The Killer Bride Episode 60

The Killer Bride Episode 60

The Killer Bride Episode 60 Camila haunts Agnes to death 

After she could not find anyone in the secret house where she had confined Agnes, Alice received a call from Luis. She told him lies, saying she was still resting in her room and asked Luis to take care of himself.

Agnes woke up, limped and got a light stand, which she used as weapon. She said she would finish Alice off first before she did kill her, she described Alice as traitor.

Emma took a picture of her childhood days and sobbed, calling Camila “Mama.”

A still injured Agnes bravely attempts to escape as soon as Alice leaves the hideout. She gives off a scornful laugh as she discovered that Alice accidentally left her room open.

Agnes went downstairs, not paying heed to the terrifying darkness and faint murmurs around her. Smoke coats the place in an eerie sulphurous glow. The bridal march is hummed in the background.

Agnes almost bumps herself unto the main door, eager to finally get out. She tried to bang the door open but it was locked outside.

The lights started to flicker. Agnes groaned in frustration. Assuming that Alice was behind all those.

Agnes declared that she won’t fall victim to the “killer groom” and that she did not want to play games anymore.

After Iking forced Andres to talk, Andres held Iking’s hand and said Camila’s spirit was out for revenge. He repeatedly said she would shed blood due to how angry she was.

Agnes walked blindly in the shadows while trying to find her way out. The doors slammed open and close until she heard a whispering sound of a female voice calling her name.

Agnes grew scared demanding the person to reveal herself. She screamed. Struggling to walk, Agnes tripped off and became drenched in the gush of human blood running off the floor.

She tried to slither away but only to get trapped and catch a mysterious white image behind her. She slowly looked at her back and found Camila’s ghost smiling down at her. Agnes screamed and insisted that Camila’s spirit wasn’t real.

Camila’s vengeful soul was dressed in a bloodied wedding gown. Her face was dull and pale while her glaring eyes speak volume of wrath.

In a raspy tone, Camila said she came back to take Agnes with her. Camila swiftly moved towards Agnes to haunt her.

Meanwhile, Emma still could not get the incident out of her head. She dreamt of when Camila asked for forgiveness and when Camila said all the Dela Torres were not innocent so Emma should not take chances and show them mercy.

Agnes still attempted to run away but Camila cast her on the door like a wind blowing chaff. Agnes would not back down she was tough, claiming what she was experiencing was still not real.

She ran but Camila’s ghost kept on showing up in front of her. Emma still dreamt on as Camila held her cheek to tell her to see the work through.

Agnes thought that there was no other way to save herself than to jump out of an open window. This led to her death and her story in the horror scene in the series.

The night grew lean as another soul passed. Elias visited Emma who she disappeared at the funeral. He said he was there for her to lean on him.

Emma said Elias had also lost a family member so he needed time for himself. Elias said taking care of Emma was like taking care of himself too.

Emma revealed that she always saw Camila in a drenched of blood when she closed her eyes. She said she was angry and furious that Alice killed her adopted mother.

And was also angry with herself for not being able to take care of Camila. Elias embraced her while she broke down into tears.

Vito teared down, mourning for Camila the second time but promised to find Vida. He received a call from Alejandro.

Later, a news broke on the news channel about Agnes being found dead. Agot could not believe her eyes, she shouted which attracted Alice’s attention to watch the news.

She ran to her room and was upset that Agnes passed through the window and died. This was not under her terms so Alice was wild.

She received a call from her accomplice, who informed her that her beloved Luciano’s corpse had been kept  somewhere by Vito.

Belladonna was so upset and threw her phone to hit the wall. She saw it that Vito was getting back at her after she took his l*ved one, Camila away.

Vito visited Aurora to press her to confess the truth about Vida as they already knew Luna was not Vida.

Learning that the most fearless child of Las Espadas has fallen prey to the killer groom’s evilness only ignited Aurora’s reluctance even more, leaving Vito frustrated.

Emma entered the scene. Anger was burning deep in her eyes. The sorrow and regrets inside her heart showed up in the way she spoke, moved, and glared at her own mother.

Emma mocked Aurora’s cowardice and compared her to Camila’s dauntlessness. Aurora pleaded with Emma not talk to her in that manner but Emma kept on with her spiteful words against Aurora that Camila died while trying to know the truth.

Luis visited Fredo and he recalled what he said about Alice and how her father treated her.

Ponce, Camila’s most trusted investigator, joined the intense confrontation. He was recognised by Aurora as the stranger who sent her in the rehabilitation centre.

