The Killer Bride Episode 61 Camila seeks to kill Alice after gate-crashing Luis birthday 

The Killer Bride Episode 61

The Killer Bride Episode 61 Camila seeks to kill Alice after gate-crashing Luis birthday 

Emma is trapped in her love for Camila. She gasped upon seeing Camila’s ghoul standing closer to her. They held each other’s hands, hinting a fusion of Camila’s vengeful spirit and Emma’s body.

The next day, Emma was evidently a different person as she walked around the room.

Dressed in her plain night gown, Emma smirked while holding Camila’s framed photograph. She stood by the mirror and her reflection showed Camila’s image. Camila thanked Emma for letting her use her body as a vessel for seeking justice and revenge.

Elias got to the mansion in search of Emma but was told by the guard that Emma left the house.

However, Luis while driving detected a car following his lane and was a bit scared. He went into hiding to check the person.

He took the person by surprise, he pushed the person on the car and the person who was disguised in cardigan told Luis he came in peace and wanted to talk to him.

He turned and he realised it was Juan Felipe. Luis was ready to phone the police to turn his father in but his father pleaded for a moment of conversation.

Meanwhile, Esteban gave Alice some protective charms which came in the form of bangles, chain and others to protect her from evil spirit but she wanted something that could expel ghost.

Esteban gave her more things to protect the house from evil spirits, yet Alice was not satisfied. She wanted something that could protect her from Camila’s ghost.

Luna wanted to find her real parents but her quest hit Tessa’s heart as she was already thinking she had Luna by her side especially now that she was not the mother of Camila. She walked out on them.

Tati barged in and asked Guada whether she has succeeded in introducing Alice into her superstitious believe. Alice kept ranting.

Vito who followed angry Tessa outside to talk to her to understand Luna if she wanted to meet her parent, saw someone approaching, he quickly ran to meet Camila.

Vito was shocked to see Emma dressed as Camila. Confusion was written all over his face.

Felipe told Luis that, like him he also had doubts about Alice and was investigating about her. He also realised the character of the groom raided its head the moment Luciano passed away.

He told Luis that the serial killer was a woman and disclosed that the house which Luciano’s corpse was kept in was his property and was in a different name, only Alice knew about that property.

Luis was a bit confused. However, Vito asked Emma where she was going and she said Dako Pa Roon. Vito listened to Emma talk about copying Alice’s inhumane ways and insisted that she was prepared for anything that’s bound to happen.

Emma said Alice was always a step ahead of them since they never think in the manner Alice thought. She promised not to act like human and give her all just like Alice did.

Vito’s phone rang with a call from Elias. But as if a supernatural being was hindering their conversation, Emma’s car started honking while Vito’s phone suddenly slipped out of his hands. Emma walked into her car while Vito went for his phone.

Still surprised for what happened, he turned to see Emma drove off. Luis concluded that Alice was the murderer then. Juan Felipe said Alice had long been the l*ver of Luciano, Luis wondered who his real father was, whether Juan Felipe or Luciano.

Juan Felipe urged him to tell the police what he told him as evidence since the police was searching for an evidence to incriminate Alice.

Vito got to his house still thinking  about the words of Emma. Luna asked him what was wrong. He started suspecting Aurora and her lies concerning the real identity of Vida.

Luis said it did not matter whose son he was but he still was the son of ruthless murder. Juan Felipe admitted and said Luis was not like them. He was a good person and the best thing was that he was the good thing that had ever happened in his life.

Luis interjected that his complements would not change his mind from calling the cops. Juan Felipe said if Luis allowed him to get away from his crimes he wouldn’t be Luis and if he also flee again he would not be Juan Felipe.

Later at the Villa Dela Torre mansion, Luis who informed the police about the last seen of his dad realised a surprised party for him.

He was upset that Tati threw a party for him while he had already told them no parties. He was surprised to hear that Alice was the one who threw the party and forced everyone to be there.

He was also told by Guada that Alice had been behaving strangely of late and was seeking protection against ghosts.

Meanwhile, Elias was so scared that Emma might be doing something wrong at the Villa Dela Torre so he drove fast just to stop her.

Luis questioned his mother for throwing that party, Alive said it was his birthday and had to enjoy. Luis insisted that he did not want it but Alice pleaded with her to trust her.

Luis gave her attitude when Alice tried touching him to trust her, Luis said she was the last person that he had to trust.

Emma reached the Villa Dela Torre mansion, lights began to flicker as the sounds of the speakers got itchy. Alice screamed that the psychic said she would be able to get rid of her if she used what he gave her but it did not work.

She screamed that she was here and fled, Luis was surprised to see his mother behaving strangely. The lights went off sending shivers into spines of the guests.

Meanwhile, possessed by Camila’s spirit, Emma surprised everyone at the Villa Dela Torre in the middle of Luis’ birthday celebration as she gate crushed.

Tatiana was shocked to see Emma descending majestically from the steps, she wondered who invited her while stressed like Camila.

“Grandma is me,” Emma approached Guada and she was happy to see her but a bit surprised. Emma said she did not know that they were throwing a party.

