The Law Of Revenge Episode 32

The Law Of Revenge Episode 32 Hope discovers Gabriel’s affair, Marissa propel Jake for her revenge

As Charity and Hope were eating at the college Cafeteria, Alfred arrived with a note from Jake to Hope apologising for his actions lately and thanked Hope for understanding him.

Madam Adelina arrived at Ceñidoza Pearls to warn Caesar to stay clear off Marissa. Caesar claimed he was not planning to hurt her as he found out about her return from Indonesia from Ellice.

He asked Adelina if she still viewed Marissa as a daughter and wanted to protect her. Adelina indicated that she could not protect her like those times that was the reason she was there to warn him not to lay a finger at Marissa.

Elsewhere, Marissa received a threat at her office in a form of a gift from Red who delivered the box to Tutti to be given to her. She discovered a snake inside the box and queried Tutti the person who presented it but Tutti had no idea. Blue appeared in the scene and got rid of it.

He asked Marissa who the gift came from and she suspected only one person. She then met with Adelina and the woman suspected Caesar. She believed Ellice had no hand in that. Adelina told Marissa that even the most dangerous snakes had weaknesses. She insinuated that Caesar was a family man and his family could be his weakness.

Later, Marissa approached Caesar at a restaurant to make him realise that she knew he was the brain behind the gift and thanked him but reminded him that she was more dangerous than the snake he sent. Caesar pretended but Marissa was more subtle and smart. Marissa reciprocated his threat using his children in the college which got Caesar shivered.

He asked what Marissa wanted and whether what she said was a threat but Marissa said it was only a promise and left a message to him to be delivered to Ellice that she has returned to snatch Gabriel from her hand. She reminded him to stay clear off her path. Caesar met his henchman to inform him about Marissa’s threat. Red was convinced that Marissa was more dangerous than the snake he sent.

Caesar intimated that his horns were pretty solid and if that snake, Marissa thought her fangs would get into him then she was greatly mistaking. Red queried if Adelina would be an hindrance in their plans but Caesar termed Adelina as incapable. Soon, “Kwabota” Gabriel visited Marissa at La sierra and his old fling made advances on him.

Gabriel resisted and asked why Marissa wanted to see him. Marissa wondered why he was acting so formal as if they did not share a history. He reminded Gabriel that he once asked her to marry him. Gabriel indicated that it was long time ago and was only there for business so if she did not have anything to talk about then he would leave.

Marissa asked if he had not miss her and has no question. Gabriel wanted to meet his son and asked Marissa the time. Marissa denied him the opportunity, saying she would only give in if he gave her a complete family. Gabriel reminded her that he already has a family and his responsibility was to Jacob not to her. Marissa then said he could not see Jacob.

Gabriel did not accept since Marissa had gone away with the boy for 17 years and would not allow her to take his right from him as a father. Gabriel left and Marissa sobbed. At Ceñidoza, Caesar delivered Marissa’s message and Ellice in anguish stormed La Sierra to confront Marissa for setting her eyes on her family again.

She described Marissa as fake as a plastic and reminded her that plastic smelt when it passed through a furnace. Marissa said Ellice was weak although she was alive, her soul was already burning in the flames of hell. Ellice warned her to stay away from her family but Marissa said Gabriel and her were planning to build a life and even if she went away for 17years, Ellice’s family was still in shambles and couldn’t fix it.

Ellice told her if she had returned she should not think she has a place in Gabriel’s life. She knew Marissa gave the construction building of La Sierra to the Villarosas on purpose, just to get close to her husband. Marissa said it was too early to declare herself as victorious as the war has just begun. Later in Ceñidoza mansion, Ellice who was feeling insecure asked her husband about his meeting with Marissa.

Gabriel said everything was strictly business and he only asked about his son. He advised his wife against her insecurity. Ellice lamented that it took a long time for him to forgive her and wanted nothing to destroy their relationship. Gabriel indicated that he only wanted to be a father to his son and would never have anything to do with Marissa. Unknown to them, Hope was listening on to their conversation and revealed her face to ask if his father cheated and has a mistress and a son.

Gabriel was surprised to see Hope. He made an attempt to explain but the girl threw a tantrum and left to her room to lock herself up. Ellice and Lucing tried talking to her but she refused to open the door to listen to any of them. As Ellice got to the bedroom, Gabriel said they should give Hope time to digest the issue. Ellice lamented that she tried to bury the truth from her daughter, she did not know what to do, now that she has discovered.

At Zulyani’s mansion, Marissa told Jake that it was time they had to get their plans rolling since she would introduce him to Jacob’s father, Gabriel as he was asking of his son. She then asked Jake if he was having a second thought since Gabriel was Hope’s father. Jake said he did not want Hope to get hurt as she had nothing to do with what her parents did.

Marissa reminded him that they talked about everything before returning to Philippines so he should not throw everything away just in the name of Hope. Jake was in for the revenge, however, he did not want Hope to be caught in between. Marissa fine tuned his mind that Hope would definitely get hurt and he should not make Hope a distraction to their plans.

At the Villarosa Mansion, Gabriel told Carmelita that he knew exactly how Hope felt and that was how he felt when his dad was having an affair. Carmelita asked of his plans and Gabriel said he would promise his daughter to prove that he has changed. Carmelita believed Hope was hurt simply because her mother was hurt. Gabriel swore to step up and become a better husband and would not follow his father’s ways.

Carmelita advised him to make his relationship with Marissa remain in the past and fight for his marriage. Lucing later talked with Hope in her room and asked her to settle everything with her dad to know his side of the story. Fast forward, Jake met Hope in school and asked about her birthday in order to get her a gift but the girl was not in a good mood and got upset. Jake spotted Hope crying, he gave her his handkerchief to wipe off her tears and consoled her.

Hope opened up to him, saying her dad had a mistress and they had a son. Jake thought of what Marissa said concerning Hope being hurt irrespective. Jake asked what she meant by that and Hope said she has a half brother and what hurts her the most was that they lied to her all those years.

Jake believed they kept it because Gabriel cut ties with his other family. Jake asked her if she knew her father’s mistress or the son but Hope said she did not know. She believed those people had ruined her family and she hated them so much, she hugged Jake. Jake felt sorry for her, however Charity and Alfred watched and were glad that they did not fight. Alfred hoped he would also get chance with Charie.

Jake was in dilemma as he thought about the issue. He did not want to lie to Hope but did not know how to reveal the truth to Hope. He texted her and recalled his mother’s words that Ellice was responsible for her suffering.


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