Ponce confirmed her claims. To answer why Camila opted to hide the mother and daughter from each other, Ponce said his boss wanted to ensure that Aurora was completely recovered before she got to meet Emma again.

This way, Emma won’t be affected by her mother’s addiction. It turned out that Camila had long been preparing Aurora for reconciliation with Emma.

Camila even planned to provide Aurora a decent job. But all those took a turn for the bad when Aurora escaped from the rehabilitation centre, putting Camila’s help and efforts to waste. Vito told Emma and Aurora about those plans by Camila.

Emma’s emotions ran high as she learnt how Camila secretly lend Aurora a helping hand. She recalled Elias’ story on how Camila saved him for her.

Emma knew she won’t need more proof to believe that Camila truly l*ved her. Emma attempted to extract information from Aurora once again but to no avail.

Comparing Camila’s sacrifice to that of Aurora’s lack of concern, Emma furiously wished that her own mother should have just taken Camila’s place in the grave. She left them, while Aurora cried.

Alice went to the  Dela Torre mausoleum to exhume the corpse of Camila as revenge on Vito. She declared war till she wins all those she was in battle with.

At Dako Pa Roon, the police inspector said Alice was professional in her killing as she left no finger prints. Emma was upset that her mother even confessing she l*ved her failed to disclose the truth to them she left to her room.

Inspector Alejandro said sorry for making Emma upset. Manay Ichu decried that Emma was getting upset each and everyday.

Alice was about to exhume Camila’s corpse but she saw pieces of flying lanterns heading towards her. Alice got a strange feeling of a supernatural experience.

She urged the person playing games on her to avail herself.  Her attempted escape was blocked by the appearance of the souls of those she morbidly killed, Ornusa, Rico, and Yen.

Emma remained consumed by anger. She opened the door to her closet and took out a gun.

The fearless killer groom was evidently terrified with the sight of Camila’s soul chasing her.

Alice learnt that Camila was the one who finished Agnes off; and then ran away to save her own life. Alice was hit by a passing vehicle. But she managed to get up and tried to fire her bullets at Camila.

Yet, her defense seemed a no match to a ghostly spirit who could run ahead of her. Until she figured that she couldn’t be touched by a dead person. Alice reacted with a snicker to mock Camila.

Camila screamed and vanished away. Elias knocked on Emma’s room, forcing her to hide the weapon back.

Elias soothed Emma’s pain by assuring her that Alice would soon pay for all her crime. However, Emma displayed weariness and said she’s tired of waiting for justice to prevail on its own. She expressed readiness to exact revenge the way Camila did before

Emma requested for Elias help but he said he would not support Emma in doing bad things. He insisted that Camila was a good person and even through her revenge she never thought of killing anyone.

Emma admitted of not thinking straight and she sent Elias out saying she wanted to sleep.

Emma’s sleep was interrupted as she felt supernatural presence. She walked down the stairs and saw a single rose. She climbed the stairs and it seemed the past was repeating itself when she went to Dako Pa Roon.

She saw Camila and she said sorry to her for not telling her that she has forgiven her before her death, adding that she was sorry for not helping her out.

Camila said Emma had always helped her and needed another favour again to make her nemesis pay for her death.

Iking suddenly woke up to find Andres lying on the floor crying in devastation, he also saw Emma and she told him that she just bumped into Matias at the door.

Iking then tried helping Matias who was fidgeting up but the later claimed  it was not Emma she was possessed. Emma walked away.

However, Elias woke up screaming Emma’s name. Andres was sent to his room but he insisted that it was not Emma.

Alice who was so scared startled Guada who was sleeping. Guada thought, Alice would talk to her about Luis so she said she already warned him not to go out during his birthday, as the day was his birthday but Alice said it was not about Luis but she needed Esteban, a psychic who Guada had told her that he was good in getting rid of ghosts.

Alice was still terrified, feeling the ghost presence in the house. She brought her phone and compelled Guada to call Esteban for her for an urgent thing.

Guada later called Luis to inform him about his mother’s strange act she was exhibiting.

Meanwhile, Elias went to Dako Pa Roon to find out that Emma was no where to be found. He then recalled Emma’s words of taking the law into her own hand.

The possessed Emma went into Camila’s room, and took a picture of Camila. She walked slowly, flipping her hair over as she felt satisfied and smiled.

She slowly walked towards the direction of the mirror and watched her face. It was Camila’s reflection which was shown in the mirror, thanking Emma for allowing her to use her body.


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