The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ names of Moonchasers who died in protecting Senator Rodolfo Mallari

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ names of Moonchasers who died in protecting Senator Rodolfo Mallari

The Moonchasers have an intel on Supremo’s political opponent who is his target. The leader, Prof T leads the team in a journey to the province, Malolos where Tristan manages to get close to Senator Mallari to abreast him with the dangers surrounding his life.

To his surprise, the senator already knows about the existence of vampires and even knows what Tristan does not know, that is the leader of the vampires, Supremo. The senator allows the Moonchasers to secure him from the rebel vampires who are on the mission to end is life to make the presidential race easy for Supremo to win.

Senator Mallari knows that Supremo has conquered many political leaders and influential people to reign through them which has made it difficult for those who know about the evil ways of the vampires to become silence with the fact.

Prof T lecturing Senator Mallari about his out fit says Moonchasers is an organisation which has started to build a powerful force meant to combat the evil plots of vampires.

To that effect, he is chosen to guide and train the team so that they can fight against the vampires, adding that every single member of the Moonchasers is committed to their objectives. Even if the vampires kill all of them, he says they will pass down their skills to the next generation in order for the fight to carry on untill all the vampires are gone.

Realising the presence of the group that sabotaged their mission with Luningning Ramos through Lauren’s conversation to Adee and Joey, Chino plans a surprise attack on the Moonchasers.

Starting off as a group, Lauren Catapang (Jane De Leon), Joey Martinez (Michelle Vito), and Rocky (Kyle Verches) are few of the first batch of Moonchasers who welcomed Tristan (Daniel Padilla) with open arms into the group.

They successfully carry out their mission to protect Luningning Ramos (Kristel Fulgar) together, fighting against Supremo’s vampires side-by-side at the Armageddon Datu championship.

Lauren is the first to fall, having been killed in what is termed as first “Moonchasers massacre.” She is overwhelmed after hearing Prof T (Albert Martinez) tells Senator Mallari (Joey Marquez) that the Moonchasers are prepared to give their lives to protect others, this aborted her mission since she does not want to become an unpopular heroine.

Sadly, before she could escape and go back home, she is found by one of Supremo’s (Richard Gutierrez) vampires, Chino who kills her and throws her body on one of Senator Mallari’s convoy cars. Fueling the rage of the Moonchasers to battle the rebel vampires

Joey and Rocky are charged into battle against the vampires, having been determined to avenge Lauren’s death. They fight valiantly and take down many enemies, but sadly died themselves as Chino wickedly twists the neck of Joey.

Rambo (Lance Pimentel), one of the skillful fighters is taken by Supremo’s vampires after the Moonchasers’ massacre. He is taken to their lair and presented to Supremo.

The vampire king questions him about his group and turns him into a vampire when he wouldn’t comply. Rambo never wavered and died fighting, not once betraying his friends.

Leaving behind Tristan, Prof T, Adee, Leo and Piolo. The team makes ready to recruit a second batch to continue the mission against the vampires in their quest to protect the world.


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