The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 59

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 59 Lady in Red to resurrect Samantha after revealing herself as the founder of the Moonchasers, John frees Supremo’s captives

In the lair, Tristan was sent back into the cell and Aife asked whether he saw an escape route when he stepped out and he said no. Aife believed all hopes were lost but Tristan believed they would be saved.

Alvin called Prof T to inform him that Hanno was set free but he believed he has been given a message to Prof T. He said Hanno did not allow anyone to get closer to him. Prof said the reason could be that he was being followed by vampires and was sure Hanno would find a way to swerve the vampires.

He charged Alvin to be under look out. Meanwhile, at the LLU, John told the Lord Sentinel that he wanted to help her free the Moonchasers so he would go back to the lair. Malia accepted his help and Baristo presented Tristan’s weapon to Malia. Malia gave it to John and told him to give it to Tristan as it might be of help to him.

Hanno called Prof T to inform him about Supremo’s message and warned him that he was the target of the vampires. Prof T found it amusing that Sandrino had realised there was someone who could hinder his plans. He told Hanno to find a place to hide and should not come to the headquarters at the the moment. Prof T went to his laboratory and sat watching Samantha’s picture on his laptop.

“Right now Sandrino is playing with our games,” Prof T laughed.

“This is the very moment I have been waiting and preparing for.”

“It’s happening Samantha that I will be shinning.”

Prof T sent a message to Sandrino. He accepted to meet him but told him to release the captives since he might not be a vampire of his words. Prof T told Samantha that even if he had to sacrifice his life to set the Moonchasers free, he would. Elsewhere, a female Vampire doctor took huge sums of money to conduct an operation on a criminal who was hunted by the police.

He had a scare on his face and on major news bulletin that was what they were using to track him down as a wanted man. The criminal was getting rid of the scar to evade justice and fell in the hands of the lady vampire doctor who bit him to turn him into a vampire for his facial wound to heal so quickly.

In the lair, Supremo was still worried that the Moonchasers had not said anything and sent some of his minions to hunt for Hanno as he had plans to make him a messenger.

He then went to vent his anger on his captives and asked them who wanted to be the next to d!e as they were of no importance to the professor. However, he received a message from Katrina that the professor has accepted to meet him. He then told his captives that they were of use to the group.

Later, Supremo queried Katrina on the whereabouts of Greta. Katrina said she had not returned to the lair ever since she left to her restaurant. At the LLU, Malia brought animal blood to serve Greta but the newly converted vampire still saw the Lord Sentinel as enemy. Malia apologised to her and told her that she was doing all those to help her since deep down, she knew Greta was a good person and was only hurting others as she was emotionally hurt.

She asked Greta to tell her what to do in order to stop her from hurting others. She recalled the last words of Dory which was her last will and testament that they should live in harmony and in l0ve without hurting anyone. Soon, Leo found Hanno and brought him to the headquarters, surprising the Moonchasers. Hanno said Prof T was in danger so they had to protect him.

He asked about their headmaster and Alvin said they had not even set eyes on Prof T. In his laboratory, Prof T prepared himself and armed himself with his new weapon invention as he prepared to face Supremo. Malia then received a call from Ningning, informing him about an email Prof T sent to Gilbert Imperial to meet him in an exchange for the Moonchasers’ freedom.

Malia thanked her childhood friend and tried the line of Prof but it did not go through. She gave orders to the LLU that they would embark on a mission to save Prof T and gave her phone to Lemuel to trace the location of Prof T. He also told Vito to get intouch with their allies at the SMV Corp to be under lookout. Prof T came out from his lab all dressed up and the Moonchasers were following him to meet Supremo but he stopped them.

He said he was embarking that mission alone and told them that he has assigned each to a specific project so they should look at their phone. He told Levite to change everyone’s security access. Meanwhile, Jacintha standing in the mirror of her room took the Ancient book of Cursed Spells which was written in the old language of mystics. She recalled how Samantha was k!lled by Supremo as the helmit showed.

In the lair, Supremo was surprised to see John carrying out the task of sending the captives out so Katrina said John was able to escape the LLU. Supremo was still not convinced that John managed to escape that easily.

At the Moonchasers headquarters, the students were not ready to allow Prof T to go alone but Prof T insisted. They saw the lady in Red glided, and Prof T heaved a sigh of relief although surprised.

“Samantha?” Prof T exclaimed.

The Lady in Red turned her face and Prof realised she was not Samantha but had a familiar face.

