Two Wives Episode 19

Two Wives Episode 19 Marcus hits Audrey for claiming Victor as her father, Victor plans to marry Janine, Marcus comes face-to-face with deàth

Marcus prepared food for his mother seeing her sad. Marcus called Doris to inform her that his mother was not well. Sonia went to talk to Yvnonne to tell her to take heart and to be strong to take care of her grandson. She told her that though her marriage was annulled but she still respects her for being a strong woman.

Audrey presented her dolls for Janine to sell them. She knew her mother was in need of money, Janine started feeling dizzy and began to throw up. Sonia had a talk with Victor and Yvonne concerning Marcus after their marriage was annulled. She wanted them to arrange on means Victor could still be a father to their son.

After their talk, Victor followed Yvonne out to thank her for allowing him to be part of Marcus’ life. Yvonne slapped him and told him that they were not okay and she would pursue her concubinage lawsuit against him. Yvonne told him   that he could visit his son and see him but warned him not to send his son to see Janine because his mistress has no place in Marcus’ life.

Yvonne went out with Albert and she received a text from Victor that he would want to send Marcus out the next day. Victor went there the next day for Marcus and he presented him with a gift. Marcus was surprised since it was not his birthday. Victor explained that he lōved him and it should not be only his birthday that he would do that for him.

Albert arrived for Yvonne so Victor had to leave. A tricycle was coming and was almost about to knock Yvonne. Albert pulled her to him and while in a compromising situation, Victor watched them from his side mirror. Marcus was shocked with the abrupt halt in the ride and queried his father but Victor said it was nothing.

During the seminar, Yvonne emerged the financial advisor who was able to meet the target at the quota. Janine went to buy a test kit. Her colleagues at work began to pick Yvonne at work. Victor sent Marcus home to find Yvonne with her parents being congratulated for being an emerging financial advisor of the month.

Marlon questioned Victor for sending Marcus out too much. Carmen stopped him and told him that Victor was Marcus father and it was good that he was being part of his son’s life even after divorce and wanted Marlon to be like him. Marlon did not care because earlier, he looked up to Victor but not now.

Victor and Janine went to swear after filing a counter affidavit. Victor sent Marcus out to buy toys for him. Audrey called him to buy her pizza. Janine had a pregnancy test and it was positive. She called Victor to come home early because she had something important to tell him.

Victor sent Marcus to Janine’s house in order to talk to her. Marcus met Audrey and she taught him  how to play a computer game. When the battery ran down, they talked about painting and both said their respective fathers taught them. Janine in a private talk with Victor told him that she was pregnant for him. She quickly embraced him.

Elsewhere, Yvonne received a brand-new laptop from Albert. This made her colleagues grow more jealous of her for gaining something they haven’t gained after several years of working for Albert. There was a note in the laptop that Yvonne would receive computer training to know how to operate the laptop.

While Audrey mentioned her father’s name as Victor Guevarra, Marcus claimed he was not her father because the aforementioned name was his own father and was still married to his mother. Audrey called him a very big fat liar because her mother and her father were married. They argued and Marcus slapped Audrey. Janine and Victor rushed there, the moment Carla who was getting snacks for Marcus got there.

Audrey cried and told them that Marcus hit her. Janine sent her daughter away. Victor questioned Marcus why he did that and told him only bad boys hit girls. Marcus said Victor was rather the bad boy because he hurt his mother and told him he was his only kid but Audrey was claiming she was his daughter. Janine viewed them from afar.

Yvonne while eating at the cafeteria told Albert that she did not have to think only about her case she filed against her ex-husband but now her colleagues too. Albert knew her coworkers were envious of her. He also believed she would win the case against Victor.

Victor while driving Marcus home explained to him that Audrey’s father was out of the country so he was representing her father so she was not his daughter. Albert brought Yvonne home and Carmen made him join them for dinner. As Albert was eating, Marlon asked him if he was courting his sister. Yvonne and Carmen stopped him. Yvonne reminded him that Albert was her boss.

Marcus came home and he went to sleep. He was sad and recalled his argument with Audrey. Victor informed his best friend about what had happened and told him that he told Marcus the truth that Audrey was not his real daughter. He also said he and Janine were expecting a child and was planning to marry her.

Marlon saw the mood of Marcus and warned his sister not to allow Marcus to be with Victor. He believed he was not good model for her son. Carmen asked if he was also good. She then asked Yvonne when she will tell Marcus the real situation. Yvonne didn’t want her son to know that his father had a mistress and even had a daughter with his mistress.

Unknown to her, Marcus overheard her. Early morning, she went to the room and could not find her son. They began to search for him and Marlon believed Victor had a hand in that. He witnessed how sad Marcus was after Victor brought him home the previous night.

Yvonne decided to call Victor to inform him. Once Victor was about to go and told Janine that his son was missing, he saw Janine bleeding but Janine told him to go and find his missing son while she would make Carla send her to hospital. Victor refused and sent her to the health center. The doctor said it was normal spotting and has nothing to do with miscarriage.

She advised Janine to be cautious and should not stress herself. Shakira and Mimi went to Marcus’ school but did not find him. They searched for from morning till evening. They then went to the police station to report but the police said they would only act after 24hours. Yvonne said her son was only 10years old.

Marcus began to seek for shelter when it was raining. He was almost hit by a car when he was crossing the road. His family was devastated since they could not even find him at Jaime’s grave. Marcus tripped and fell at the middle of the road. A truck was also approaching amidst the stormy weather.

He could not rise as the truck light shed on him and closer to him. All Marcus could do was to scream as the truck was getting more closer.


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