling for Daniela’s lies. She then told her of her plan to corner Hector and Daniela.

A moment later, Romina faced off with Daniela at the court. Regarding the complaints she had filed for her inheritance, the judge ruled in favor of Daniela.

Mina then went ahead to mock her about how she was still alone despite the money she had just acquired.

Daniela met up with Savannah and payed off what she owed her. She then went on with her plan of eliminating both Romina and Cassie so she’d inherit everything. Meanwhile, Romina was having a bad feeling about Camila’s rebranding event.

“So how will you do it?” Hector asked.

“You can create an explosion, right?” Daniela replied.

“Sure. Just give me a weapon or a bomb.”

“Good. Because I’m thinking of having one memorable firework display. An event they will never forget.”

While Romina suggested to her brother that they invite Marga along with Carlos to the event so Daniela wouldn’t be able to carry out whatever plans she had, Daniela planned with Hector to put the bomb inside the cake they would make for the event. “Before you detonate the bomb, I need your men to take Cassie. Then when she gets her inheritance, we’ll get rid of her.”

Daniela went on and on with her plan as she stood with Hector in the room Eva was sleeping in. “Eva should take the blame for everything that’s going to happen. We’re going to get rid of Romina. And this nut job too.” (but job = psycho Eva). “I want to make sure that Romina dies.”

As Dahec (Daniela and Hector) made arrangements for their plans, Romina, Cassie and Carlos talked Marga into going to the event. Meanwhile, Daniela failed to reach Carlos on phone.

At a diner, Cassie had a talk with Marga about Daniela who was probably planning something worse to disrupt Camila’s rebranding. While Marga hoped she didn’t go that far, Cassie hoped that she changed for good. Both girls expressed the bad feeling they had about tomorrow’s event.

Romina thanked her camp for all their help since none of them had foreknowledge of the future. She was confident that they would be able to take care of Cassie if anything happened to her. Jepoy expressed his gratitude as well and vowed to lay down his life for her sake and her goddaughter if it came down to it.

Cassie expressed her gratitude for patching things up with Marga and becoming a team. Marga thanked her for making her realize what was right.

“I hope we can stay this way,” Cassie said. “I want us to stay friends. So I’ll do all I can to keep this bond alive. Till the end.”

“I told you, right? Don’t worry too much.”

“I might as well tell you about how much I appreciate you now. I don’t want to leave anything unsaid. Or have any regrets. No matter what happens, I want you to know you mean a lot to me. And you’ll never, never ever be alone again.”

Marga smiled. “My gosh, Cassie. You’re making me cry.”

Cassie and Marga toasted with their chips and smoothies, feasting on them joyfully as they smiled and stared at each other.


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