She asked of Alice and Luis said she was upstairs and demanded Emma to leave before Alice got there. Emma said she would not and was there for revenge. She kicked Luis who was trying to drag her out and brandished a gun to demand Luis to present Alice.

Her eyes turned things on the guards which Tatiana called. She began turning things over with her anguish eyes.

Meanwhile, Vito stormed the police station, telling Aurora that Emma was Vida and she was keeping it.

He fling a paper in the sky that DNA test has proven Emma as Vida. He said he had always known that Aurora was hiding something, she had always been afraid of Alice.

The guests wondered what was happening a s series of supernatural events started to happen. Tables and chairs fly around, lights blink on and off, screeching noise, hanging objects falling off on their own – all due to Camila’s supernatural control.

Emma ordered Guada to escape and get inside the house instead. Vito said he knew Aurora was keeping a deeper truth more than Alice’s threat and realised it was Emma. Aurora was scared to lose Emma if the truth came out.

The scene continued inside the mansion. Emma, still under Camila’s control, Luis asked Emma to stop since that was not her. She admitted it was not her, she scared a defenceless Tatiana and pointed the gun at her then, demanding her to stop hiding.

Guada pleaded with Emma to stop since Luis was innocent. Emma said Guada had been oblivious about the wrongs going in the family, and Luis might be an accomplice to his mother’s crimes.

Back at Luis who she assumes is also an accomplice. Emma noted that Luis doesn’t seem surprise upon knowing about his mother’s crime.

Vito told Aurora that he took Aurora’s DNA samples and it did not match Emma’s own but Emma’s samples matched his which meant that Emma was his daughter.

He told Aurora not to lie again , Aurora who was feeling guilty approached Vito with a teary eyes as she cried. Vito said no matter how hard she tried to hide the truth Emma would get to know about it and be upset with her for keeping her away from her rightful parent.

Aurora begged Vito. Guada said as a mother, she was helping to protect her family but Emma said the help she should have given them was to teach them not to spill an innocent blood but had always been hard on them.

Guada did not know how hard she had been on Emma and Emma said she was Camila. Aurora knelt before him and said sorry to him that she did not want to lose Emma.

Vito said it was true that Emma was his daughter and said he should have known all those while. The got lose of the paper in his hand and Aurora took the paper to realise she was tricked by Vito to learn the truth.

Tatiana did not believe Emma was possessed, Emma sensed that Alice was hiding behind a wall. She asked her to reveal herself and admit her crimes to the family.

At Dako Pa Roon, Iking rushed in to make Manay Ichu listened to the news about commotion Emma had caused at the Villa Dela Torre.

Iking then recalled Camila’s words,  Andres revealed to Manay Ichu and Iking hat Emma’s body was possessed by Camila’s soul.

Alice said she would not reveal herself for Camila to shoot her. She asked Camila to rest even as a ghost she was causing trouble. Emma threatened to shoot Luis if she did not show up. Guada begged Emma. Emma said even if she blew the head of everyone Alice did not care. She said Luis did not seem surprise for seeing how twisted his mother was.

But even until the end, Alice is determined to conceal the truth and act innocent. Alice insisted that Agnes was the culprit, Guada cried that she was truly innocent.

Until Emma threatened her of burning down Luciano’s corpse. The mention of Luciano’s name triggered Alice’s insanity and wrath.

Alice finally faced Emma who she knew was possessed by her greatest nemesis. Out of anger, Alice slipped out on killing Camila and about her secret affair with Luciano.

Iking told Manay Ichu decided to drive to the Dela Torre mansion. Manay Ichu then contacted Vito to inform him of the commotion at the Villa Dela Torre.

Alice admitted killing Camila and was ready to kill her again. She boldly claimed that the Dela Torre family wouldn’t be where they were today if not for her.

And she declared that she didn’t need them anymore, not even her son, Luis who she called a poor guy simply because he was a son of Juan Felipe and not of Luciano.

This came out despite Luis’s evident concern and demand to have Alice undergo medication.

Emma smirked in content until Camila’s soul appeared in front of the Dela Torres. Finally, the Dela Torres witnessed Alice’s true colours and were now convinced that Camila was still around.

Elias rushed to the Villa Dela Torre to stop Emma. He continually banged the mansion’s door, distracting Emma and giving Alice the chance to run away.

Still, Camila’s vengeful ghoul was too powerful to just let anyone stop her. Camila haunts Alice. Juan Felipe tried helping Elias and showed him a different door which they could use to barge in.

Elias was a bit surprised but Juan Felipe said he was there to protect and save his son. Tati and Guada saw Juan Felipe, joy consumed Tatiana’s heart after setting eyes on her estranged brother.

Elias learning that Camila has possessed Emma’s body decided to go in and save her. Juan Felipe demanded Tati and Guada to run for their lives as he went in to search for Luis.

On their way, Andres said the anguish of Camila has kindled and would be able to achieve the goal she never achieved by killing. Iking was scared that they might lose their lives in the process but Manay Ichu wondered why she sent them along as she did not believe in their words.

Camila still haunts for Alice.Doors slammed closed and lights flicker, until Alice was trapped inside a room. Just by using her mind akin to a psychokinetic power, Camila levitates Alice and strangled her to death.

“You deserve all of this for everything you have done.”


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