The Killer Bride Story Summary & Plot

The Killer Bride Story Summary & Plot

The Killer Bride is a Gothic fictional tale that tells a story of two rival families, the Dela Torres and the Dela Cuestas which through a feud cost the lives of two prominent women in the Dela Torre family.

The story centered on the life story of Camila dela Torre, an heiress who was imprisoned for the murder of her fiance’s brother, Javier at Las Espadas, a place known for having the largest banana plantation run by two rival families – the Dela Torres and the Dela Cuestas.

Camila Dela Torre came from one of the two powerful rival families in Las Espadas, the Dela Torre while their rival family is the Dela Cuesta, a family with history of fueling the downfall of the Dela Torre after a rape case of Belinda.

Despite the deep-seated family rivalry, Camila fell for one of the Dela Cuesta, Vito, and carried his child.

According to a legend, a nightmare taints the town. At night, the spirit of a woman wearing a blood-drenched wedding gown holding a knife wanders around the town killing people. Her name, Camila Dela Torre, the “Killer Bride.”

However, on the day of her wedding, Camila never made it to the altar. Instead, she was framed for the death of Vito’s brother, Javier.

The story of her wedding turned sour. At first the resident of the town thought the union could end the years of enmity between the two families. Right on her wedding day,  a gruesome murder of Javier happened which she was found by her fiance, Vito in a matching bloody wedding dress and veil.

During her murder trial, Camila is said to have begged the court that she was wrongfully accused, eventually her own rich, prominent family shunned her while her fiance, Vito Dela Cuesta also testified against her.

This results in Camilla’s life imprisonment sentence. Months passed, Camila whiles in prison gives birth to a beautiful baby girl who she named Vida, a Spanish name meaning Life.

In a tragic turn of events, she died during a big prison fire, but not before vowing to return and wreak vengeance on her enemies who caused the life of her daughter.

Meanwhile, The Dela Torres try to cover up the shameful memory of Camila once news about her gruesome death reached them.

Years passed but the memory of Camila still lived on through ghost stories (folklore) passed down by the residents of Las Espadas.

However, a newcomer named Emma who suddenly arrived after receiving a job offer, as the town mortuary cosmetologist (a corpse makeup artist). Emma, through an accident, crossed paths with one of the town’s locals, a young man called Elias.

Upon meeting her new employee, Manay Ichu, a nanny of Camila, welcomed the newcomer in town. Manay Ichu and Tsoknat orient Emma on the legend of Camila Dela Torres tale.

With no hope in sight, Luciano and Felipe, family members of Camila squabble on how they could save their failing businesses.

On Guada’s birthday celebration, Emma arrived uninvited on the night of a blood moon eclipse, claiming that she was Camila and her body was being possessed by Camila.

This left the Dela Torres wondering how the young lady knew of their family’s secrets.

This unexpected return left the whole town of Las Espadas agog, as this could be the fulfillment of the Killer Bride’s curse and the fruition of her revenge.

Belief of Las Espadas

Las Espadas is a superstitious town that has been haunted by the ghost of The Killer Bride for years.

Almost all Las Espadas residents have stories of encountering the woman in the bloody wedding dress and veil. They say the ghost is biding her time to exact revenge on the people who had hurt her in the past.

In the town of Las Espadas, they believed in the story of the killer bride. There supposedly sightings of the killer bride: a woman with bloodied wedding dress while holding a knife and killing people.

About Camilla Dela Torres

Camilla Dela Torre, a role played by Maja Salvador, she becomes the victim of a unjust frame-up of a murder she did not commit.

The entire town of Las Espadas is plunged into a public uproar when she is falsely labeled as “The Killer Bride.”

One fateful night she died on a fire that broke out in prison and in the present time her soul inhabits another woman’s body.

About Belinda Dela Torre

She is the reason for the feud between the Dela Torres and the Dela Cuestas. She was raped by a member of Dela Custa family and in a twist of event killed her through hanging and framed up story to dent her memory.

About Vito

He is the younger Dela Cuesta, a pianist who fell in l’ve with Camila. He was prepared to leave his family and elope with Camila but he rescinded on his decision after he met Camila covered in blood.

He testified against Camila and also fought for the custody of the baby Camila was carrying.

However, Camila soul is restless as she was finding culprits of the fire outbreak which caused the disappearance of Vida, he daughter and wanted to use Emma’s body to find the truth and avenge the death of herself and her daughter.

Did her daughter actually die? Will Camila’s ghost find those who framed her in Javier’s death? How will Emma carry on with her life as corpse make up artiste in Las Espadas? Subscribe to this site for updates on the Killer Bride.


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