The Heiress (Kadenang Ginto) Episode 2 Daniela crushes Romina's life with Carlos

The Heiress (Kadenang Ginto) Episode 2

The Heiress (Kadenang Ginto) Episode 2 Daniela crushes Romina’s dream life with Carlos

At the Mondragon mansion, Daniela apologised to her father about how she had behaved at the party the other day and Robert told her not to put herself in that position again.

He asked her daughter if she knew what she had done to Romina and Daniela said that she didn’t remember what she had said or done. When her father still didn’t seem convinced, Daniela then promised him that she would make it up to Romina and apologise to her.

At Camila (Robert’s company), Romina talked to Carlos on phone thanking him for picking her dream church for the wedding. She saw Daniela coming in and she bid her boyfriend goodbye before hanging up.

Daniela apologized to Romina, saying that she was sorry for what had happened at the party, and Romina said that she was also sorry. Daniela then offered to help her in her wedding preparations but Romina kindly declined.

She however managed to emotionally blackmail her, saying that it would help with her relationship with her father and Romina agreed to it.

Later on, Daniela helped out Romina with the wedding arrangements and offered to pay for their wedding dresses.

Carlos came in just then and he was schocked to see Daniela there. Daniela explained that she was helping with the wedding and Carlos didn’t seem pleased at that.

After Romina left to use the washroom, Daniela took the opportunity to flirt with Carlos some more. When Romina came back, Daniela told her that she was organising a bachelorete party for her. She later invited her father and some of the employees at Camila.

The bachelorete party had began. The guests sang to themselves and Robert stared at Romina with a smile as she sang with them.

Daniela came in with her bitchy brat lapdog and she greeted Romina, her father and everyone else. She then made a toast to Romina and stared at the door she had just come through.

Alvin, the miserable sc*mb*g whom Romina had rejected several times stood there, hidden, staring back at her.

The party continued with some karaoke. Romina told Robert that this might be the last time they saw each other because she had decided to leave with Carlos to Taiwan after the wedding.

Somewhere around the party, Daniela poured wine into two glasses. She spiked one of the glasses of wine with some drug and brought it to Romina while she gave her father the other glass. Romina drunk the drugged wine.

After the party, a drunk Romina boarded a taxi for her two drunk friends. She stayed behind to wait for Carlos to pick her up, but unfortunately for her, the drug had already taken effect.

After she had helped a random drunk man to board a taxi, she fell unconscious and a man in a hood  picked her up and drove her away to an isolated cabin. The sh*mel*ss sc*mb*g then carried her in and began to undress her.

The next day, Romina woke up at the hospital. When she asked what had happened, a nurse told her that someone had found her unconscious outside the hospital. The nurse left to get the doctor after Romina complained about the pain she was in.

Carlos and Rosanna came to see her at the hospital and with Romina’s approval, the doctor told them that Romina was bleeding and in pain because of the $3×ual intercourse she had had.

Carlos was angry to hear that, asking what had happened and Rosanna told him to calm down. Romina said that she didn’t remember anything; she had lost consciousness at the bar and woken up at the hospital. She then began crying, realising that she had been raped.

At the police station, Romina narrated what had happened, right from the party, the karaoke, helping her friends board a taxi, to the moment she had waited for Carlos to pick her up, until she had lost consciousness.

She added that she didn’t remember anything else. Rosanna her mother, her lawyer, Carlos and Mr Kulas, Carlos’ father were present.

The police woman who was overseeing the matter made the assumption that due to the alcohol level in her system and the fact that she hadn’t fought back, Romina might not have been raped.

She then added that they needed the DNA of the ‘rapist’ so they could identify who had done it and Romina asked how she would know who had done it. Meanwhile, Mr Kulas made a face at his son, as if to say, ‘I told you so’.

Outside the police station, Carlos told Romina that he should have been there to protect her, and that he felt like killing the person who had taken advantage of her in order to avenge her. Problem was, he didn’t know.

Robert called Romina and asked if everything was okay since she had never been absent from work before. Romina told him that she was fine and she would come to the office tomorrow.

She then hanged up and a few seconds later, Robert had a call from an unidentified person who told him that something had happened to Romina.

At Camila, the female officer interrogated the employees who had been present at the party. The shameless scumbag who had taken advantage of her was also interrogated and he said that he wasn’t at the party but he had been drinking at a friend’s place.

And then came Daniel’s turn. She told the officer that she had also been at the party and Romina had been very drunk and flirtatious with multiple men. As she kept on spewing irrelevant words, Alvin watched from the floor below.

Robert came to see Romina at her home. As she cried, he told her that it was going to be okay. He then hugged her as she cried all the more.

Alvin ambushed Daniela and asked what she had told the police and she said that they had had a deal, adding that she didn’t tell them anything.

She payed him and promised that no one would find out what he had done, and Albin threatened that if he goes down, then she was going to go down with him.

Back home, Mr Kulas told Carlos that everyone knew what had happened to Romina. Carlos said he didn’t want to talk about it and his father asked if he really believed that Romina had been raped.

He then began to plant seeds of doubt into his mind, asking if he really knew her and bringing up the fact that his (Carlos’) own mother had even cheated on him. Carlos told him that his mother and Romina were different and he loved and trusted her.

Mr Kulas then asked if he would be able to forget the fact that another man had had her first and Carlos got upset. His father told him that he was angry because he knew that he was telling the truth.

He asked his son to let Romina go and Carlos seemed to be considering the idea.

Daniela stared at a picture frame of her father and departed mother, saying that she had done what she had to do, what she (her mother) had failed to do. She said that Romina had already taken Carlos and she wouldn’t allow her to add her father to the equation.

Mr Kulas met up with Carlos and Romina. He told them that the police now had the CCTV footage of what had happened outside the bar that night.

They went to watch the video; Romina helped her friends into a taxi. She later helped a drunk man out of the view of the camera. That was the last thing the camera captured.

Mr Kulas began his baseless accusations again, asking why Romina was leaning on a man she claimed she didn’t know and foolishly enough, Carlos added to the trouble, asking why she had gone with the man.

Romina tried to explain that she had only helped him to board a taxi and she hadn’t gone with him. She took Carlos’ hand in hers and Carlos threw her hand away as if it was a contagious disease.

Rosanna brought Romina to the market as their fellow neighbors were discussing the issue concerning Romina and Carlos.

One of the neighbours, a man, put his hand around Romina’s neck and said that she and Carlos were their favorite couple there and they wanted that wedding to come on.

Suddenly, Carlos arrived there and seeing the guy’s hand over his fiancee, he charged at him and gave him some beatings, telling him to stay away from Romina, who had been knocked away into a large basin in the altercation.

When she got up, Romina asked what the he©k was wrong with him and when Carlos asked why she still hangs around men after what had happened to her, Romina stormed off in disbelief.

Carlos tried to go after her but Rosanna pushed him back and told him to go home while one of the onlookers asked if Carlos was ¢razy.


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