The Stepdaughters Highlights Episode 16-20

The Stepdaughters Highlights Episode 16-20 Isabelle stages her rape to frame Mayumi, Daphne rolls out plans to annul the marriage between Luisa and Hernan

Luisa, Hernan and Isabelle settle their differences and the couple decide not to leave the house. They break the good news to Mayumi during a visit. Mayumi reaches a deal with them and the couple pack her things to stay with them in the Salvadors mansion.

Although Isabelle does not like the decision of the newly couple but plays along in order to roll out her schemes against her stepmother and sister. She has received counseling from a friend to act nicely and work against Luisa and Hernan for them to lose the bond and trust they share till they give up on their l0ve.

Isabelle reveals to Daphne that she went on her kneels to beg the couple not to leave in order to prevent them from seeing happiness in their marriage. Daphne is happy with that and urges her to get along till they secure the best measure to collapse the marriage.

Realising Mayumi feels uncomfortable in the house, Isabelle volunteers to sleep with her in Mayumi’s room. She continues to surprise Mayumi with her kind words and gesture till Mayumi discovers Isabelle’s real intention.

Francis visits Baby’s house in search of Mayumi to return her lipstick which she left in his grandma’s house. He finds out that Mayumi is no longer staying there but with her mother. Sasha goes with him to deliver the lipstick. Mayumi receives the surprise visitor but their moment is interrupted as Isabelle comes around, prompting Sasha to make Mayumi and Francis hide.

Later, Sasha finds Francis and Mayumi in a compromising situation. Luisa prepares to bake a cake for Isabelle. Isabelle gives a helping hand only to destroy the baking of the cake, this result in a fight between Mayumi and Isabelle. Since she now trusts Isabelle, Luisa insists on Mayumi to apologise to Isabelle.

The issue turns into a feud between the mother and daughter and Mayumi refuses to eat the food Luisa prepared and leaves to work. Francis tries to cheer up Mayumi. Luisa brings the food Mayumi left to her in order to have lunch with her and to make up for the sake of Mario.

Fast forward, Mayumi’s birthday approaches and Hernan plans to make it memorable for her. Mayumi refuses due to Isabelle and also her father, since her father died on that same date. However, Hernan sees the need to make it memorable in honour of Mario.

Hernan throws a party for Mayumi. Isabelle who is jealous about the gesture of her father, secretly tears Mayumi’s birthday wear. With the help of the servant of the house, she deprives Mayumi of her phone and locks her up inside her room.

The guests wait for Mayumi but she is not there. Hernan receives information that Mayumi left with her friends but finds it suspicious as all Mayumi’s friends are at the party. Francis leads a search for Mayumi and discovers that the maid has been telling them lies all along and has planned with Isabelle to lock Mayumi up.

The fear of getting arrested makes the maid confesses the truth to Francis. Francis finds Mayumi locked up and she sheds tears for what Isabelle has done against her. He sends Mayumi to the party to ruin the evil plot of Isabelle at the party, much to Isabelle’s dismay. Mayumi apologises to her guests for arriving late and she has fixed the dress Isabelle torn, making Isabelle more upset.

Finding her evil plot knocking back at her door, Isabelle rushes to scold the servant for revealing her secret to Francis. The deeds of Isabelle rather brings Francis more closer to Mayumi and falls for her. Francis confesses his feelings for Mayumi to his friend but doesn’t know how to approach Mayumi and reveals his interest.

Elsewhere, Mayumi receives a brand-new car from Hernan and inside the car she finds the story book which her father bought for her before his death, she becomes so happy with it. Discovering Mayumi now owns a car, Isabelle dusts up with her father.

Meanwhile, Daphne has been working behind the scenes to ensure the marriage between Luisa and Hernan doesn’t gain its legal permit. Learning that the registration of the marriage of her father and Luisa is compromised, Isabelle finds hope of ruining it once and for all. However, the news of Hernan proposing to have a church wedding with Luisa turns the tummy of both Isabelle and Daphne.

Isabelle plans a convention to disgrace Mayumi but her plan backfires. Francis and his friend attend the event, unaware that Mayumi is there. Since, Isabelle gets her upset, Mayumi leaves and bumps into Francis who she asks him out but Francis declines. He avoids her and tells her he doesn’t want to get close to her anymore.

Mayumi is puzzled since she has no issue with Francis. She had a flat tyre and Isabelle starts her tantrum. Since she fails to go with Mayumi in search for a person to fix the flat tyre, Isabelle gets attack and is rushed to the hospital. Isabelle frames Mayumi for her attack and Hernan gets upset with Mayumi. Unknown to Hernan, Isabelle stages her attack to ruin the relationship between Mayumi and Hernan.

Mayumi makes up her mind to leave the house but Luisa stops her. Hearing Mayumi’s side of the story she realises her stepdaughter is only acting up to be good with Mayumi but looking for an opportunity to destroy the good name of her daughter.

Luisa seeks the opinion of Baby concerning the issue of her stepdaughter that has also caused her relationship with Hernan. After Baby’s advice, Luisa pays a surprise visit to Hernan at his office but meets his absence. Fortunately, she sees Francis and he usher’s him to where Hernan is only to find Hernan upset with Mayumi after he hears a conversation between Sasha and Mayumi against Isabelle.

He is upset that Mayumi is making fun of Isabelle after abandoning Isabelle for her to get attacked and almost get raped. Sasha believes Isabelle is telling lies while Mayumi believes Isabelle will not joke with something dangerous like that.

However, Hernan thinks his stepdaughter is rather making fun of Isabelle. Mayumi explains it to Luisa and Luisa talks to Hernan and explain to him. The two make up and try to help their children to sort out their differences. Since these plots did not work, Daphne resolves to desperate tactics to separate Hernan and Luisa with the help of Isabelle.

Francis is saddened by his own decision and tries to fix his friendship with Mayumi. He buys a bouquet for her but she refuses to accept him as her friend. Isabelle comes into the scene and since Mayumi has already promised Isabelle that she will stay away from Francis for them to get along, she lies to Isabelle that Francis bought the flower for her.

Isabelle becomes so happy and believes Francis wants to rekindle their already collapsed relationship. She throws herself into the arms of Francis with the hopes that she has regained her boyfriend. What will be Francis’ reaction, subscribe for your day to day update!


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