At Pulang Lupa, Apple was upset that Tristan was not picking up his calls. She threw a tantrum but Betty scolded her, saying she did not know what her brother was passing through. This got Gabriel and his wife worried and talked with Betty.

They asked whether she was behaving that way since Tristan was in danger due to vampires. Betty looked shocked and they said they already knew that Tristan was in a secret organisation just like his father and was not working at the pest control company as he said.

Prof T had a private conversation with Lady in Red. Prof access his machine to get some pictures.

“You are the woman in red Lia Rodriguez,”

“The chosen she wolf!”

“But that is impossible!”

“You are already dead.”

“It doesn’t matter whether I am Lia Rodriguez or not,” she turned to access the Moonchasers machine.

“What are you going to do?” Prof T wondered.

“Only Samantha and I have access to the Moonchasers system.”

“Declassified,” Lady in Red accessed.

“I have access to everything!”

“I even have access to the information you and Samantha don’t know.”

“I am the one who designed the system.”

“So you’re the real head of the Moonchasers all along and Samantha reports to you,” Prof T concluded.

“Where were you all these times?

“Where were you all these times that Samantha needed you the most in her life?” Prof T lamented.

Lady in Red said Samantha sacrificed her life to save hers and would not make her sacrifice go in vain.

After Jake spoke with Alvin, he told Malia that Prof T has not left the headquarters yet since the woman in red was there and was having a private conversation with her. The LLU now wondered who the woman in red was. Gael believed Samantha has returned since the attack stopped after her death. However, it could also be possible that the woman in red was a different person just like the Lord Sentinel suspected.

The Moonchasers were however relieved since they needed help especially the present time that some of their comrades were under the grasp of Supremo and saw the woman in red as the answer.

John revealed himself to the captives whose location had been changed. He said he was the brother of Alvin and would help them escape. He gave to Tristan his weapon and told him that the Lord Sentinel asked him to deliver it to him. Tristan asked if the LLU was there and John said he left them before they consolidated their plans. Katrina was approaching so John hid himself.

She made Tristan and the rest spoke to Theodore for him to know that they were alive. As Aife and the rest were crying for Theodore to come to their rescue, Tristan told Theodore not to do that. The lady in red had a quite time with Samantha and mourned her while she recalled the times they spent together. Prof T returned and the Lady In Red asked Theodore the cause of her death and he said her heart beat again and Supremo took advantage to k!ll him.

He lamented that he tried everything he could to resurrect her but it did not work. The Lady in Red indicated that the mourning was over as they had to plan their next step against Supremo. Theodore said she came at the right time as he was going to meet Supremo to exchange his life for the freedom of the Moonchasers held as captives but the lady in red stopped him and told him to stay behind for them to resurrect Samantha.

Alvin spoke with Jake again and told him that Prof T was still with Lady in Red and requested to talk to John. However, Jake said his brother has returned to the lair, making Alvin agitated for what the LLU has done.

Gabriel asked Betty whether Tristan was part of Luna and Betty said she was not sure if the organisation was a fraction of the Luna but it was called the Moonchasers. Gabriel comforted Betty, he knew Tristan was a brave boy and nothing would break him. As Betty left, the couple wondered whether what Rica said concerning Tristan not been able to shy away from the world of Vampires was coming to fruition.

Meanwhile, the LLU has arrived at the location where Supremo had to meet Prof T. Some two evil vampires arrived and Lord Sentinel told Lemuel to follow them. Lemuel lost sight of them and came to inform Malia. Malia was using a tracker to locate the place where the helicopter which left the SMV Corp would land.

Prof T did not know how the Lady in Red could resurrect Samantha since she was now a mortal. The lady in red assured that she knew what to do.

“But we don’t have anymore time to waste,” Prof T retorted.

“If we are going to do something, we need to do it now!”

Knowing the power she possessed matched that of Supremo, Theodore told the Lady in Red to save Tristan but she said it was not the time to reveal her identity to Supremo. The Lady in Red allowed him to go but no matter what, he should be able to save his life.

Elsewhere, John unchained all the Moonchasers and they embarked their journey to freedom.

“You can’t lock us and break us Supremo,” Tristan hissed.

In the lair, Supremo talked to Katrina who told him that she was at the location. Supremo instructed her to capture the professor and release the captives as they were only a bait to capture the professor.

“We need to start reducing their numbers.

But the moment the Professor move to attack you….

and if anyone shows up to hinder my plans, indulge yourself and k!ll your heart desire.”


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